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 ECCW Slam-Mania IV Results

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PostSubject: ECCW Slam-Mania IV Results   Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:42 am

Aaron Kennedy and Ryan Wright defeated Christopher Styles and Oliver Walker in the event's dark match.

ECCW Slam-Mania IV — Sunday, March 24, 2013 — New York, New York

The biggest event in ECCW history kicks off with a grandiose display of pyrotechnics that light up the entire arena in vibrant colors. The fans are on their feet and making noise already, obviously very excited to have the opportunity to witness history in the making.

A Monday Night Terror recap is aired.


... Angel Rodriguez goes for an enzuiguri, but the attempt is blocked by the savvy William Davis IV. Davis catches Rodriguez's foot and then uses it to take him down to the mat. Grabbing both of the downed champion's legs, Davis is able to pull off a slingshot, sending Rodriguez into the nearest set of turnbuckle pads. Davis gets up quickly and intelligently so. Rodriguez, while groggy, is also very crafty. He dodges a corner clothesline attempt courtesy of Davis, getting in a clothesline of his own. He experiences a sudden burst of energy, unloading punches on the cocky challenger as the crowd gets back into it. Rodriguez then Irish whips his opponent out of the corner, looking for a rebound; he gets it. On the way back, Davis tries to duck out Rodriguez's impact zone, but he runs right into a knee to the gut. The crowd anticipates what they know comes next. There is a roar among these audience members as Rodriguez hits El Niño Planter.

Winner: Angel Rodriguez by pinfall at @ 20:10

After the match, Angel Rodriguez begins his sweet celebration. The crowd is completely on his side as he hoists the ECCW Heavyweight Championship high into the air, having not only retained the coveted title and champion's salary but also his contract and with it, his dignity. He notices William Davis IV's sack of $100 bills out of the corner of his eye, situated in Davis' original corner of the ring. With a grin on his face, Rodriguez approaches it and picks it up. He takes a long look at all of the fans watching him intently before opening up the sack and lifting it above his head, tipping it to allow the money to slowly rain all over the ringside area. The crowd is ecstatic as Davis' money falls all over the place.

Backstage, Slam-Mania host Daniel Evans is standing by with none other than Jarrett Calloway. He asks Calloway how he feels and if he believes that he is ready for in-ring action, having been away from competition for over four months now. Calloway says that he could not be feeling any better, but that his mood will become ever more positive after he can finally put Dustin Shore in his place later tonight.


... Ali Fernando lifts Keith Copeland up into powerbomb position, but the defiant challenger fights it vigorously. He throws punch after punch, hoping to knock Fernando off his balance so that he can safely escape his grasp. Eventually he succeeds, getting off from Fernando's shoulders harmlessly. He hits the ropes and goes for a kick to the face of the leaning Fernando, but the champion sees it coming. Instead, Fernando is able to move out of the way and then connect with a neckbreaker on Copeland. After a moment of struggle, both competitors rise to their feet. Copeland gets fired up, looking for one final advantage over the champion but it is nowhere to be found. No matter what he attempts, it fails to topple Fernando, who soon puts him away with the Time Warp.

Winner: Ali Fernando by pinfall @ 16:48

A video package highlighting the respective careers of Dustin Shore and Jarrett Calloway is aired, ending with the match graphic for their main event meeting later tonight.

The commentators announce that ECCW sold out Madison Square Garden for Slam-Mania IV. They then go on to discuss some of the most memorable moments from Slam-Manias past.


... Roger Studley seems to have Matt Brooks cornered, systematically wearing him out. That is, until Brooks is able to drop down to the mat and glide between Studley's legs, yanking him into a roll up. The crowd gets excited as they think that the end is near, but Studley's tag team partner in crime Big Roy gets involved, helping to push Studley out of the roll up, unbeknownst to the referee. The crowd lets him hear it, as this is the third time now that Roy has done something to interfere in the match. Brooks realizes what Roy did as he goes over to warn the referee. Studley decides to take advantage of this distraction, grabbing Brooks from behind and lifting him up with the hope of slamming him down into a German suplex. However, Brooks completes an amazing counter as he rolls down the back of Studley and goes for another roll up. The second time proves to be a charm.

Winner: Matt Brooks by pinfall @ 11:23

Backstage, Daniel Evans is standing in the interview area again, this time with Mr. Money in the Bank Adam Jones. Evans says that the two have something in common: both were "snubbed" from the Slam-Mania card tonight. Jones laughs and coolly replies that his time will come sooner rather than later, so it is not as big a deal as he initially thought. However, Jones says that he wants to ensure that no one in ECCW sees him as a pushover or anything less than an amazing talent. To prove his abilities, he is going to capitalize on every advantage he sees, no matter the opponent standing in his way.

The commentators review the rules of the Feast or Fired match.


Summary of briefcase captures:

Briefcase #2: Somehow, three superstars are managing to climb up one set of turnbuckles at once. They are Hassan, Neville Ryan, and Christian Storm. Eventually, Hassan loses his balance and topples to the unforgiving floor. His place is quickly taken by Angel, who capitalizes on the oblivious feuding between Ryan and Storm and manages to grab the briefcase. However, he still must find a way out of the ring with the briefcase still in his possession. Seeing several superstars closing in behind him in search of the case, he leaps to the outside and lands on Hassan and Abdullah both, taking them out. Both feet touch the floor.

