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Fuck Your Mamas


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Tʜᴇ Gʀᴀɴɢᴇ

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PostSubject: Re: GrangeBlog   Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:18 pm


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Tʜᴇ Gʀᴀɴɢᴇ

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PostSubject: Re: GrangeBlog   Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:25 am


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Tʜᴇ Gʀᴀɴɢᴇ

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PostSubject: Re: GrangeBlog   Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:28 am


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Tʜᴇ Gʀᴀɴɢᴇ

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PostSubject: Re: GrangeBlog   Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:35 pm


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Tʜᴇ Gʀᴀɴɢᴇ

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PostSubject: Re: GrangeBlog   Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:39 am

The wings of a bird crumple and fall.
The bird with no help falls to the earth, no safety.
You try to help but just a moment to slow.
And its life has just fallen apart before your eyes.
What can you do but regret being a second hesitant....
...Or will you watch out and be the one to save the next.


Life is such a beautiful object and could easily be named the greatest gift of all time between a man and a woman as they become a Mother and a Father. The ultimate role on this planet while you are still breathing. You have conceived one of God's children. You are to love and cherish that child, be it's care giver and that is your only role as a Father. Not to hard to simply love and protect but yet why is it that now in this current age on almost one hundred percent of an legal documents for anybody eighteen or younger now always say Parent or Guardian? Is it not sad that not we can not trust a parent to keep true to a child, this world has grown more evil as the years have passed on. Some of this children are rescued because of being starved, abandoned, and beat... yes, of course... they can not always rescue all children that are distressed. Some grow up as a child who witnessed that life style. Some of these children grow up to become addicts, strung out on drugs and wasting away their life's with no paths due to the loss of guidance growing up, some become killers confused from their messed up life's and then some become insane... Some of these children from wrecked home life's become Trenton James York... Who you ask is Trenton York? The child who was destined to be the greatest professional wrestler to ever live or at least that was who his Father told him he was going to be. Every single day of Trenton's life it seemed like his Dad would shower him with it. Did Trenton York really even get a choice to be a wrestler or not? Does Trenton truly love wrestling or does he just not know anything else? So many questions and the answers may never be known like the deepest darkest secret and answered question of the York family... Why did John York shoot those three bullets at his own son. One, She was so beautiful and young... Clarissa Walker, the homecoming queen. Two, Trenton's side and Janet Richmond, the girl sitting in front of Trenton's now finance Katie Costner... and Three... it nipped Trenton and went straight through her shoulder... Denise York.

And that is where it all began, not the story but the metal problems, the birth of the insanity. Never did he believe that he would witness his own Father try to murder his own Son and worse kill two young women who's life had just begun and one he thought to be Katie... Then strike his Mother. He could remember no more, his first ever championship match ended by two fatal gun shots two wounded out of jealousy of John York because his son was going to do something that he could never do and win a World Championship. All of his life he was pushed, the days back in his basement where his Father would beat him telling him it was to toughen him up... beating his Mother right in front of him knowing he was there but pretending not to see him... Trenton's mind has been through so much that on that day he believe it snapped. Everything Trenton had been through all unleashed and then the next thing Trenton York could remember was waking up. He looked up at the night sky to see a gray cloud move slowly along the sky crossing the moon and then for the first time ever he felt pain in his chest... he fell to his knees looking straight forward at a brick wall tacked out with graffiti as he read the very first word he saw "Novus." Forever it was plastered in his head, then he realized where he had come looking at the light post above him from Canada he has found Chicago... Trenton York has found it here after these events? A alley way in the middle of downtown. The alley way that has so much more meaning than anybody would have ever guessed. Past, it represented an escape from the pain, the beatings, the abuse. A use for love when he needed to see Katie. Currently, A escape from reality, always to escape from his Father. Future, Trenton found it as an escape from himself as his madness grew from that day and nobody would have ever guessed the events to come.

It has been a year and some months now since the day that many had speculated about for months in the coming as John York was released from prison and Trenton York was ready for revenge but not so lucky as his "Aunt" Stacy had his brain shocked to erase his memories to save him from the insanity that was taking over but also almost lead Trenton York into his own death trap as in the very same alley way he was tricked by his Father to be double teamed and then killed by his Father and his former trainer and also the first man Trenton almost beat to his death, Harry Wright but things where not to turn out the way that was planned as James Carter a former friend and the long lost secret son of Harry Wright made the save and joined Trenton. First death, James shoots his own Father and John's best friend with the nod of John for in return the death of Trenton. Second Death, Trenton could not believe his eyes, his ears, the only person that could save him throwing him under the bus as James nods his head... BANG! The bullet goes off as Trenton sees his death but then there was nothing... no bullet... no James Carter. James jumps in the way of the bullet saving Trenton's life and with his last words tells Trenton to grab the gun... The epic showdown was here... Trenton York versus John York. Third Death, BANG! The gun goes of and John York's eyes widen in shock as he falls to the ground motionless and lifeless and Trenton standing still... eyes widen and gun still in safe mode. Trenton didn't pull the trigger and that is when he sees her... Denise York... his Mother. The same Mother that he found dead! Lifeless! She was dead and Trenton was at her funeral how could she be here now and right beside her none other than his girlfriend Katie Costner. Could it be true? Is any of this even real, did Denis York just return from the dead and kill John York?

