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 Universe CAW Application Thread

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:10 am


Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Currently Residing
FieryPits of Hell



323 lbs

A very intimidating figure, and gimmick, this cold hearted and ruthless competitor was first brought from NAWA, holding the fastest pin/submission record at 8 seconds. He has held multiple World titles in NAWA, and has been a threat to the company. He doesn't care about anyone, and only desires pain and torment.

Super Heel

Wrestling Styles


"Step into the path of Lucifer"

Entrance Theme

Signature/Basic Moves
Uppercut to throat
Big boot
Clothesline from Hell
Double arm pick-up toss

Hells Footprint: A big-boot to the chest which sends opponent down, or flying across the ring
Regular Finishing Move
Torture Rack

Previous Experience
worked in a now closed company called NAWA worked there for his entire career and built a solid legacy before the company closed down. Has been a 7x world champion over there

Injury History

Picture Base
Masked Kane
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Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:55 am

Name: Kevin Evans


*The Classic
*The Most Dangerous Man on Earth
*The Classic One
*The Master of the 630

Gimmick: Overly respectful shakes opponent, ref and announcers hand before and after the match. But he randomly slips in and out of personalities, one side is nice and the other side is dark and crazy he will attack anyone in sight but when he changes he has no clue what happened and walks off, it can happen at any time with no warning.

Weight: 205 pounds

Height: 6ft2

Fighting Style: Evans is an excellent highflyer, his speed is very good even though he thinks he does not have brutal power but when his other side kicks in he becomes a lot stronger, he enjoys working the crowd and tends to do some show boating at times but not all the time.

Signature Taunts:

One arm up fist closed
Fuck you taunt
Pointing to the sky
Worm (When he is show boating)
Taps his knee

Signature Manoeuvres:

*Off with ya head (Running Lariat to the head)

*Darkness Plunge (Top rope counter when the opponent jumps up to him on the top rope he counters into the power bomb position he stands up and slams them down on the canvas while he still on the top rope

*BAM! (Knee Straight to the jaw which followed by off with ya head)

*Evans Driver (Has the opponent on his shoulders and brings them down on his side before jumping and dropping the opponent on their head)

*Drive By: Knee Style (The opponent is on one knee and Evans runs off the ropes and nails his knee (without the knee cover on) straight into the opponents temple)

*Spin Cycle (Evans has the opponent on his shoulders and does the airplane spin for planting the opponent down with a power slam.)

*Pulling out the Ace (Evans has the opponent in between his legs and his moves over the opponent arms and flips forward and the opponent lands on their head)

*Brutal Party (Knees, kicks, punches etc, to the face before a lariat)

Submission Manoeuvres:

*Going to tap? (Evans grabs the opponents legs under one arm and pulls back and places one knee on the opponents neck and just cranks the pressure until they tap out)

*Misery (Evans sits on the opponents back and grabs their arms before reefing back until they tap)

*Gut Buster (Evans has the opponent in a gut buster with his legs wrapped around their gut before wrapping in a sleeper hold and just applies the pressure until they go to sleep)

Tag Team Manoeuvres (With Hunter J or Alex Nova):

*The Device (Evans has the opponent on the ropes in a cutter move and Hunter or Nova jumps from the top rope and hits a double stomp on the opponents back as Evans brings down the opponent with the cutter]

*Off with ya head: Double Version (Evans runs in front of the opponent while Hunter or Nova runs in from behind they both connect with Lariats to the opponents head)

Finishing Manoeuvres:

*630 Senton

*Double Tap (Evans lifts up the opponent and bring him head first onto his knee then lifts him up again then brings him down again head first onto the mat.)

