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 Jigsaw presents: The WWE

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PostSubject: Re: Jigsaw presents: The WWE   Sat May 11, 2013 10:43 am

Smackdown will be up later today!
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PostSubject: Re: Jigsaw presents: The WWE   Sat May 11, 2013 4:13 pm

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/10/13 “Not Today”
Live from Columbus, Ohio!


Light Em Up by Fall Out Boy blasts throughout the arena and fans are on their feet! John Bradshaw Layfield and Josh Mathews are live for Friday Night Smackdown! They welcome the fans to the show, promise a terrific show, and hype up tonight’s Main Event! The World Heavyweight Champion, Kane takes on one of his Backlash opponents, Jack swagger! As JBL and Josh Mathews start talking some more the lights go out.

Four spot lights are cast upon the entrance stage as the British National Anthem finishes playing. Another new theme blasts throughout the arena!

Drew McIntyre, William Regal, and Mason Ryan walk out onto the stage and stand confident as the Intercontinental Champion, and the leader of the Continental Monarchy walks out onto the stage to a ton of heat! The four walk down the stage and climb into the ring. Wade Barrett and William Regal each retrieve a microphone. Wade Barrett says that everyone needs to feast their eyes upon what is happening right now. Barrett says the Continental Monarchy has been formed to rise to the top, and stay put at the top once they are there. Wade Barrett looks over at William Regal and puts him over by mentioning that he is a former King of the Ring winner. He then turns to McIntyre and tells him that he will not be a forgotten one; he will still be the chosen one. He looks at Mason Ryan last and tells him that he will rise up as the most destructive force in the WWE. The Continental Monarchy will rise up! The fans boo as Barrett smirks. Barrett tells the fans to boo all they want. Barrett says they boo because they know the truth. Barrett goes to say something else, but William Regal interrupts him. Regal excuses himself for interrupting the leader of the Continental Monarchy. Barrett tells him that it is okay, and tells him to say what he has to say. William Regal looks out at the crowd, and tilts his head for a moment before talking. Regal says the fans are booing because they do know the truth, just like Wade Barrett said. The Continental Monarchy is better than everyone here tonight, and everyone sitting at home. Regal says that Continental Monarchy will be remembered as Evolution was remembered, as D-Generation X was remembered. William Regal promises everyone that the Continental Monarchy will be the WWE’s most memorable faction. Wade Barrett compares the Continental Monarchy to the other factions in the WWE right now. He says the Monarchy isn’t here to deliver a message of justice, they aren’t here to dance, and they aren’t led by a sadistic lunatic. Wade Barrett says their message is clear, and that the Continental Monarchy is on the rise. Their new theme hits and the Continental Monarchy stands tall in the ring as Smackdown goes to it’s first commercial break!


The Usos vs. the Wyatt Family

Jimmy and Jey Uso come out first to a good pop from the crowd. Bray Wyatt’s voice is heard as he says “Time is on my side!” Wyatt’s theme hits and he leads out Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater. Bray Wyatt says that there are so many teams gunning for the vacant Tag Team Titles, he believes that Slater and Mahal deserve a shot. He tells them to go prove it and heads to the back. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal head down to the ring and the bell sounds! Jinder Mahal and Jey Uso start off the match. They lock up! Mahal grabs Jey and puts him in a head lock. Jey Uso slips out and they spin around. Jey leaps up and connects with a drop kick! Jey Uso goes for a cover. 1, 2, kick out! Jey gets Jinder Mahal up in the corner. Jey Uso backs off and hits a leaping clothesline in the corner. Jinder Mahal stumbles out of the corner and he uses the ropes to keep his balance. Jey Uso makes the tag to Jimmy Uso. Jimmy goes to Irish whip Mahal, but Mahal counters and sends Jimmy to the ropes. Jimmy Uso comes back and connects with a cross body! He goes for the cover! 1, 2, kick out! Jimmy Uso looks up at the top rope. He hops up to the top rope and stands up. Heath Slater runs over and shoves Jimmy Uso off the ropes and crashing to the outside! Jey Uso tries to get involved and goes after Slater, but the referee stops him from doing so. The fans boo as Jinder Mahal heads to the outside and smacks Jimmy’s head off the apron. Mahal rolls him into the ring and hooks the leg. 1, 2, kick out! Jinder Mahal tags in Heath Slater. The Wyatt Family members connect with a double suplex. Heath Slater goes for the cover. 1, 2, kick out! Heath Slater lifts him up and connects with a flap jack! Heath Slater gets to his feet and taunts the crowd. The crowd boos Slater. Slater smiles and shakes his head at them. He turns his attention back to Jimmy and he calls for the Smash Hit! Jimmy Uso starts getting to his feet, and Heath Slater runs at him. Jimmy counters into a back body drop! Now both men are down and the referee begins his 10 count! Jinder Mahal and Jey Uso yell out to their partners. They begin crawling to their corners and reach Jey and Mahal at the same time! Jinder Mahal and Jey Uso run at each other, and Jey drops him with a combo of clotheslines. Jey Uso waits for Jinder Mahal to get up. He connects with a scoop slam! Jey looks up at the top rope and climbs up. Jey Uso comes flying off the top rope and connects with a leg drop! He hooks the leg! 1, 2, 3!