Same graffiti on the walls, same light post above his head growing dimmer in it's old age but it is all still the same as it as always been as Trenton looks at the word novus on the wall and cracks a smirk crouching down and looking at the ground. It has been so long since the event that was supposed to cure Trenton York happened... Trenton slowly steps towards the spot where his Father laid dead in the ground and Trenton just has to close his eyes as he remembers the sound of the bullets going of... the sight of them going straight through that bastards body and the gun being in his hand. Trenton finally got his revenge but not the death count. Mind over matter, It was from that day that the mental problems grew once more... the voice of his Father spoke to him... torturing York and telling him he was real and that he was never going away but Trenton did it somehow and for once in his life Trenton York had peace in his life and like anybody would he milked it up. The thought of smiling and it not going away was enough to satisfy Trenton. It made no sense to be his happiest with a Mother and Finance that he once taught were both dead but it was still happiness. Nothing has ever really ever made sense in Trenton's life like at this very moment as he stands in one of the very places that has created him the most pain... in a time of peace and happiness... why come to a place of pain and torture? It is because the peace... the happiness is gone... the voices are coming back...

Thursday, November 22, 2012, Thanksgiving Day in America, a day of thanks and happiness and being with your family but for Trenton York that is some way out of the ordinary as their is no family for Trenton York. The Thanksgiving dinners at Trenton's House was Trenton, His Mother, His Father, Harry Wright, and James Carter and it was forbidden to talk. All the family that Trenton ever had was ran away because of his Father and just the way that he is. John York was the bane of the families existence and Trenton was bane of his just because the family actually tried to give him attention. John ran his sister, Lisa Whisnant Lawrence out to Hollywood to become an actress, his Eldest Brother Kenneth got tried of all the family drama and left out for North Carolina with his son, Bryson York and then there is Uncle Fred, the favorite Uncle of Trenton York who was ran to Texas only to return to Trenton's life and then die away just like that leaving Trenton to believe every thing that he loved... died. Trenton looked at all the happy faces and the loving family giving thanks for his other. His Mother fitting perfectly in with Katie's family but Trenton just could not do it, he could not stand it. This is just not who he is, this is completely new to him. Give somebody who has lived in torture and loneliness and sadness his whole life happiness and a family and of course he would be a little confused. Thanksgiving Night, the peace died and the pain... the sorrow... the madness... the voices returned in a nightmare that may forever haunt Trenton York.

Sick with myself, but I've got no one else,
So I give it to myself it's the only thing that helps
It's the same thing this pain thing that keeps me from sleeping
And screaming that God I must be mother-fucking dreaming
And I can rest in peace and at least cease to be
Cease to see those things in me that make me wanna cease to breathe
And ceased to need and ceased to feed, sickness thats in me
This is all that I can be, I can't breathe as I bleed


"Where am I?"

Trenton York mumbles under his breath as he looks out at the are surrounding him, the decaying furniture and the rotten wooden kitchen table and chairs that hold the people sitting in them but it is not the house that is so creepy, so eerie. The eerie feeling is in who sits in the wooden chairs... Trenton can just only stare looking out at the table and see the many people of his family at the table and in the dead center of the table a turkey. Trenton stumbles backwards... none of this makes sense... At the head of the table sits the eldest brother and leader of the York family Kenneth York, next to him sits his son and cousin of Trenton, Bryson York, next to him is the odd ball, Drake Whisnant, the friend of Trenton from Colorado, then it continues to be eerie... Uncle Fred... alive... breathing, followed by Aunt Stacy and there three kids. Lisa Lawrence, his now "famous" Aunt, then there is his Mother... his Father... Trenton can not believe what he is seeing as he clenches his fist. This is not real... this bastard is already dead... I watched him die! And there... is my seat. Right beside John York and the head of the family... Kenneth York. Trenton grows a little nervous and obviously spooked approaching his biggest enemy and also a real life ghost. Trenton fixes his black button up long sleeve shirt  and takes a quick deep breathe and walks over with all eyes on him and he take his place next to his Father and Uncle at the table. His Uncle and Father both meet him with grins but one is fact and one is real... Trenton can read right through his Father like he is nothing... John York is not a nice guy. Suddenly you hear a loud deep grunt and a deep voice quickly following as he taps his fork on his wine glass.

KENNY YORK --- "You know it really is a strange occasion when you get the entire York family together and honestly you can say that is kinda creepy but I am glad to see that you are all here today. Could any of ya'll ever seen this day coming? Brothers... John, Fred... It is so great to see the two of you and your families. Trenton! Boy oh boy you've grown since I last saw ya kid! Boy I'm hungry so Fred would you go ahead and say the prayer before the meal please?"

The first gun shot is fired as Drake Whisnant leaps in front of the speeding bullet directed right at Trenton... a memory to fresh to wanna relive. Trenton's heart drops as the family goes crazy! Lisa goes hysterical running towards Drake as John snatches her and Trenton gets down beside Drake... his last true best friend... John York holds Lisa for hostage as Trenton can not help but let a tear fall as Drake smiles a Trenton one last time.

DRAKE WHISNANT --- "Trenton... Remember thing, creativity never has dead end or a place to get stuck because you can just invent a way out... he chuckles I love you Brother...."

Trenton does their best friend hand shake with a tear in his eyes and a smile on Drake's face as he stops breathing and Trenton goes on rampage as everybody as gotten on the ground and doing what John is commanding them to do. Trenton appears and John looks at him with a smirk on his face and pulls out his pistol aiming it right in Trenton's face and smiles the most evil smile the world has ever seen... Trenton gulps knowing his last moments are here turning to look at his Mother one last time... BANG! BANG!
Death... Trenton watches at two shots are taken and two single bullets go straight through the skulls of Trenton's Mother and Uncle... Trenton screams out at the top of his lungs and just as he does John shoots Kenny... Trenton... Bryson... and the three girls... Only the kids remain. John only smiles and whistles 3 times... 3 shots.... it was unspeakable... 2 remain alive...