* No More Air (NMA) (Brutal Kick to the Throat)

*Missile from above (Moon Sault Foot Stomp)


Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener

Pic Base: Carlos Condit
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Age : 22
Location : Maine

PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:07 pm


Name:Greg Sanders
Weight:213 lbs.
Height:6 Feet
Birthday:May 2, 1985
Born in:Portland, Maine
Hometown:Kingfield, Maine
Education:Degree in Journalism from Boston College
Currently Resides:Auburn, Maine
Relationship Status:Dating Alexandra Summers


Ring Name:Greg Samuel
Nickname:The Maine Attraction, Notorious GRG
Billed From:Auburn, Maine
Billed Height:6 Feet
Billed Weight:212 Pounds
Wrestling Tactics:Clean
Catchphrase:“And you better believe you heard it from THE MAINE ATTRACTION!”
Favorite Weapon:Wooden Baseball Bat
Favorite Match:Falls Count Anywhere
Gimmick Description:Some have speculated Greg has Bi-Polar disorder with his times of being quite and calm, yet other times of extreme excitement of anger. Greg is really just a calm person when he wants to be, yet is extremely easy to excite or anger. Greg is always one to quickly joke about things, yet he knows when to get serious and his opponents will often find themselves on the receiving end of anger out of nowhere.
Former Ring Names:Mr. Sanders, Greg S.
Former Nicknames:“Self Explanatory”(as Mr. Sanders), “The Big Time”(as Greg S.), “The Maineiac”(as Greg S./Samuel), “Maine’s Favorite Son”(as Greg S./Samuel)
Tag Team(s)/Faction(s):None
Taunt:The “S”-Hands open with fingers together except for thumbs which are touching and the hands are going separate ways to form an S.(PM if you need a better explination.)


Daniel Bryan

Ring Attire

(With matching kneepads, and white taped wrists.)


Entrance Theme/Titantron
Rush(Rock Remix)-Kidd Russell


Entrance Attire

Entrance Details
The lights drop as Greg’s theme hits. As the guitar riffs play, a stream of fireworks shoot down in front of the stage. The music picks up and then Greg bursts threw the fireworks and the lights pick up a little bit now tinted blue. Greg wears a Greg Samuel shirt. Greg usually has a smile on his face as he makes his way down the ramp, making sure to high-five some fans on his way to the ring. Once reaching the ring, Greg Jumps Onto The Ring Apron On His Left Knee. Then Greg Walks Over To The Turnbuckles, Climbs To The Second Turnbuckle, And Then puts his hands in the air and does his “S Taunt” to an ovation. After He Does That, He Jumps Off The Turnbuckle, And Jumps Into The Ring Doing A Front Flip and Landing On His Feet.. In The Ring, He Bounces Off The Ropes A Couple Of Times. Then He Takes His Shirt Off And Whips it Into The Audience.

Championship Entrance
The lights drop as Greg’s theme hits. As the guitar riffs play, a stream of fireworks shoot down in front of the stage. The music picks up and then Greg bursts through the fireworks and the lights pick up a little bit now tinted blue. Greg has the title on his shoulder. Greg wears his attire and a black XWA shirt. Greg will hold the title up with one hand showing it off for the XWA fans. Greg usually has a smile on his face as he makes his way down the ramp, making sure to high-five some fans on his way to the ring. Greg will often show the kids in the front rows the belt too. Once reaching the ring, Greg Jumps Onto The Ring Apron On His Left Knee. He Jumps Onto The Ring Apron On His Left Knee. Then Greg Walks Over To The Turnbuckles, Climbs To The Second Turnbuckle, And Then Points To The Crowd With One Hand, While Holding His Title Up High In The Other. After He Does That, He Jumps Off The Turnbuckle, And Jumps Into The Ring, Then Holds The Title High Again. In The Ring, He Bounces Off The Ropes A Couple Of Times. He then places the title on the turnbuckle and pulls his shirt off and whips it into the crowd. He then hoist the title up on his shoulder, very proudly.