Briefcase #4: Alex Nova and Rhys Hawkens, who had a confrontation in the hallway earlier in the week, are brawling over possession of the briefcase. Eventually, Nova is able to yank it down but Hawkens is not about to let him keep it. Both men fall down to the mat, but continue the scuffle. As a few other nearby superstars scramble to try to steal it from one of the two, their efforts become futile. Nova is able to slide half of his body under the bottom rope such that both feet are on the floor.

Briefcase #3: Casey Anomaly, Matthew Maddox, and Surge are battling it out for control of a particular briefcase. Anomaly is able to factor Surge out of the equation by tossing him over the top rope, but this provides Maddox with the necessary time to get the case. He snatches it up and steps back down into the ring, perhaps his biggest mistake. Anomaly dives for him and tackles him. He loses the case. Just then, a speedy Rhys Hawkens slides across the mat, grabbing the case along the way. In one swift movement, he slides to the outside and secures control of the briefcase.

Briefcase #1: While the remaining twelve superstars go crazy for the last briefcase left, the lights suddenly dim. A familiar voice emerges from the darkness. It says: "Once in a lifetime, you see something so massive that it changes the course of history. An event so significant that the world as you know it is not the same ever again. You asked to be a part of this world, this world of professional wrestling. Be careful of what you wish for. For this world you have entered will now be the nightmare you thought was a pleasant dream. The hard work you have done will have been for naught. Are you prepared to die in this world you've wanted?"

While most of the superstars are distracted by this, Ryan McKinnon seems to be the least. He is the one able to escape the fray with control of the briefcase.

Winners: Ryan McKinnon (briefcase #1), Angel (briefcase #2), Rhys Hawkens (briefcase #3), Alex Nova (briefcase #4) @ 17:45

Just as Ryan McKinnon snatches the final remaining briefcase, three masked men begin making their way down the arena steps. They make it through security and hop the barricade, entering the ring with a clear purpose: the causal of chaos. Despite the commentators initially indicating that any attack on the part of the three mystery men would result in a twelve on three onslaught, it soon becomes fairly clear that the men have the distinct capability to turn everything into a disaster. Everyone left in the ring begin attacking one another, some going after the mystery men, others settling for their normal nemeses. Fairly quickly, the respective General Managers of Terror and Crush Robert Cairo and Richie quickly come storming out onto the stage with a team of security guards. They hurry them to the ring, successfully chasing off the mystery tandem that just intervened in the Feast or Fired match. The commentators and fans are left to wonder who they are and what their purpose might be; there is also wonder about when exactly the briefcase contents will be revealed.

A Wednesday Night Doom recap is aired.


... Peter Linch attempts his finisher yet again, but for the second time straight, Omega turns it away. Kicking him in the gut, Omega is able to set up for a classic 100% Bomb. The crowd does not want to watch what happens next. However, their mood changes when Linch discovers a way out of the maneuver, reversing it into a spiked DDT. Omega is shaken and Linch realizes that he must remain on the offensive. Hitting the ropes, he comes back with a dropkick to Omega, who was already on all fours. Linch gets the crowd on his side and with it, the momentum. When Omega gets to his feet, Linch dramatically lifts him up onto his shoulders and hits the Bank On It before dropping down into a cover, which turns out to be a successful one.

Winner: Peter Linch by pinfall at 18:06

The commentators announce that they have heard direct word from management that the Feast or Fired participants who earned a briefcase will be invited back out onto the stage later in the evening for the reveal of their contents and ultimately, their fates.

The ring announcer introduces the second ever General Manager of Fight, ECCW Hall of Famer Alex Short. Short individually introduces the new Hall of Famers that were inducted last night at a wonderful ceremony. There were three: Cyrus Black, Jake Lyndon, and Sophie Mac. Once all three are on the stage at once, there is a standing ovation by the fans in attendance along with many, many cheers.


... Zayten locks Tim Tapout in his own signature ankle lock, the ultimate attempt to humiliate the champion. However, being the master of submission that he is, Tapout managed to find a way to muster up the strength and energy to crawl towards the nearest set of ropes and latch onto the bottom one, causing the referee to signal for a rope break. Tapout then rolled out of the ring to give himself a bit of recovery time as the commentators debate over whether this is an act of cowardice or craftiness, or perhaps a combination of the two. In due time, Tapout re-enters the ring and impressively gains the upper hand, taking Zayten down on the way back in with a spear-like maneuver. Flipping Zayten over, Tapout is then able to apply an ankle lock of his own, adding more and more to the pressure as time goes on. The pain becomes too unbearable for Zayten after what seems to be a painful amount of time. He is forced to submit.

Winner: Tim Tapout by submission at 17:09

The commentators discuss the next pay-per-view on the ECCW calendar, commonly recognized as the show in which the Slam-Mania fallout comes together and new rivalries are formed: Whiplash IV.

