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 Monday Night RAW || The Way It Should Be

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PostSubject: Re: Monday Night RAW || The Way It Should Be   Sun May 05, 2013 10:16 pm

Family shit came up. Expect two RAW's tomorrow night <3



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Posts : 3205
Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Monday Night RAW || The Way It Should Be   Mon May 06, 2013 11:41 pm

Monday Night RAW ~ April 29th 2013
“RAW goes Old School!”


~ RAW begins with Rowdy Roddy Piper in the ring on the set of Piper's Pit! Rowdy says that tonight his special guest is none other than CM Punk! CM Punk comes down to the ring, as Rowdy welcomes him. Punk is silent. Rowdy tells him to sit and Punk slowly does. Rowdy then begins asking him all sorts of questions regarding his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar. Punk then lashes out and says that McMahon is a coward for putting him against Lesnar, but Punk can take it, because Punk is the Best in the World, and never backs down. Punk says that tonight, he will be in action and will set the clock for Lesnar to beat next week, and when he wins the Beat the Clock Challenge, Punk has the exact match in mind. Rowdy then reminds Punk of how dangerous Lesnar is. Punk says that Rowdy hasn't seen anything dangerous yet. This then sends out Big E Langston. Big E comes out and says that he is the new Number One Contender and it's his turn in the spotlight. Big E tells Punk to the leave the ring before there is a problem. Punk turns to leave but then swings back and takes Big E Langston down with a big kick to the side of the head. Big E falls as Punk and Rowdy leave, leaving Big E to destroy the set. ~

~ After a commercial break, Michael Cole, J.B.L and Jerry Lawler welcome us. Cole informs us that tonight, CM Punk's opponent is going to indeed be Big E Langston! ~

~ JTG is in the ring at this point and announces that tonight, it's his time to shine. He's back from the beating he took from Ryback, and tonight, he's calling out the United States Champion! ~

~ Kassius Ohno defeated JTG in a Singles Match for the United States Championship. Ohno got the win after hitting JTG with a massive spinning elbow! After the match, Ohno was attacked by Epico and Primo, which would send JTG for a surprising save. ~

~ Monday Night RAW is live in Canada, Next Week! ~

~ Jack Swagger won a 10-Man Battle Royal to become the Number One Contender for the United States Championship. Swagger got the win when he was able to toss Bo Dallas over the ropes! After the bout, Ohno walked out on the stage, as Swagger proved a point by locking Dallas in a Patriot Lock! ~

~ John Cena is backstage talking to a co-worker, when The Miz approaches him. The Miz says that what happen last week wasn't Awesome .. and That tonight they need to right the wrong. Cena agrees. The Miz says that he's asked for a match with Barrett tonight and he's got it, but he wants Cena in his corner. Cena agrees when the two are interrupted by Bret Hart! Hart says hello to both men before informing The Miz that tonight, he will be the special guest referee! ~

~ We come back to Monday Night RAW, where The Shield are cut in from backstage. Dean Ambrose tells the world that last week, he was screwed over but not tonight! Tonight The Shield will rise over Chris Jericho! Seth Rollins says that tonight, he will take out Jericho personally, and have him begging for forgiveness. Reigns then yells BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD as we cut away. ~

~ Chris Jericho versus Seth Rollins went to a No Contest when the rest of The Shield got involved. The Shield began to beat down on Chris Jericho until Kofi Kingston ran out for the save. Unfortunately, The Shield got the best of Kingston, leaving both men down in the ring. ~

~ Vickie Guerrero announces that Next Week, Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston will be in Tag Team Action against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins! Also, Paul Heyman will speak. ~

~ Wade Barrett defeated The Miz in a Non-Title Match. Bret Hart served as the referee as John Cena was in the corner of The Miz. Barrett got the win after he took Hart down with a massive boot by accident, Barrett used his briefcase to hit The Miz in the stomach before planting him down with a DDT! Cena tried to stop the match, but after The Miz took Cena off the apron by accident, Cena wasn't able to make it up in time, allowing Hart to count a slow three count. After the bout Barrett raised the briefcase high and taunted a cash in, but Hart took Barrett out of the ring, not letting him. ~

~ Backstage, a limo door is swung open and out walks Triple H. Triple H moves his sunglasses and throws them back on the seat. He begins talking to a man who is not seen. Triple H smirks before turning and walking towards the building. ~

AJ Lee defeated Layla in Singles Action. AJ got the win on Layla after a brawl broke out of all different Divas, causing a distraction. AJ was able to hit a Zig-Zag, but after the bout AJ was slapped in the face by former Diva, Lita! Lita made a grand return on Retro RAW following the match and break up the brawl, but when AJ went for a Zig-Zag on the Classic Diva, Lita would slap her in the face and finish her with a spear to set a high tone for the fans in Chicago! ~

~ In a surprise return, Hall of Famers, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn got a huge pop when they came down to the ring. Road Dogg introduced The New Age Outlaws before The Prime Time Players came out to interrupt. Young called the team washed up, which sent The New Age Outlaws into a fight. Billy Gunn was able to get the win for the team after he rolled up Darren Young for a three count! Look's like the Ass Man and D-o-Double G sent the Prime Time Players out to the DOGG HOUSE! ~


~ In a Beat the Clock Challenge, CM Punk was able to defeat Big E Langston when the clock hit 8:43. CM Punk was able to make Big E Langston tap out to the Anaconda Vice to get the win! After the Match, CM Punk cut a promo saying that he has a surprise for Lesnar come Extreme Rules, no matter what the stipulation may be. ~

~ Triple H's music hits and out he comes down to the ring. Triple H has nothing but a smirk on his face as he takes the microphone away from Justin Roberts. Triple H starts by welcoming everyone to the beginning of the end of Shawn Michaels. Triple H says that last week he came out here and told Shawn Michael that he'd be here LIVE! So, without further adue! Shawn Michaels! After a while of waiting, Shawn Michaels comes down to the ring in a wheelchair. Triple H laughs at HBK, before stating that a wheelchair is exactly where HBK belongs. HBK manages to get in the ring on crutches, as he fractured a disk in his back and has trouble walking. HBK whisks the microphone away from Triple H and tells him he isn't wasting time. HBK says he came here for two reasons, to ask why and get revenge. Triple H laughs at HBK as he gets another microphone. Triple H says that he had his reasons, the reasons that he was sick of carrying Shawn Michaels, after doing it for most of his career. Triple H says that he has better things to look at and do, then to pretend to be somebodies friend. Triple H says that Michaels is a coward and that he wants to see Michaels try this 'revenge.' Michaels says that he isn't going to get his revenge tonight, but instead on April 6th 2014. Michaels says that at WrestleMania 30, he wants Triple H in a Match. One last time. If HBK wins, Triple H retires for good. Triple H hesitates but then agrees! HBK finishes the interview off with saying that Triple H has one year, and time is ticking. Before HBK can leave however, Triple H stops him. Triple H says he has a little surprise for Michaels. Suddenly, a big masked man hops the barricade and enters the ring, standing beside Triple H. Triple H says that this was the man that attacked HBK, not Triple H. Triple H then nods his head and the masked man moves closer but HBK stops him. HBK says he thought this may happen and he has a surprise of his own. Michaels suddenly drops the crutches and nails a huge Sweet Chin Music on the masked man! HBK then goes after Triple H, but HHH escapes through the crowd. Shawn Michaels taunts The Game, as RAW goes off the air. ~



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Monday Night RAW || The Way It Should Be
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