STRIKES » ||||||||||
GRAPPLES » ||||||||||
STRENGTH » ||||||||||
SUBMISSION » ||||||||||
DURABILITY » ||||||||||
TECHNIQUE » ||||||||||
PSYCHOLOGY » ||||||||||
SPEED » ||||||||||
CHARISMA » ||||||||||
HARDCORE » ||||||||||
STAMINA » ||||||||||

Wrestling Style:High-Flyer and Brawler

Regular Moves
Arm Wrench Leg Lariat
Butterfly Lock
Diamond Dust
Diving Crossbody
Diving Elbow Drop
Double Knee Armbreaker
Dragon Sleeper
European Uppercut
Even Flow DDT
Figure-Four Necklock
Flying Neckbreaker
Fujiwara Armbar
German Suplex
Headlock Takedown
Heart Punch
Implant DDT
Inverted DDT
Inverted Suplex
Lou Thesz Press
Knife Edge Chops
Missle Dropkick
Northern Lights Suplex
One-Handed Bulldog
Pull Back Spinebuster
Pumphandle Suplex
Reverse Chinlock
Rib Breaker
Running Neckbreaker
Samoan Drop
Shining Wizard
Shoulder Neckbreaker
Springboard Lariat
Standing Moonsault
Standing Shiranui
Standing Shooting Star Press
T-Bone Suplex
Wheelbarrow Suplex

Rare Moves(Use in Personal Matches)

Signature Moves
SAMUEL STAR PRESS | Shooting Star Press [WATCH]



~~~Title History~~~
1x 2 Worlds Wrestling Federation Internet Champion[CURRENT]
1x Created World Wrestling Xtreme Hardcore Champion
1xExtreme Created Championship Wrestling Surrender Tag Team Champion(w/Victor Jones)
1xExtreme Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Champion
1x Pro Wrestling America Live Hardcore Champion[Longest Reign]
1x Pro Wrestling America Live Heavyweight Champion
1x Pro Wrestling America Live New England Champion
1xRadical Wrestling X World Champion(First/Last)
1xTotal Domination Wrestling Tag Team Champion(w/Jay Hopkins)
1xXWA Intercontinental Championship
1xXtreme Championship Wrestling D-Struction World Champion
1xXtreme Championship Wrestling Hardcore Champion[Longest Reign]
1xXtreme Championship Wrestling Xplosion World Champion
2xCreated World Wrestling World Tag Team Champion(w/Anthony Johnson and Josh Polson)
2x Pro Wrestling America Live Tag Team Champion(w/ Anthony Johnson and DJ Sanders)

~~~Non-Title Accomplishments~~~
#8 on XWA’s Power Xtreme 5(Released November 9th, 2010)
#12 in XWA’s Power Xtreme 4(Released Oct. 1, 2010)
Ended TJ Thunder’s Career Long Undefeated Streak
XWA Match of the Month vs. Rellim(October 2010)
XWA’s Fued of The Month[vs. CF Riley](November 2010)
XWA’s Most Improved Wrestler(August/September 2010)
XWA’s Rookie of The Month(March 2010)
In Your House #5:unCENSORED Match of the Night(vs. Kenny Kasual)
In Your House #5:unCENSORED Superstar of the Night
#1 on Vendetta V-In Your House #5:unCENSORED


Years Wrestling:6 Years, 5 Pro
First Debut:June 11, 2006
Trained By:Shawn Michaels, Pro Wrestling America Live
Fine Tuned Training By:PWG Academy in the Spring of 2011
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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:27 pm

Rhys Hawkens

'The Wanderer'



Young (early to mid 20s)

205 lbs.

6' 1''

The Welsh Valleys

Due to a past of secluding himself from others in his youth, Rhys tends to be more of a lone wolf like character and keeps to himself and avoid team-work. However that doesn't mean he cant get along with people as once he knows someone for a long time, he can be very friendly and consoling to those he cares about, and for this reason, he sees this as a weakness most of the time and chooses to avoid most people, even if it actually hurts himself more.

*As of 6th February*
All of Rhys' secluded past and current seclusion in the ECCW, along with how he was ignored and emotionally hurt by former tag team partner Aaron Kennedy, Rhys has grown into a somewhat psychotic individual who looks to hurt anyone around him as he searches for self happiness while doing so, and in the most brutl of ways.