JOHN YORK --- "Why does it always seem I end up on top even in your dreams, even in your head, I am everywhere ain't I? You can't do anything without me being there! You thought you got rid of me you son of a bitch didn't you... I will never die but you on the other hand... Hey Bryson! Remember when you helped him out in the woods... your work was a waste just like him. You think Trenton was a waste Bryson? Well doesn't even matter, die you son of a bitch..."

The sight was breath-taking... it was two much... Trenton watches as the bullets fly through the chest of his own cousin... Trenton can not believe his eyes. He screams out as his own Father stands over his nephew and laugh like a mad man! Suddenly... We are back in the alley. Harry Wright... James Carter... Denise York... all lay dead on the ground. Trenton looks around and begins to crawl backwards reminding himself over and over that this is a dream but this pain is unreal. Trenton pushes his self up from the ground seeing that he is now covered in mud. The lightening strikes in the back ground as John York snickers and looks at his own son and just shakes his head as Trenton walks towards him with a limp...

JOHN YORK --- "Oh Trenton none of this makes sense to you do is boy? Well guess what it doesn't have to make sense for me to kill you. You are a scum and this dream is just too show you that I will always have the power of you and you will always be the mouse under my foot ready for me to stomp on it and snap its damn neck like a twig and kick it to the side like your a piece of garbage, which you are... You see since you only have a few more days to live anyways let me tell you a big secret, do you see what is all around us Trenton, they are ALL massacred and that is how is was all meant all along... Not for me to kill you... but her. Denise... your beloved Mother but your a fucking fool and never seen through her innocent look trap. I married her... you never believed me because I pushed you and she babied you and that is why when Katie Costner came into your life and started the same actions I tried to take her her out, once again not you. You just happened to be in the way so guess what you egotistical asshole you have never been my target you've just been my little bitch and now it's just gonna be fun to kill you and laugh while you cry because you have always been a nobody and now let me tell you the end of this story. Katie Costner, she has became a target since she led to my death... This is what would have happened if she wasn't there Trenton... I shoot you three times in the heart then twice in the brain. To haunt her... to torture her I must kill you and that moment is now."

Trenton just looks his Father directly in his eyes as he puts the gun right directly between the eyes of Trenton and he smiles... Trenton just smiles as he brings out a gun from behind his back and smirks not making eye contract with his Dad as he twists him to the ground and stares him in the eyes pointing the barrel of his gun in the direction of his Fathers heart and then John York growls out of anger...

TRENTON YORK --- "You know I could kill you right now and put you to death even my dreams but I would rather kill you mentally and destroy your hopes and dreams. I am not your target well think again. I am Trenton James York, the greatest to ever where the name York and that will go down in history. Remember that because just like your dreams... your career is also dead and remembered as useless! You have always failed to kill anybody but two people you didn't mean to even kill... You can never do it right John! Even me..."


The bullet is fired... he falls... dead. Stiff as concrete the boy who survived the pain... the misery and the people that said he would never make it lies on the ground... heart beat still. Trenton James York is dead... yet the dream is not over... but instead Trenton can not see, hear, think, dream, he is non-existent. John York stands over his fallen son with anger in his eyes as Trenton's blood pours from his lifeless body and his body turns blueish as John York looks at the gun of Trenton York's laying beside his body and then at his son who took his own life and leans over to close his son's eyes and then starts to walk away...


John York turns around firing three rounds into his Son's lifeless body with a smile on his face as he lites up a cigarette and says one last thing to his son. His dead son fallen to the side...

JOHN YORK --- "Like I said... this is what happens without Katie Costner. Quit trying to be smart kid...


Imprisoned inside this mind
Hiding behind the empty smiles, so simple, the anguish
As it haunts me, crawling back into the dark
Running, always running, into the distance
Stop me before I bleed, again
The echoes of my voice, follow me down
The shadows I cast, follow me down
Deeper I'm falling, Into the arms of sorrow
Blindly descending, Into the arms of sorrow


"It will forever haunt me..."

Trenton gasps waking from his dream startled and seen to be shaking as he grabs his head as it is hit by a sharp pain bringing Trenton to one knee as he hears the snickers once again... it has only been the snickers and one time a complete laugh but Trenton can hear him and ever since he has once again he suddenly gets sharp pains as possibly his Father is controlling another part of Trenton's body if that is even possible. Trenton pulls his way up on to fall again and for the second time he hears the laugh as he finally gets up after a long struggle and just looks around at the alley walls in the night time... the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach remembering what he had just seen at this very place and Trenton goes to one knee looking at the ground not even beginning to understand what just really happened or what to even believe. His Dad says that his Mother and his Fiancee are the big problems and that he is innocent... Does he really expect Trenton to believe the person he can give credit to for ruining his is actually innocent? Trenton falls to the ground sitting looking up at the walls... the stars... as he lays back against the ground and it begins to drizzle and the rain falls upon Trenton's face giving him a cooling sensation.

IN THE MIND OF TRENTON YORK --- "You can try all that you want to make me believe you but you will not trick me because I know your true intentions and I am not a fool. I am smarter than you that is why you are buried in the back of my mind and can not even touch me. I am and always have been better than you. These dreams mean nothing to me because I can not believe a word that will ever come from you. [He chuckles from in Trenton's mind.] Find something funny? You will never get the upper hand on me I am stronger than you!"

The sharp pain strikes through Trenton's spine as his body draws up out of pain and he lets out a painful scream of agony as his Father's laugh grows louder... closer and a single tear drop falls from Trenton's eye... please... not again. Trenton can not fight nor move as he stares out the wall facing the pain as he feels the pain slowly fade away then peace... playing the eye of a hurricane suddenly the pain strike his head and the strong, the brave Trenton yelps the pain is unbearable as he hears the one thing he hates to hear more than anything in the world...