Winners by pin fall: The Usos!

Jey and Jimmy Uso start celebrating their victory. Heath Slater looks at Jinder Mahal from the outside with disappoint on his face. He enters the ring and helps his partner up. The Usos continue celebrating their victory as they head to the back. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal get to their feet and look annoyed. They head to the back as cameras go backstage.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Kane is standing backstage. Kane is surrounded by dark and dim red lights. Kane says tonight he goes one on one with Jack Swagger. Kane says Swagger made a huge mistake when he decided to interfere in his match two weeks ago when he was about to obliterate Alberto Del Rio. Kane says he is glad he has Swagger one on one tonight, because he will make sure that a part of Swagger won’t make it to Backlash in two weeks. Kane smirks and says that Swagger and Del Rio have their own business to handle between each other, but tonight, Swagger better have his mind focused on him, because he wants Swagger’s best to be present when he destroys him. Kane glares into the camera as Smackdown goes to commercial.


He is coming back…

Smackdown returns from break! JBL says he is excited to see that John Morrison will be returning to the WWE! But when is the question!? Josh Mathews says he hopes he will end up on Smackdown. The bell sounds for the next contest.

Damien Sandow vs. Alberto Del Rio

Damien Sandow’s theme hits and he comes out first to a lot of heat. As he walks out onto the stage he asks for his music to be cut. Sandow says that everyone is walking around in the back boasting about how their time is coming! Sandow says it is good that everyone is thinking that, but how can they handle the truth? They will just be letting themselves down! Sandow says oh well, he knows who the will reach the mountain peak first, and that is all that matters. “You’re welcome!” The fans boo as he finishes his entrance. Alberto Del Rio’s theme hits. Del Rio comes out to a big pop! As Del Rio makes his way to the ring, the match graphic for Backlash is shown for the World Heavyweight Title. Del Rio enters the ring and the bell sounds. The two circle the ring for a moment and lock up! Sandow spins around Del Rio and goes for a German suplex, but Del Rio plants his feet and doesn’t allow it. Del Rio connects with an elbow to the jaw. Sandow releases his grip. Del Rio turns around and connects with a combo of right hands that backs Sandow into the ropes. Del Rio Irish whips him to the opposite side. Off the rebound, Del Rio catches him and connects with a hip toss! Damien Sandow gets up holding his back and retreats to the corner. Del Rio runs at him and hits the enziguri! Sandow falls face first out of the corner. Del Rio turns him over and hooks the leg. 1, 2, kick out! Alberto Del Rio calls for the Cross Arm Breaker! Damien Sandow starts getting up, and Del Rio grabs his arm. Sandow slips away and retreats to the outside. Damien Sandow turns his back from the ring, and it proves costly as he turns around. Alberto Del Rio flies through the ropes and takes out Sandow! The fans go nuts for Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio gets to his feet and rolls Sandow into the ring. He goes for the cover. 1, 2, kick out! Alberto Del Rio gets Sandow up and goes to throw him into the corner, but Sandow counters. Del Rio goes into the corner. Sandow runs at him, and Del Rio gets a boot up in his face! Del Rio hops to the top rope, but Sandow hits the top rope, and Del Rio loses his balance. Del Rio plants on the top rope. Sandow climbs up with him and connects with a huge superplex! Both men are down as replays air of the superplex. Sandow throws his arm over Del Rio. 1, 2, kick out! Damien Sandow is able to reach his feet before Del Rio. As Del Rio starts getting up, Sandow connects with a running knee to the back. Sandow goes for another cover. 1, 2, kick out! Sandow yells at the referee thinking it should have been a three count. Damien Sandow calls for Terminus. He lifts Del Rio up, and Alberto Del Rio counters right into the Cross Arm Breaker! Sandow yells in pain as he reaches for the ropes, but they are in the center of the ring. After a few moments, Sandow can’t take much more and he taps out!