Wrestling Style:
Unhinged (Technical? Submssion? Hardcore? Does whatever he wants.)

Regular Moves:
Airplane Spin into a Death Valley Driver, sometimes into the bottom turnbuckle
Butterfly Suplex Variations:
- Regular Standing
- Triple Standing while doing a cartwheel to get their opponents up quicker
- Top Rope
Clothesline combos
Dragon Screw Variations:
- Standing
- Grounded
- While opponent is entering the ropes
- Top Rope
Dragon Sleeper Variations:
- Grounded, with or without scissors
- Standing, with or without scissors
- To trapped opponent on the apron, with or without scissors
- Top Turnbuckle
Dragon Suplex Variations:
- Regular Standing
- Triple Standing
- Top Rope
Dropkick combos
Slap & Kick combos
Diamond Dust Variations (all usually done after Dragon Sleeper combos):
- Apron
- Grounded, usually with a runnng start
- Top Turnbuckle

Signature Moves:
Cynoncanrana (Ground Hurricanrana Driver)
Dragon-Stabber (Double Underhook Backstabber)
One Winged Angel (Dicuss Clothesline to a knelt opponent, usually straight after a Cynoncanrara)

On their own
Breaking Eon (Standing Diamond Dust)
Clean Finish (Standing Moonsault Side Slam, sometimes from the top rope)
Simple Kick (Superkick)

The Simply Clean Finish (Simple Kick followed by the Clean Finish)

Finisher Ratio Values (Most being 1st, 4th being least):
1st - Simple Kick
2nd - Clean Finish
3rd - The Simply Clean Finish
4th - Breaking Eon

Theme Music:
Eon - Celldweller

Pic Base:
Jeff Hardy


Ryan Wright



Young (early 20s)

200 lbs.

5' 11''

Chicago, IL

Mostly being bullied while growing up in his bad upbringing for following Professional Wrestling for most of his life by friends and even his family, he decided to train to be a Professional Wrestler to prove all the haters wrong and that he can be commited to that which he loves to do.

He is mostly a determined young man who will not back down from a challenge that is thrown in from of him, no matter how impossible they may seem to be. He may show a bit of a cocky attitude to those who disrespect him or others around him, but overall he is a nice person to get along with.

Wrestling Style:
Brawler & High Flying

Regular Moves:
- Clothesline
- Crossbody
- Dropkick (Front & Missle)
Dropkick combos in succession
Hip toss followed into a cartwheel and finished with a dropkick to the opponent's face
- Calf Kick
- Dropkick
- Flying Clothesline
- Single Leg High Knee
- Spinning Wheel Kick
Shining Wizard

Signature Moves:
Inverted headlock backbreaker into a Falling Neckbreaker

The Wright of Way (Running pushing stomp to the back or back of the head of a bent over opponent, with a Kneeling or Regular Superkick after the rebound)

Theme Music:
Dreams of an Absolution (2011 Version) - Bentley Jones

Pic Base:
Jesse Sorensen


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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:48 pm


ECCW: Extreme Created Championship Wrestling
June 30, 2009 - May 20, 2013
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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:36 am

Bryant Prince Jr

Black Terminator

Bryant Prince Jr as his early career stage is a monster that can't be tamed as well as can't be stopped. He is the master of defiance, of the powerbomb. He is very intelligent, but hates alliances and will never be part of a group of losers. He has no time for losers, but time for success.


