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 ECCW Heavy Metal IV Results

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PostSubject: ECCW Heavy Metal IV Results   Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:25 am

Daniel Evans won the pre-show battle royal to earn a shot at the ECCW Pure Championship.

ECCW Heavy Metal IV — Sunday, February 17, 2013 — Newark, New Jersey

ECCW's fourth annual Heavy Metal event kicks off with a pyro display of vibrant colors lighting up the stage and the arena. The fans are excited to witness the final pay-per-view event before what is building up to be the biggest event in ECCW history, Slam-Mania IV. The commentators welcome the home viewers to the show.

The lights in the arena dim as ominous music is played. There is a roar throughout the crowd as the infamous elimination chamber structure is lowered down to the ring. It is clear that the night will be starting off with one of the chamber matches.

A video package highlighting the best moments from past ECCW elimination chamber matches is aired. It also covers the rules of the match. Once the chamber is lowered completely, the bell sounds to signal the start of the night's first official match.

Angel Rodriguez (c) vs. Matt Brooks vs. Neville Ryan vs. Tim Tapout vs. William Davis IV vs. Zayten
Entries: (1) Matt Brooks (2) Tim Tapout (3) Angel Rodriguez (4) Neville Ryan (5) Zayten (6) William Davis IV
First Elimination: Matt Brooks by Neville Ryan
Second Elimination: Neville Ryan by Angel Rodriguez
Third Elimination: Zayten by Tim Tapout
Fourth Elimination: William Davis IV by Angel Rodriguez

Tapout rolls a grounded Rodriguez over and applies a signature ankle lock. Rodriguez is in visible pain and there is nowhere for him to go. Even a rope break will not do him any good in this no disqualification atmosphere. He crawls to the ropes anyway, hoping to find some leverage along the way. He makes it to one set of ropes, tugging on the bottom one to try and escape Tapout's grasp. Tapout turns up the intensity of the hold as the referee continues to ask Rodriguez if he wants to give up. While it is clear that the ankle lock is wearing Rodriguez down, the champion repeatedly refuses to quit. Using the rope to his advantage, Rodriguez manages to flip over onto his back. From there, he kicks Tapout away, causing him to loosen and ultimately relinquish his hold on Rodriguez's ankle. Tapout is pretty quick to get back up, though Rodriguez struggles in doing so due to his strained ankle. In an act of desperation, Rodriguez attempts an enzuiguri. Tapout blocks it, catching Rodriguez's foot and holding onto it. Rodriguez pushes on the foot, causing Tapout to stumble backwards. This provides just the right window of time for Rodriguez to set up and hit el Niño Planter. He covers Tapout as the crowd counts along with the referee: one, two, three.

Winner: Angel Rodriguez by pinfall @ 30:34

A Slam-Mania IV hype package airs. It ends with the bold message: “35 DAYS.”

Backstage, an interviewer is standing by with Christian Storm, the number one contender for the ECCW Legend's Championship. The interviewer asks him how he is feeling heading into his match with Ali Fernando later on tonight. Storm says that he is as confident as ever. Despite some recent losses on his record, he brags about being able to fight off Fernando every time that he tried to attack. Storm says that he will defend himself the same way tonight that he has been for weeks, firmly believing that he has a sound enough strategy to win the title from Fernando with ease.

Adam Jones vs. Harry Jones
A. Jones Irish whips H. Jones into the nearest corner. The crowd is firmly behind A. Jones. H. Jones counters the attempt by A. Jones to hit a corner clothesline, ducking out of the way just in time. H. Jones then sets up for a sneaky HKO, hoping to put his opponent away. When A. Jones turns around, he prevents himself from getting caught in the HKO, shoving H. Jones away. H. Jones gets up off the mat quickly and is met with a big boot from A. Jones, who is getting riled up. With the crowd on his side, A. Jones sets up for the finish, successfully hitting Boston's Own. There are cheers galore as a somewhat shocked yet relieved audience watches A. Jones pick up the clean pin.

Winner: Adam Jones by pinfall @ 16:30

A Monday Night Terror recap airs.