Robert Cairo and Richie return to the stage, first addressing the three mystery men who intervened during the finish of the Feast or Fired match earlier on. They say that they have not yet learned many revealing details about the intervention but will continue to investigate the matter. Nevertheless, the contents of each of the four briefcases earned by Ryan McKinnon, Angel, Rhys Hawkens, and Alex Nova respectively, must be revealed. These four superstars are then called upon to come out onto the stage, which they do rather quickly, clearly anxious. Each superstar takes their place next to their corresponding briefcase. Richie states that they will be opened in numerical order beginning with Ryan McKinnon, who has case number one. Slowly but surely, McKinnon opens up the case and discovers that he is now in line for a chance at the ECCW World Championship. This comes as an unexpected shock to everyone, including McKinnon himself. The next person to open their case is Angel, who is satisfied to see that he and a partner of his choice will get an opportunity for an ECCW Tag Team Championship match. This leaves Rhys Hawkens and Alex Nova, who are instructed by Robert Cairo to open their cases at the same time. Hardly able to watch, they both open up their cases. Nova is absolutely ecstatic to find out that his briefcase contains a shot at the ECCW Legend's Championship, while Hawkens' reaction could not be any more different as his contains a pink slip. Cairo steps forward and tells Hawkens that he regrets to inform him that he has been fired from ECCW.

The commentators review everything significant that has happened up to this point of the show, reminding everyone that three major matches still remain.


... Harry Jones' domination of the ECCW CEO Matthew Jericho continues into the late stages of the match. As Jones cockily throws punches at his boss, the commentators wonder aloud why it is exactly that Jericho decided that a match like this was in his best interest. Nonetheless, the attack on Jericho continues as Jones Irish whips the CEO to the ropes. As he comes back, he catches the so-called "best in the world" with a hard-hitting clothesline, knocking Jones down to the mat. The crowd immediately leaps to their feet as Jericho appears to have some fight left in him. The chants rain down on the ring as Jericho gets Jones up and starts to unleash a series of lefts and rights. He is appearing to be even more aggressive than Jones was previously. However, Jones is not one to allow someone as "low" as Jericho get the best of him. In time, he turns the tables and ends the match rather abruptly as he takes the last ounce of fire out of Jericho with an HKO.

Winner: Harry Jones by pinfall @ 18:02

After the match, Harry Jones begins gloating like crazy as many of the fans are booing him out of the building. He taunts Matthew Jericho one last time before exiting the ring, shouldering a concerned Stephen Jericho on the way up the ramp.

A Friday Night Crush recap is aired.


... Will Williams pulls Twista XL into position for the Dream Crusher, but Twista's dreams of being champion remain alive - at least for the time being - as he inches his way out of immediate danger. Williams does not let up on the assault, however. He rushes at Twista and Irish whips him over the top rope, but the agile Twista is able to grab onto the rope and keep himself positioned up on the apron. When Williams approaches him, he headbutts him in the gut through the ropes and flips himself over into a roll up position. The champion kicks out at the two count. Both men get back to their feet relatively quickly, hurrying at one another in hopes of regaining an advantage. It happens so fast that one blink and you could miss it: Williams manages to hit the Dream Crusher on Twista, covering him after the fact and effectively ending the match.

Winner: Will Williams by pinfall @ 21:59

Will Williams is tremendously excited to have successfully retained the most prestigious championship in the industry today and it is obvious that all of the fans are as well. With Twista XL's loss, the Royal Crumble win to Slam-Mania world championship win conversion rate is now at 50%.

Another video package hyping up the Dustin Shore versus Jarrett Calloway rivalry is aired.


... Jarrett Calloway connects with an arm drag, bringing Dustin Shore back down to the mat. Despite his months of inactivity, Calloway is showing very few signs of ring rust. He starts to stomp on Shore, taking out all of his built up frustrations on him. The crowd is torn 50/50 on who to cheer for; regardless, the noise level in the arena is through the roof. Calloway brings Shore to his feet and Irish whips him into a corner, but he quickly backs out of it and charges at Calloway, hitting a hard clothesline of his own. Shore takes a breather while Calloway recovers, using the ropes as he tries to stand back up. Shore then approaches Calloway and turns him around so that he is facing him; Calloway slaps him. At once, there is a gasp throughout the audience. Shore looks furious, loading up a hard punch that Calloway ducks. As both men hit the ropes at the same time, Calloway clearly makes an attempt to hit the Run Down, but it does not come to fruition. Shore acts quicker and benefits greatly from it; he gets Calloway up and for the second time in the match, delivers the Shore Leave in a finish that seems so fast and abrupt, yet also so final.

Winner: Dustin Shore by pinfall at 25:15

Dustin Shore's celebration is a sweet one. It is easy to tell that he enjoys the whole thing thoroughly. Jarrett Calloway on the other hand, is quick to leave the ring once he comes to. Shore watches him leave before continuing on with the celebration as confetti falls from the ceiling to end the show.

© 2013, ECCW: Extreme Created Championship Wrestling

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ECCW Slam-Mania IV Results
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