Theme Song:

Pic Base:

Home Town:
San Diego, California

Wrestling Style:
Grappling and Brawling

Basic Moves:
Gutwrench Suplex
German Suplex
Tilt to Whirl Backbreaker(sometimes slam)
Running DDT
The Heart Punch
Running Powerslam
Top Rope Spinning Wheel Kick
Triangle Choke

Signature Moves:
Sniper Swanton(Swanton Bomb)
Top Rope Spinning Side Walk slam
Dragons Rath(Dragon Sleeper)

Termination of Nightmare(Sit-Out Powerbomb and sometimes off the top rope.)
The Poisoned Knife(Running Big Boot)

1x TFC OWC Champion
1x TFC Smackdown World Tag Team Champion
1x TFC OWC Tag Team Champion
1x TFC Tough Enough Champion
1x TFC Hall of Famer
1x Owner of Black Terminator's Perspection
1X AWC World Champion.
1x AWC Hall of Famer
1x BBW Champion
1x BBW World Champion
1x BBW Legends Champion
1x 3XW Elite X Champion
1X New Generation Universal Champion
1x Intercontinental Champion
1x HardKore Champion
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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:24 am

Name: Tim "TapOut"Taylor
Height: 6'4
Weight: 264lb
Home Town: Knoxville, Tennessee

Gimmick: College wrestling and MMA Standout. Typically an arrogant and cocky superstar after finding success in the ring.
Heel/face: Heel

Pic Base: Swagger (ECW days)

Theme Song: "Small Town Throwdown" by Brantley Gilbert

Regular Moves
-Belly to Belly Suplex
-German Suplex
-Exploder Suplex
-Suplex Lift Neckbreaker
-Big Boot
-Diving Clothes Line
-Forearm Smash

Signiture Moves
-Turnbuckle Powerbomb
-Discus Clothes Line
-Curb Stomp (Super Dragon Version)

-Pump Kick
-Ankle Lock
-Retirement (Fisherman Buster w/ Small Package Driver finish)

Accomplishments/championships: 3XW World Champion, 3XW International, 3XW Elite X. NGW Champion, NGW Tag Team Champion (w/Lara James), PWF World Champ, WGW Intercontinental champ, TFC Tag Champ (w/ DJ "The Icon"), TFC Showdown Champ, EFNW Tag Champ (w/Casey Anomaly), ECCW Hardcore Champion, 5x Turning Point World Champion.

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:26 am

Name ~ LeBron Carter
Height ~ 6'4
Weight ~ 232 lb
Billed From ~ The Ghetto
Entrance Music ~ Niggas in Paris - Jay-Z and Kanye West
Gimmick ~ Doesn't give a fuck about anyone or anything. Likes to be himself and fuck up anyone if he has too. Pretty much SCWA's token/stereotypical black guy. He also thinks everyone is racist.
Signatures ~ Standing Moonsault, Axe Kick, Spinning roundhouse (usually from top rope), Standing cutter, Snapmare followed by a kick to the back, diving european uppercut, running powerslam, suicide dive
Finishers ~ Dead Level Suplex, Black Power (Torture Rack Submission)
Wrestling Style ~ Powerhouse, but takes risks if necessary. Very athletic for a big guy
Pic Base ~ Michael Tarver
Allignment ~ Heel (can go face if you want me to)

Name: De'Sean Irving
Height: 6"1'
Weight: 225 lb
Billed From: The Ghetto
Gimmick: Black supremacist. Brother of Latasha Irving. Tag team partner of Reggie Lloyd. Member of Nigga Nation.
Signature Moves: Frankensteiner, shining wizard, spring board tornado DDT, diving cross body, standing shooting star press, Enzeguri in the corner, Side headlock driver, curb stomp
Finisher: Black Out (Cork screw 450 splash) Nigga Clutch (Koji Clutch)
Wrestling Style: High flyer, obviously
Pic Base: Kenny King

Name: Latasha irving
Height: 5"8'
Weight: 120 lb
Billed From: The Ghetto
Gimmick: Black supremacist. Sister of De'Sean Irving. Member of Nigga Nation
Signature Moves: Diving elbow drop, Hurricanrana, running leg drop, suicide dive, discus clothesline, spring board drop kick
Finisher: Tornado DDT
Pic Base: Naomi