"Your stronger than me?"

Trenton feels as if he is kicked in the side as he hears the evil sadistic laugh of his Father closer and clearer than he has in very long time... the tear falls once more upon the ground as Trenton looks up at the alley around him... alone in this agony as he cough and tries to get to his feet but his weak body crumbles under his feet. Trenton can not move... his is no longer under his control as he is beaten by his own body into the corner against a wall as he hears a chuckle, an arrogant... proud chuckle.

"I tried to warn you punk. I didn't want to hurt you. Your not as strong as you once was Trenton. You have no protection anymore... Can you not feel it? When you look your Mother in the eyes can you feel it? What about Katie? Does that feeling make you sick Trenton because I know that you feel alone, weak... you are not a superstar anymore. You have fallen to be barely ashes of what you once was... strong, proud, Confident! You are a joke now, I don't fear you and who can say they would! Your an idiotic joke and I hate to share the same head as you. Come one Son, GET UP! Show that strength since you are so strong! OVERCOME ME DAMNIT! Give me a fight!"

Trenton can not bear this feeling of emptiness and weakness especially at the hands of his Father as he screams out of agony using all of his might to try and push himself up to his feet making it to a sitting position with the snicker of his Father as he uses the wall to his advantage clawing at the wall tearing into his nails as he finally makes it staggered to his feet and somehow through it all he smirks sending a chill through his body obviously meant for his Father.

IN THE MIND OF TRENTON YORK --- "You will never kill me! I am stronger than you and you can not beat me even with myself! LOOK AT ME! Both feet on the ground and I am standing tall. If you want a fight lets fight, come fight me John but oh wait you can't! YOUR DEAD! If you were here I would beat you to your death yet again. See my strength, I know that you can feel it! Does it scare you?


He screams out in pain as he is struck again his body just falls to the ground as he hears a woman scream out "TRENTON!" and he looks up through blurry eyes at Katie Costner running at him... the chuckle from within as she grows closer getting down with Trenton turning him over on his back looking down at him with worry and sorrow in her eyes as she is beyond terrified at this very moment.

"Perfect timing..."

KATIE COSTNER --- "Trenton! Are you okay? I knew that I would find you here. What is going on, whats wrong!?"

Trenton rolls and turns fighting the pain to be able to speak as he looks up into her eyes fighting back his tears... heartbroken and for the first time afraid... this weakness is new. He gasps as Katie begins bawling her eyes out forcing teardrops from Trenton's eyes as he reaches out for her hand and he finally gets the words out of him...

TRENTON YORK --- "Run..."

Katie goes into an hysterical cry as she shakes her head in a disagree staying by her first loves side as he begins to shake... Katie cries and cries as suddenly Trenton begins to laugh... he can not stop... this anger mad, the anger... this anger to recognizable. Katie drops his hand as she slowly backs away as Trenton comes to his feet and cracks his neck looking around the alley with a smirk on his face...

TRENTON YORK --- "Weakness sickens me... Why does Trenton always have to be the weak one? Weak in the ring and weak in the mind and obviously I always win... Oh and how are you Katie...?"

"Don't lay your fucking hands on her...."

IN THE MIND OF TRENTON YORK --- "Oh but Trenton... these are YOUR hands."

Katie backs away frightened as she looks into the eyes of her fiancee and can not see the eyes of Trenton York... she is ghost pale white... her body trembling as Trenton just smiles at her grabbing her by the through and smirking at her sling her to the side... AHHH! Trenton's body cringes just as he threw her and Trenton's face shows an angry evil expression as he just gets up and heads towards Katie laying bleeding from the fall and the tears flying from her eyes as Trenton slaps her right across the face and He cringes falling to the ground and screaming in pain as Katie crawls backwards.

KATIE COSTNER --- "Leave him alone John! Trenton please! Your killing yourself! PLEASE!"

Then he is still... Trenton York is dead... Katie goes hysterical as Trenton's body goes still with his eyes wide open! She runs to him directly for his heart... no pulse. She begins crying harder than ever before as he lays on his lifeless body... small, weak... a pulse. Katie is startled as she looks him in the eyes a part afraid of who will be awoken as he comes back to the world... he blinks. Katie prepares herself for the worse as Trenton grabs his head and looks at Katie with a smile as she backs away causing him to laugh, friendly.

TRENTON YORK --- "It's me... Katie... I am so sorry. You will never be struck by my hand again... please forget that... I can not bear the thought of that... I fought him... I won... I am weak but for now he is silent... for no....."

Mid-sentence she grabs his face bring him in for a kiss as she hugs him holding on for dear life she cries in his arms... for now he is gone but what he did not say is... his head is now on fire. The heat in his body unbearable... he is furious at Trenton... the anger boiling up inside him and it is not even his anger... he must get Katie to safety immediately. They break apart as Trenton grabs her hand and the two safely escape the alley way as the storm hypes up with a startling bolt of lightening. The two run almost through the streets towards their home which they share with Trenton's Mother. they twist open the nob heading inside as Denise York looks at the startled dropping a fresh pan of cookies running over to the bloodied and battered couple.

DENISE YORK --- "Oh my goodness, what happened? Come with me immediately so I can get you two bandaged up, get to talking one of you."

They follow her to the kitchen as Trenton fights his exhaustion to attempt to explain what just happened to them without her thinking that he is a psychopath... she has seen some crazy things but that may be a little bit crazy for even her. They reach the kitchen as Denise finds her first aid kid and begins to work on Katie first as Trenton lets out a sigh before starting.