Backstage, a visibly upset Tim Tapout is on a rampage, throwing everything in his sight around the hallway. Having come so close to another opportunity to headline Slam-Mania, he is furious, as he is now the last person eliminated in the 2013 Royal Crumble match and the last eliminated in the 2013 Terror Elimination Chamber match. His rampage is temporarily halted by Daniel Evans, who yells in his direction. Evans, having won the pre-show battle royal, can now call himself the number one contender for the ECCW Pure Championship that Tapout holds. It is clear that Tapout is in no mood to be dealing with Evans. Regardless, Evans approached Tapout and tells him that he understands why he is angry. He says that he has checked with management and has made sure that his match against Tapout for the Pure title is a decent enough amount of time away, so that Tapout has some time to cool down before having to lose the championship. Tapout says that he will never lose the Pure title, at least not to Daniel Evans. The attitudes of the two men couldn't be any more different; Evans is grinning as Tapout has a dirty look on his face. Shaking his head, Evans turns around to walk away, but abruptly turns around and hits his signature superkick on Tapout, knocking him to the floor. Tapout's night is now undoubtedly one of his most miserable of 2013.

Trenton York (c) vs. Zack Horror
York gets back to his feet at about the same time as Horror. They go for another lock up. Horror gets the advantage, getting behind York and lifting him up in an attempt for a German suplex. York counters it, rolling down Horror's back and landing behind him, then trying for a roll up. The referee quickly drops to the mat but it is only a two count. Both men spring to their feet and continue the fast paced action. They each hit the ropes, rebounding back to the center of the ring at about the same time. Horror tries for a clothesline but York ducks it. They both hit the ropes again, this time with a different outcome. York hits the York Style crucifix driver on the way back, sealing the deal.

Winner: Trenton York by pinfall @ 15:59

Backstage again, an interviewer is with Alex Nova, one of the participants in the Crush Elimination Chamber match later on in the night. The interviewer asks what kind of strategy Nova has for the big match. Nova says that he does not want to simply give away strategy, but that he will say that he has been preparing nonstop because he believes that this is his moment. He reminisces back to 2012 when he came extremely close to winning the Crush Money in the Bank briefcase but just fell short. He says that his training and preparation guarantees him that he will not fall short again tonight. Confident in his response, Nova turns to walk away. To his surprise, he sees Harry Jones, who is acting angry, per usual. Reminiscent to Jones' recent attack on Peter Linch, he clocks Nova, bringing him to the floor. The interviewer is in a state of shock, not in the proper state of mind to be responding to the attack. Just then, an unlikely figure appears to even the odds: Stephen Jericho. The boss' son steps in and successfully pulls Jones off Nova, minimizing the damage done. Security detail soon follows, but not soon enough, as Jones was left with enough time to hit a devastating HKO on Jericho, knocking him down face-first on the unforgiving arena floor.

The commentators take a moment to reflect upon what just went down backstage before introducing a video package that will apparently announce who will follow Cyrus Black as the second inductee into ECCW's Hall of Fame class of 2013.

A video package praising Jake Lyndon is shown as he is announced as the second inductee into ECCW's Hall of Fame class of 2013.

Hassan & Abdullah (c) vs. Aaron Kennedy & Ryan Wright
Hassan rushes towards Kennedy, trying to hit a corner clothesline. Kennedy just barely moves out of the way. The crafty Wright grabs ahold of Hassan's head and pushes it down on the top rope, causing him to stagger back towards Kennedy, who then whips him to his own corner. Hassan crashes right into his partner Abdullah, knocking him off the ring apron. Kennedy then takes Hassan and hits the Storybook Finish in the middle of the ring, spelling the end for Hassan and the Middle Eastern Alliance's reign as champions.

Winners: Aaron Kennedy & Ryan Wright by pinfall (Kennedy over Hassan) @ 13:55

A Friday Night Crush recap airs.

The music of Twista XL hits as the winner of the 2013 Royal Crumble match appears on the stage. The crowd reception is not exactly a positive one for Twista. Once in the ring, he tries to quiet down the crowd. Realizing that his efforts are futile, he begins to talk over them. He says that he has the distinct honor of participating in a Slam-Mania main event, an honor he has earned by outlasting twenty-nine others in the Royal Crumble match. He says that he intends to make the most of this opportunity. The current Slam-Mania title win success rate for Crumble winners sits at 67%. According to Twista, this number will soon rise to 75%. He then begins to break down his possible opponents. He tears into all six of the possibilities. However, it seems that he has the worst to say for Will Williams, the current champion. Calling him a joke of a champion, Twista says that he wouldn't mind taking the title from him and making it prestigious again. Once he is through putting down the six elimination chamber participants, he decides to finish things up by restating his firm belief that he will leave Slam-Mania as the ECCW World Champion regardless of who emerges victorious tonight because he is better than Will Williams, better than Adam Jones, better than Alex Nova, better than Dustin Shore, better than Omega, and better than Peter Linch.