Name: Reggie Lloyd
Height: 5"11'
Weight: 214 lb
Billed From: The Ghetto
Gimmick: Black supremacist. De'Sean Irving's tag team partner. Member of Nigga Nation.
Signature Moves: Diving moon sault, rolling thunder, Spring board fore arm smash, Hurricanrana, Sprign board cross body, round kick, running drop kicks, pele kick
Finisher: Sliced Bread #2
Wrestling Style: High flying technician
Pic Base: ACH
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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Tue Sep 02, 2014 2:34 am

Name: Mason Tayor
Height: 6'0
Weight: 210
Home Town: North East, Maryland

Gimmick: Younger Brother of Tim "TapOut" Taylor, angered by living in his brother's shadow, he recently found success in the ring as a singles competitor once he broke out of the tag team scene.

Heel/face: Heel

Pic Base: Christian Cage

Regular Moves:
-Standing Drop Kick
-Short arm clothesline
- Sit Out Scoop Slam
-Falcon Arrow
-Snap DDT
-Chuck Kick
-Diving Cross Body
- Hurricanrana

Signature Moves:
-Float Over DDT
- Super Kick

-New Age (Pay Dirt)
-Me Time (Shooting Star Press)
-FaceTime (Running Knee)

Accomplishments/championships: 3XW Tag Team Champion, 2x TFC Tag Team Champion, WXW Medal Winner, WXW World Heavyweight Champion

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:14 pm

The Legend Of Casey wrote:
updated Casey Anomaly APP

Casey Anomaly

The Nightmare Among Men

Date of Birth
January 6th, 1987

Place of Birth
Providence, Rhode Island

Currently Residing
Providence, Rhode Island


6 feet and 2 inches

231 Pounds

This skater Punk was brought up in the wrestling industry by his mentor Cyrus Black. Black influenced alot of Casey's in and out of ring attitudes but Casey still has a cocky flair to the reckless aggression of his mentor. After past experiences in other companies Casey adapted a sort of sick, twisted, sadistic, fucked up and a little crazy. But he uses his unpredictability to his advantages forcing his opponent or rival to stay on their toes.


Wrestling Styles


Wrestling Abilities
Brawling 1
Charisma 2
Technical 3
Speed 4
Power 5

Signature Taunts/Poses
After kicking out of a big move he gets a huge grin (or a smirk in some instances) on his face. He can be sitting up, on his side or what ever
He holds one hand out towards a camera, just his thumb index and middle fingers pointed out out sometimes (always spread apart)

"I'm a real life... Nightmare"
"For lack of a better term.."
"I'm Your.. f*cking.. NIGHTMARE!"
"F*ck your morals"

Entrance Theme

Signature/Basic Moves
>Unanswered Prayers (Super kick opponent then opponent falls to knees and super kick again while they are on their knees/ass)
>Riot Control (double Underhook back breaker)
>Afterlife DDT (Devil Lock DDT)
>Grinning Sin (single leg boston crab)
>Breakdown (rope hung inverted DDT)
>Fade into Dark (Christo)
>Undoing (pinning Tiger-Bomb)
>Into Oblivion (Spinning, inverted DDT)
>Complications (Burning Hammer)
>Renegade Knee (Kitchen sink, rebound off ropes followed by a shinning wizard to seated opponent)
>Demoralizer (Inverted STO [usually sets up for the Gordian Knot])

Signature Submission Moves
Have a Nice Nightmare (Koji Clutch)
Gordian Knot (inverted, bridging Anaconda Vice)

Regular Finishing Moves
Corrupted (Vertabreaker)

Previous Experience
Has worked in some companies like ECCW, EFNW, CWA, IWA, SCWA and of course 3XW. Has held 5 World titles from these companies (3 ECCW, 2 3XW). A former tag team champion with Neville Ryan and Angel (ECCW) and then in EFNW (Tim Taylor). Understudy of both Cyrus Black and Surge. Thought to be one of, if not thee, fastest rising stars in all of these companies.