TRENTON YORK --- "Your not even going to believe me when I tell you so why would I even try to tell you? You will look at me little your little psychopath heading down the same road as his Father. Would you believe me if I said John York controlled my mind? Controlled my body by sending sharp pains throughout my body putting me on the ground and me being to the brink of death but somehow making it only after fighting my Father from the control of my body! Hmmm, what if I told that I beat the fuck out of Katie and it wasn't even me in the control of my body? Would you believe me?"

DENISE YORK --- "...Yes."

Denise snickers still working on patching up Katie as Trenton looks at her in an almost state of disbelief as she finishes up with Katie and smiles at her and hugs her.

DENISE YORK --- "Your such a tough girl Katie, I am very proud of you to be able to put up and go through everything you go through with my Son. Now I think we both know I need to talk to Trenton so would you excuse us for a second dear?"

KATIE COSTNER --- "No need to be proud of a girl doing her job and of course, I love you Mom."

Katie kisses a very confused Trenton on the cheek as she exits the room and his Mom begins to work on fixing up Trenton's wounds and scratches as Trenton just stares at her obviously waiting for an explanation and finally it is like Denise could read her son's mind and smiles at him as she blotches alcohol on a gash above his eye.

DENISE YORK --- "Don't let him trick you Trenton. Your not the only one... He can tell you all you want that your the only one he does it to but your not. You think I can't hear him? You think that when i shot him he didn't do the same thing to me? Do you! Trenton... let me explain something to you. You may look at me as your pure... innocent Mother you must protect but I'm not. I just try to be a good Mother... and I do my job to the best of my ability. I know what I must do... when I played dead I did it for you... I knew when to return and kill that bastard and I made a sacrifice for you and don't let him tell you no difference."

Trenton can not believe what he is hearing his Mother in the eyes and he can only see pure... innocence... there is no way that evil could be in that heart as Trenton begins to believe his Mother just lied to him but how would she understand any other way... his head is splitting as his head painfully feels as every beat of his heart is a blow to his skull... he closes his eyes hearing a snicker and his Mom just shakes her head like she knows the feeling... And then he hears the small chuckle as if it was right beside him and he was back...

"Go ahead and believe her if you want but you know how it feels, you think those are the eyes of somebody tortured inside? No those are the eyes of the deepest type of evil. The eyes of pureness with the soul of the devil, why would anybody marry me Trenton? Would you actually do something smart for once and actually think about what I am saying to you? Do you honestly think that I am that evil well you are wrong! You sure are sadly mistaken and you are walking in the only trap actually meant for you, what I have tried to protect you from! But hey why believe me but why believe her, best advice even though you don't even deserve it, don't trust anyone."

Trenton looks at his Mother and seeing the innocent and listening to his Father and hearing the evil but Trenton hates to do so but he has to admit you can't trust anybody. Trenton is forced to look away and can not help but take in a deep breath an close his eyes as his Mother finishes up and she grabs his face looking concerned and Trenton looks at her and in his mind he knows exactly what it is that he has to do. Leave Katie here in the safest place he knows and to leave... run away until everything can be settled and finally Trenton can put an end to all of this madness as it grows to be more insane by the day. Trenton looks at his Mother and she can see the look in his eyes of determination... A look on her Son that had seemed to disappear for a very long time.

DENISE YORK --- "What is it?"

TRENTON YORK --- "Mom... I need you to do me a favor and keep Katie safe from harm. I trust you to do that but I can't stay here any longer, I must go now because the way it is looking things are only to get worse from this point further because he is stronger and I am not letting anybody get hurt any longer. Don't even worry about me because you know I am strong and you also know... when I set my mind to something I will not be stopped."

Denise just looks at her Son knowing that what he is saying is true and there is no stopping him when he gets in this mind set so she simply just nods her head and Trenton hugs her before going to let Katie know the news... easier said than done. Trenton exits the kitchen and heads up stairs to his and Katie's bedroom with a million things on his mind as he knocks before entering their bedroom and she looks at him with a smile on her face which quickly turns to a worried expression after seeing the worry and sorrow now on Trenton's face as he sits on the bed with a sigh and then her grabs and holds her hand looking up into her gorgeous brown eyes with a smile...

TRENTON YORK --- "Katie... you know I love you with all my heart and soul but... I know your gonna throw a fit and not allow me but Katie this is a must... I must leave. After what happened tonight I have to go, I can not be the hurt of another person and I must overcome and finally end this... I am sorry but I must go...

Katie looks at him the worry growing as she begins to cry burying her head in his chest shaking her head and begging him no to not go and Trenton just runs his fingers through her hair remaining silent to her begging and pleading... She holds him tight to her and Trenton can just not get his arms to hug her back in guilt as he looks away from her...

TRENTON YORK --- "This is beyond my control... you know this. I can't stay her and you know when I have to do something... there is no stopping me... I have to do it... I am truly sorry Katie."

He holds her now close to him as well and can not bear the thought of letting go as he tries to force himself to release and as he finally does she kisses him and He looks her in the eyes.

TRENTON YORK --- "I will be back for you Katie... I promise you that. I love you and you are my life. Now before I go would you give me a minute in my room? I have something needed to do..."

Katie nods her head and kisses him one last time... what may be the final time as she exits the room and for a minute Trenton just sits there motionless for moment then gets to his feet walking over to his closet and from within he brings out the TWE Television and Hardcore Championships he won during his time in TWE along with a crate of DVD's made by him of former videos he has made. Trenton kinda smiles as he finds his digital camera and puts it on his t.v. stand and holds the very familiar remote in his hand taking a breath and then pressing record... one... last... time...