Backstage, Alex Nova is shown in the ECCW CEO Matthew Jericho's office. Jericho seems annoyed and rightfully so. Nova is pleading with Jericho that he has not sustained any major injuries in the attack earlier courtesy of Harry Jones. He tells Jericho that he can compete tonight and he knows it. Jericho, deciding that it is best to take Nova at his word, assures him that he will remain in the elimination chamber match.

Ali Fernando (c) vs. Christian Storm
Storm climbs up to the top rope. Situating himself, he takes a little too much time, as Fernando leaps up to his feet and meets Storm in the corner. Fernando climbs to the second rope and tries for a superplex. Storm fights it off with punch after punch to Fernando's head and torso. This eventually causes Fernando to stagger off the second rope, but he is still on his feet. Storm then leaps towards a seemingly disoriented Fernando, who somehow catches him in midair with the Time Warp. There is a sigh throughout the arena as Fernando cockily covers for the three.

Winner: Ali Fernando

After the match, Ali Fernando temporarily stops taunting the fans with his newly-retained title as he notices Christian Storm beginning to rise in the ring. At the sight of this, Fernando slips back into the ring and readies himself to attack. In his most recent assault attempts, he has failed to take Storm out but this time looks to be different as he whacks Storm with the ECCW Legend's title belt. The crowd's boos grow even louder and Fernando's smirk grows even bigger as a result.

Backstage, Matthew Jericho's office is shown yet again. Jericho is still at his desk. He has just gotten off the phone. There is a knock at the door. Upon the reception of Jericho's permission, the door opens and a security guard enters. He informs Jericho that all six elimination chamber participants are accounted for and are waiting for their respective entrances. Jericho breathes a sigh of relief.

The lights dim yet again and the chamber lowers back down over the ring. The crowd becomes even more excited as they anticipate the second and final elimination chamber match of the night. The main event is up next.

Will Williams (c) vs. Adam Jones vs. Alex Nova vs. Dustin Shore vs. Omega vs. Peter Linch
Entries: (1) Omega (2) Alex Nova (3) Peter Linch (4) Dustin Shore (5) Will Williams (6) Adam Jones
First Elimination: Peter Linch by Omega
Second Elimination: Alex Nova by Omega
Third Elimination: Omega by Dustin Shore
Fourth Elimination: Adam Jones by Will Williams
Click here for Jones elimination:

Williams tries to get Shore into position for the Dream Crusher, but Shore finds a way out of it. Fighting his way back into the match, Shore starts unleashing a series of punches on Williams, who is quick to respond with some of his own. The crowd is torn between the two fan favorites as they duke it out. In time, the champion gets the best of Shore, Irish whipping him to the ropes and bending down in hopes of catching him on the way back, but Shore kicks Williams in the face with his shin. Williams is shaken; he tumbles backwards. Shore scoops him up and lifts him onto his shoulders in hopes of connecting with the Shore Leave. Williams counters out of it, planting Shore down with a picture perfect DDT. It is then that Williams realizes he is bleeding pretty badly from his forehead, presumably from the impact with Shore's boot just moments ago. Initially shrugging it off, he goes back on the attack. Over time, Williams begins to become paranoid with the continuous bleeding as he approaches the referees waiting outside the chamber entrance. They have called a trainer over. The referees unlock the padlock that is keeping the combatants in the chamber so that the trainer can tend to Williams' wound. He pats the blood with a towel and applies pressure to halt the bleeding. It is then that from out of nowhere, Jarrett Calloway appears. He hurries into the chamber through the open entrance, plowing through the trainer and Williams, knocking them to the chamber floor. He enters the ring through the ropes and finds a rising Shore before him. As soon as Shore turns around, Calloway charges at him and hits a brutal Run Down spear. Shore is laid out. For the first time in a long while, Calloway receives boos. The boos are not overwhelming though, as many in the crowd are too shocked to make any noise at all. Calloway admires his handiwork before slowly exiting the ring. Williams crawls back into the ring and looks at the mess before him. He flips Calloway off before hitting the Dream Crusher on Shore, as if to say that he won himself the match, not Calloway. He then drops down into a cover for the win.

Winner: Will Williams by pinfall @ 34:16

© 2013 ECCW: Extreme Created Championship Wrestling

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ECCW: Extreme Created Championship Wrestling
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ECCW Heavy Metal IV Results
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