Injury History
Many left ankle issues over the years

Picture Base
Corey Graves (AKA Sterling James Keenan)
Crazy updated Casey
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The Heart Break #YEEL

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:45 pm

Devin Smith

Devin Smith always loved wrestling since he was a young child, he loved wrestling but also had a passion for show business. As soon as he graduated from high school he took up wrestling while also going to film school. After graduating from wrestling school he continued going to film school while working the independent scene. He took a break from the indies after graduating from film school he went on to be in low-budget films only to get roles in which he played the enemy of people like Jean-Claude Van-Damme and Jason Statham. He eventually got tired of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to go back to his first love of being a professional wrestler. Devin recently re-invented himself from being the arrogant A-Lister to a more intense and ruthless competitor.

Entrance Music


217 lbs

Mike Bennett

Los Angeles.California

Wrestling Attire
Wrist Tape
Red,Black or white Wrestling Trunks
Black Elbow Pads
Black Wrestling Boots

Entrance Attire
Wrestling Attire+
Leather or Denim Vest

Wrestling Style
Devin's style is a hybrid of submission,technical and high-flying but he's starting to lean more on submissions lately.

Basic Moves
Anaconda Vise
Running Dropkick
Springboard Leg Drop
Over-shoulder Neckbreaker
Snap DDT
Standing Moonsault
STO Backbreaker
Float Over neckbrekaer
Float Over DDT
German Suplex

Signature Moves
Super Kick
Frog Splash
Moonlight Drive
Exploder Suplex

5 Seconds of Fame(Liontamer) (2012 - Present)
Starstruck(Diamond Cutter) (2009 - 2010, 2013 - Present)
West Coast Crossface (2010 - 2012, 2014 - Present)

The Hangover(GTS off Top Rope) (2010 - 2012)
Five Star Frog Splash(2009)


Theme Songs
You're Going Down - Sick Puppies(2009 - 2010)
Larger Than Life - KISS(2010 - 2011)
Never Gonna Stop - Rob Zombie(2011 - 2012)
Click Click Boom - Saliva(2013 - Present)

John Morrison(2009 - 2011, 2013 - 2014)
Dolph Ziggler(2011 - 2012)
Mike Bennett(2014 - Present)

1 time CWW Global Champion
1 time 3XW International Champion(Current)
1-time NGW Universal Champion
1-time NGW Tag Team Champion w/Death
2013 NIWA Monarch of the Squared Circle
1 time IWA Champion

Last edited by The Heart Break #YEEL on Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:02 pm; edited 2 times in total
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#1 Contender
#1 Contender

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:04 pm

I ain't got shit to do with my life.

Will Williams

The Wu-Tang Shogun, King of the Smoking Ring, The Baddest Man Alive, Fuck You Dad, Mr. Jamba, The Booty Chef.

Will Williams is sarcastic, drug-addicted, foul-mouthed, troubled, misanthropic, bitter, but a deeply brilliant gonzo wrestler with a deep-seated hatred of authority, political corruption and dogs. In essence, he takes nobody seriously and treats his opponents like they're nobody. He's the kind of guy who'll gladly sell drugs to children and rip them off in the process, the kind of guy who'll take upskirt shots of a nun and sell them to those same kids and rip them off again. Will comes from the Surge School of Raping, where he's learned to brutalize as many of his opponents with anything he can get his hands on. What Will wants more than anything is to reveal the truth in his opponents, he believes in stripping off the shells that most wrestlers hide in and exposing them for who they are. Simply because he believes that people have the right to see the true sides of their heroes. Will hates and struggles against authority figures who oppress others, but is also bitter towards the uninvolved fans who let the authority push the wrong guys because they sell more merchandise than others. All in all, Will is out to change the face of whatever company he's in whether the fans want him to or not.