TRENTON YORK --- "The times have came and went since I have sat on this very bed looking into this same camera and the things that I have spoke of are endless... I could not even begin to explain as my career I have spoke to you, the camera... I tell of my thoughts... feelings so here I am once again and what my the final time that I ever sit right here and look into these camera lens... i hear the voices in my head trying to confuse me... destroy me from inside out but I don't give up that easy. I am Trenton York, a warrior... a man destined and determined to beat the odds and that is what I shall do. There comes a time in life that you must put an end to what it is that haunts and hurts you... and that will be John York... John York's death is near and this time it will be final even if I have to die along with him... I have spoke of what will be done but actions speak much louder than words..."

Trenton closes his eyes putting a stop to the video as he creeps to his closet and from his shoe box grabs a credit card, a bigger jacket, and his iPhone and he is off. He creeps down the steps to leave without being seen to not have to face the good bye from his Mother and Finance. Trenton places his ear buds in his ears tossing a book-bag full of valuables on his back... the adventure has only just begun heading out into the darkness and to the very place he needs to go the most... Kenneth York... through the woods we go...

How stubborn are the scars when they won't fade away?
Or just a gentle reminder that now are better days?
We'll be home soon, so dry your eyes,
You'll be okay, you'll be okay!
Oh my God! The water is rising! It's rising!
You just have to believe in me!
Failing that I'll ride this storm alone!


"And you return to the woods..."

Trenton walks through the freezing cold woods with leaves cracking under each one of his foot steps as Trenton tries his best to remember where his Uncle's house his as John York in the back of his head just laughs and continues to make a mockery of his Son as there is another crack in the woods and it was not from Trenton York... he stops in his tracks looking all around for possibly and animal of some sort as the crackling of leaves grows closer and then their is a familiar whistling tune that slowly Trenton plays back and then he sees him along the path ahead... Drake Whisnant. Trenton can not believe his eyes seeing his best friend head his way... How could he have even known... Of course Drake would know where to find him as he grows close enough to hear him.

DRAKE WHISNANT --- "Surprised to see me? You know we must have this best friend telepathy since I have this gut feeling to come see you and I arrive to find you ran away from home and once again heading out through the woods... Have I not taught you anything kid? So where are we going? you may run away from Denise and Katie but you know you can't get rid of me that easy."

Trenton all though annoyed that he is now not alone he can not help but crack a smile hugging his old friend that he never gets to see but how odd to get a feeling... Trenton thinks back to his past dreams... Drake is always involved... and always a victim of John York's wrath... Trenton closes his eyes and tries to shake off any type of thinking that way as he smiles at his friend who laughs and pats him on the back... Trenton's happiness is quickly gone again as he hears his Fathers snicker... could this all be apart of the plan... is he controlling his route... Trenton looks as serious as can be into the eyes of Drake who now goes dead serious as well.

TRENTON YORK --- "Welcome back... I recommend you turn around and leave these woods and let me go on what may be a death march alone or you can be an idiot and follow me to the home of my Fathers oldest brother Kenny York... the man that is credited to be the reason that my Dad was the way that his is... A man I haven't seen since a child even when he moved back to Illinois. To figure this all out I must do this and face a man who is capable of creating a monster like John York... Still up for the ride?"

Drake looks at Trenton with the smirk back on his face patting Trenton on the back confusing the hell out of Trenton yet again.

DRAKE WHISNANT --- "What kind of question is that Trenton? Are you forgetting who you are talking to now? I am Drake Whisnant, the rebel with a cause, a wild side and your cousin... Yeah yeah look surprised but your Aunt is my Mother. Make sense? Well sure the hell didn't to me but it sure makes this connection between us, that cousin bond. Trenton... I heard him. I know the dream that you had... all of them about me because I saw them. Why am I here? because I know what could come and if what dreams can tell come true then I am not letting you go alone. I know this may be a little bit of overwhelming information at this moment but I am with you..."

Woah.. Trenton looks shocked as Drake extends his hand and Trenton shakes his hand with a smile as the two hug and then Trenton once again... losses his smile looking at the journey before them through the woods as Drake looks to and then slaps Trenton across the chest... "Those who get in my way become a problem." Trenton losses all color hearing the words of his Father and he looks at Drake and begins to shake his head... Drake begins to nod his head.

DRAKE WHISNANT --- "I'm not afraid Trenton. Stop acting like I am a weakling. I can handle whatever is thrown my way so just bring it on. There is no leaving for me, sorry bud. Now lets get going.."

Trenton just shakes his head as the two head through the woods but Drake could never understand the battle that is going on behind the scenes... inside the head of Trenton York in a eternal war between a Father and Son. They make there way up the hill to the tip where Kenny York lives...

IN THE MIND OF TRENTON YORK --- "You can say whatever you want but remember who is in control... you have tried so many times and how does is always end for you huh? I always win even when the odds are stacked behind me and you can't control me so you can't hurt Drake! you can't hurt Kenny! Does that make you angry... Does it!"

"Awh your cute trying to act tough. Face the facts you are walking right into what was designed for you to do. You may think you are creating these plans but they are me! I sent you Kenny! Believe me if you want but remember who created your favorite monster... keep walking and you and your friend will both be just another dead rebel laying on the cold hard dirt! Face the facts Trenton..."

Trenton grows angry with all the mind games his father tries to play saying all these things and meaning another trying to break the trust bonds between him and the people around him but why Kenny... Why did he choose Kenny... Stop it Trenton! Trenton breaks his train of thought listening to Drake whistles as the sky lites up with a bolt of lightening shaking the ground below Trenton's feet and the rain once again begins a down pour just in time to harmonize with the sadistic laugh of John York. The two make their way fighting the climate through the woods as in the near distance you can see the glow of house windows lite up and the two grow with ambition seeing their destination close... Trenton screams out in agony as he goes stiff falling to the ground! He continues to scream as the agony and pain grows... it is a sickening sound as Drake rushes over to his fallen friend but inside his Father is dying in laughter but Trenton... is simply dying...

DRAKE WHISNANT --- "Trenton! Whats going on man! Speak to me... snap the fuck out of it! Come on we are making it up there I apologize if this hurts."

Drake gets Trenton up as the pain just does not end and he lifts him on his shoulders and he continues up the hill but the burn in Drake's muscles are apparently as Trenton can not even fight a word out through the pain he once again feels filling his body... John York is fighting as hard as he can to regain control of his son but the best friend of Trenton is determined to fight John for Trenton as they make it closer to the exit of the woods.

"Your too easy... you see this has always been a game to me at least you were. You can't be taken serious without me dying out laughing! That is why you hear me laughing at you all the time. You are pathetic and now this is were you die... huh... guess you killed yourself not that you think about it the way people will see it. Well at least people will know that you finally realized that you are a waste of space and you would just get rid of yourself to better society! You mad yet cause I can't really tell... Fight bitch fight!"

Suddenly Trenton lets out a God awful scream and he jumps right out of Drakes arms back on to his own to feet and their is a new look on the face of Trenton York... the look of pureness in his eyes... the anger from inside radiating off his body as you hear from Trenton's mind the sound of clapping... Drake backs away looking Trenton in the eyes... A door is slammed in the distance and Trenton heads up the hill quicker than ever before as Drake follows close behind him.

IN THE MIND OF TRENTON YORK --- "Better than me you better thank again old man. I am the strongest of all the York's and way better than you will ever be!"

"Oh yes I am sure you are but guess what... you can see a mirror... look at yourself in a mirror and you will tell exactly what I mean! You will realize that I am the good one! I have always been toughing you up and you just didn't fucking get it! You still want fucking get it and that damn hard head of yours will never just let you seep that into your head but believe me not the proof is coming soon, just keep walking you small minded fool. Well all I can say from now... is good luck."

Why believe him right? The man that ruined his life trying to be innocent it is just never gonna happen as Trenton emerges from the woods seeing a woman standing in the door way... Stacy York? The widow of his Uncle Fred York... The uneasy feeling comes over Trenton taking smaller steps towards the house studying her action as she finally notices who it is walking towards her and once again his Father snickers.

STACY YORK --- Trenton! Oh Trenton come here! What are you doing here and especially coming from the woods you must be freezing!"

She rushes over to Trenton And Drake and rushes the two of them inside the house where Trenton meets eye to eye with Kenny York... a shiver goes down Trenton's spine as he looks in the eyes of a man identical to his Father... he is lost in words as Stacy brings an blanket and hot tea for the boys who are very appreciative. Trenton eyes his Uncle trying not to be noticeable.. his Uncle... angry... what he would expect to see his own Father look at that age... it is now understandable why John York hates him... Trenton's body is on fire yet his Father is silent... his fury is out of control though when Kenny looks away from his television and finally acknowledging Trenton's even presence... he even sounds like his Father....

KENNY YORK --- "Alright you walked through the woods and all the way to my house in the dead of night to ask me what? Go ahead and get it over with before you piss me off with your silence."

Trenton and Drake look at each other and Drake gives him and encouraging wink but this feeling is too usual to feel unusual... So many questions about his Father to ask and finally get off his chest and find out but question number one, what is Stacy York doing here at this time of night as well... Trenton feels an spooky feeling all around him... uneasy. His mind is alone... there is ZERO presence... John York is no longer there... he is gone and this house killed him... that is spooky enough. Trenton looks his Uncle dead in the eyes... those eyes are like a blow to the face but he withstands it fighting out his questions.

TRENTON YORK --- "Well Kenny, I was wanting to know a personal question if you don't mind but why did my Father hate you and hold you responsible for the madness inside him?"

Kenny snickers...

KENNY YORK --- "Funny you ask... this is one of my favorite stories so let me begin from the start. John hated me because I was tough on him... I taught him what he needed to know and then he tried to fight me back and just couldn't do it. John never could beat me and that ate him up inside and boy I beat him like a stuffed pig until his stuffing fell out [He snickers yet again sending a chill through Trenton as he stands up.] Your Father was a craft one Trenton... you never could predict what he would do next... or what he had planned for the next second. You could be talking to him normal once second and be fighting him off you the second... he would just SNAP... Instantly... I fought your Father many times like I am sure that you have wished to do the same many times. And I always had a way of blaming mind games with him... actually it's a family thing... it was a way to get somebody to fall right in your trap...."

Kenny begins to die out laughing as Trenton sees the eyes of evil... the laugh of evil and Drake tackles Kenny out of nowhere and as he does their is a gun shot through the window and a scream comes from the kitchen as Stacy York runs from the other room and she sees Drake and Kenny on the ground as Trenton runs over to help Drake as Stacy York pulls out a pistol and points it right at Trenton... Trenton can not believe it... he really walked into his own trap... Trenton looks his Aunt in the eyes... the eyes.... Trenton can not believe what he is seeing as his Mother smiles at him removing the mask she once wore from her face... The eyes... of evil... Trenton sees his eyes in a mirror... he can not believe it... he has the eyes of evil...


The dream came true... Drake Whisnant leaps from Kenny York to in front of the bullet just like the dream showed and he falls to the ground as Trenton lets out a God awful scream and Drake falls like a rock to the ground as Trenton quickly grabs the gun of Kenny York and points it at one person he never expected the he would... his Mother as he checks on Drake who smiles at his friend...