215 lbs

Sydney, Australia

Regular Moves:
Backpack stunner
Diving double foot stomp
Diving hurricanrana
Diving kneeling jawbreaker
Double knee backbreaker
Cross-legged fisherman buster
Running dropkick to a cornered opponent
Single knee facebreaker
Kimura Lock
Springboard moonsault
Springboard tornado DDT
Stretch plum

Signature Moves:
E.A.D. (Eat A Dick) - Jumping Cutter

Xanatos Gambit (Back-to-Back Double Underhook Piledriver)
450 Splash

Entrance Music:


Match Specialty:
Extreme Rules

Pic Base:
Alex Shelley

1x ECCW Crush World Champion
1x ECCW Hardcore Champion
1x ECCW Crush Tag Team Champion
2x ECCW Undisputed Tag Team Champion
ECCW King of the Ring (2010)
Some other shit I don't remember because I haven't done this seriously in a long time.

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Teddy Spanks

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:35 pm

If only I had my Burt Boner app Sad I hope Granger saved it somehow
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The Heart Break #YEEL

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:16 pm

BJ Banghard

BJ Hanghard is a former porn director and is rumored to be a high-class pimp as well. He loves to make people uncomfortable using inappropriate language and often referencing sexual things from his former line of work. He has two valets Diamond and Coco who he often uses to persuade others to do what he wants or he use them as distractions during his matches. He speaks in a soft and sensual voice no matter what mood he is in. He trained at the D.Smith SoCal Wrestling School.

Billed From
Las Vegas, Nevada


237 lbs.

Wrestling Style

Signature Moves
Fallaway Slam
Ball Buster(Elevated Reverse Atomic Drop)

Finishing Moves
Casting Couch(Crucifix Powerbomb)

Signature Weapon
Fuzzy Handcuffs

Theme Song
Brickhouse 2003 - Rob Zombie




Diamond is one of BJ Banghard's valets. She doesn't have much of a backstory other then the fact that she's been working for Mr. Banghard for quite a few years. What her job with BJ Banghard was is unknown but considering what Mr. Banghard's former occupations have been you can figure that out on your own. She wears s[font color="dc00d7"]kimpy slutty clothing that shows a lot of skin to help distract opponents of Banghard and attract "customers"[font color="dc00d7"].[/font] [/font]She has had minimal wrestling training at the same school that BJ Banghard attended. She is in an open relationship with Coco.

Billed From
Las Vegas, Nevada




Jackie Gayda


Coco is one of BJ Banghard's valets. She doesn't have much of a backstory other then the fact that she's been working for Mr. Banghard for only a few short months. What her job with BJ Banghard was is unknown but considering what Mr. Banghard's former occupations have been you can figure that out on your own. She wears skimpy slutty clothing that shows a lot of skin to help distract opponents of Banghard and attract "customers" She has had minimal wrestling training at the same school that BJ Banghard attended. She is in an open relationship with Diamond.

Billed From
Las Vegas, Nevada




Nikki Bella
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Tʜᴇ Gʀᴀɴɢᴇ

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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:56 pm

Pic Base
- Prince Devitt

Real Name
- Alexander Trent Scorpio

Ring Name
- Scorpio

Billed From
- Las Vegas, Nevada

- 6'2

- 244lbs

- What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas and that is why Trent Scorpio has escaped from the place of madness he calls his home. Running from the demons inside of him that fight for his soul and almost won his heart in the process of taking over his head. A man who has been destined for greatness from day 1 has the luck of the draw but is gambling and wrestling the same kind of luck?

- Heel

- Lucky Break [Zig-Zig]
- Death Wizard [Shining Wizard]
- Superkick
- Impact Powerbomb
- Scorpion Bite [Pelé Kick]
- Lifting DDT
- S.S.(Scorpion Strike) [Standing Shiranui]
- Scorpion Sting [Swinging reverse STO]
- Boston Crab
- Spinebuster [The Rock's Spinebuster]
- Spear

- Luck's Over [Pedigree]
- Scorpion Death Venom [Go To Sleep]

Entrance Music
- Megadeth - The Scorpion

Championships and Accomplishments
- Elite X Champion (One Time)


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PostSubject: Re: Universe CAW Application Thread   

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Universe CAW Application Thread
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