DRAKE WHISNANT --- "Sometimes dreams do come true... I love you brother...

He is still... Drake Whisnant is dead. Trenton cries out as he is suddenly hit across the head by his Uncle and a golf club. Trenton comes back into reality as he looks around some basement and he is sitting in a chair looking right into the eyes of Katie Costner... tied up... beaten... Trenton screams as he hears footsteps from the stairs and he turns to look and there is an stake drove through his heart as he sees Kenny and Denise walking down the steps hand and hand... Trenton is sick to his stomach as Denise walks to her Son and bitch slaps the spit out his mouth and simply laughs...

KENNY YORK --- "Confused son? Well I wouldn't doubt it you damn fool. You are really a idiot Trenton... did you really believe your "dead" Father was controlling your mind? DID YOU! [He snickers once more.] Well you thought wrong... Trenton... I'M ALIVE! I am right here and your Mother as my side kick. You fell for the trap... sad sad sees we didn't raise a smart one. You see Denise and I both faked our deaths... the man you shot three times in the chest was your Uncle Kenny York... Kenny, oh poor Kenny got the same shock treatment your Mom gave you both times she played Stacy tricking you idiots into trusting her and then we set it up for him to kill you and we just sit back and watch but then that fucking moron Carter showed up and Harry was shot by Kenny... So I sent Denise to kill Kenny and I created a master plan... a plan you walked you and you little fiancee right into... Sad sad you know... it was almost to easy."

Trenton stares them both in the eyes with hatred in his eyes as they make out right in front of him and Trenton spits right in there faces and John swings at Trenton which Trenton dodges and then he tackles his Father and begins to do exactly what he always has wanted to do and begins to beat the living fuck out of his Father who stands no chance with the fury of Trenton's blows then he feels the metal against his skull and his body goes still... He feels the barrel of the gun against his head and then John goes on the attack punching and kicking at Trenton as Denise slaps Katie waking her up to see this beat down as she cries and screams and begs Denise and John but they just simply laugh as Trenton coughs up blood.

JOHN YORK --- "Awh what is it? you want me to quit beating him up and come over their and finally mangle that pretty little face of yours a little more? Grab her Denise... This will be fu..."[/SIZE]

"Hello!?... Dad!?"

JOHN YORK --- "Fuck... Let me take care of the kid."

Trenton watches as his Father cocks the gun and heads up the steps and with everything left in Trenton he screams out barely...


Trenton coughs even harder as you hear a gun shot and Trenton just closes his eyes not knowing what to expect as from the stairs comes rolling down John York and Bryson York as they exchange blows and Trenton tackles his Mother back and quickly grabs out his pocket knife cutting the ropes on Katie's chair and she runs to him tears pouring from her eyes as Trenton looks as Denise grabs her gun and Trenton pulls Katie behind him not backing down from her as she puts the gun between his eyes and simply smiles...


Another one down... Unexpected she sends the bullet straight through Bryson York's skull just as he was going to cut the man who had murdered his Father and never found out that it wasn't even if Father attacking him... Katie can not withstand the rage swinging and landing a right hand on Denise knocking her back and as Katie goes to jump her...


The bullet goes straight through the right side of Katie's chest near her shoulder and she cries in agony... Trenton's eyes go straight black... memories fly through his mind... all the lies... the anger grows and grows as Trenton has lost control laughing so hard suddenly he swings... He begins and assault on his Mother... the tears flying from his eyes as each punch laid down and he grabs the gun and looks at Katie then back at his Mother...

TRENTON YORK --- "My whole life you played me! The only love I ever thought I had and you were faking the whole damn time! If Katie dies you and that mother fucker took Drake... Bryson... and then Katie from my life.... that can not happen. You never lay your hands on her! YOU PROMISED ME! YOU PROMISED TO PROTECT! You never loved me... you... FUCK YOU!"


She screamed... Trenton watches the blood flow from her chest as she grabs her chest and Trenton stares at her through tear stained eyes as she reaches out for him...


Another bullet through her heart... He watches her body go still as...


Trenton screams out in pain the bullet flying through his shoulder ripping through his left shoulder... He falls to his knees... and he hears that snicker of his Father as the foot steps grow near and his Father stands in front of him as he kicks him over ... the faint heart beat failing Trenton... as Katie lays looking him the eyes... she smiles at him... with tears following from her eyes as John sits on him.

JOHN YORK --- "And it all comes down to this huh Son. See I tried to warn you but you just wouldn't believe me right! Fell right into our trap... You killed your own Mother... ha... how do you know I didn't brain wash her too? Well Trent... you killed my wife... my partner in life so you know what that means right? I have to repay the favor!


The shot was fired... Trenton collapses as John York stares straight forward then falling directly to the ground... Trenton drops the pistol from his hand as John York... lies beside his wife with blood pouring from his neck and skull as Trenton pulled the trigger just in time... Trenton barely opens up his eyes as he turns to Katie who looks at him with a smile on her face as she mouths the words... I love you... and for the first time Trenton York smiles a pure smile... the evil is gone... the evil is dead... Trenton looks over at Katie and says "I love you too" as they crawl to each other and somehow get to sit up and they look at the massacre around... as Trenton is able to stand and he pulls Katie to her feet... and they stand over the fallen Denise and John York... Trenton kisses her on the cheek as he tells her to call the ambulance and law... and she runs to get signal. Trenton stands over John York.

TRENTON YORK --- "And somehow you were still able to shock me but like I told you John... there is no better than Trenton James York. Rest In Peace you two. For now, the winner has been announced and with the victor comes the peace of mind, thank you."



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