Winner by submission: Alberto Del Rio!

Del Rio gets to his feet and has his arm risen in victory. Replays air of the major highlights from the match. Alberto Del Rio walks over and grabs a microphone. He says in two weeks on May 26th the World Heavyweight Title will come back to the WWE Universe. It won’t be carried by a monster from Hell, or a man who thinks he can change the face of the country. Alberto Del Rio says he is ready to become a two time World Heavyweight Champion come Backlash! Del Rio puts down his microphone and his theme hits again. He celebrates in the ring as Smackdown goes to commercial.


Back live. Bray Wyatt is yelling at Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal for losing their match earlier tonight. Wyatt questions if they are ready to compete for the Tag Team Titles when the opportunity presents itself. Heath Slater says they are more than ready because he and Jinder have been teaming up for a while now, even before Bray made his debut. Bray Wyatt grabs him around the throat with both hands and pins him up against the wall with his elbow. Bray Wyatt asks if Heath Slater is questioning him? Slater stutters and says no. Bray Wyatt quickly calms down and smirks. He says good as he lets go. Bray Wyatt says that Backlash is in two weeks, and the vacant Tag Titles will be on the line, the Raw and Smackdown General Managers haven’t picked teams yet to compete for the Titles. Bray Wyatt tells them not to disappoint him. Wyatt says he needs to get ready for his match later tonight, and the three walk off together.

Cameras are at ringside and Muhammad Hassan’s theme hits. The team of Muhammad Hassan and Mark Henry walk out to a ton of heat. They enter the ring and retrieve microphones. Muhammad Hassan says he can hear the boos just fine, the fans can shut their ignorant mouths now. The boos grow louder. He says so be it, his message will still be received. Muhammad Hassan says ever since he was paired up with Mark Henry by Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long, everything has been going very smoothly. He mentions how he and Mark Henry are undefeated together as a tag team. That is why they will be the next WWE Tag Team Champions. Mark Henry says he couldn’t agree more. Henry says they will become the most dominant tag team in WWE history. Smackdown goes to commercial with Muhammad Hassan awaiting his opponent.


Muhammad Hassan w/ Mark Henry vs. the Great Khali

Back live! The Great Khali is making his way out to the ring to a decent pop. As he steps over the top rope, Muhammad Hassan runs at him and drop kicks him back over the top rope! Khali slams to the outside. The match is yet to begin. Hassan exits the ring as Mark Henry approaches Khali. Khali gets to his feet and Mark Henry runs at him and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Mark Henry stands over Khali and yells out “That’s what I do!” The fans start a “You Suck!” chant toward Henry and Hassan. Muhammad Hassan has Mark Henry get Khali back into the ring. He gets him into the ring and Hassan demands that the referee ring the bell to start the match. The referee hesitates because he wants to check on Khali, but Hassan doesn’t let him. The referee rings the bell. Muhammad Hassan unloads on the Great Khali with stomps and knees. Muhammad Hassan hooks the leg. 1, 2, kick out! Muhammad Hassan laughs and shakes his head. Muhammad Hassan gets Khali to his knees and plants him with a DDT. Muhammad Hassan gets to his feet and taunts. The fans go into an uproar of boos. Muhammad Hassan steps over him, and applies the Camel Clutch! Khali taps out!

Winner by submission: Muhammad Hassan!

Muhammad Hassan refuses to let go of the hold. Mark Henry enters the ring, and after a few more moments, Hassan finally releases the Camel Clutch. Khali has passed out from the pain, but that doesn’t stop Mark Henry from nailing him with a massive World’s Strongest Slam! Mark Henry’s theme hits as Muhammad Hassan and Mark Henry stand tall in the ring.

Cameras go backstage to Renee Young preparing to interview Sheamus! Renee asks Sheamus if he’ll have a close eye on Bray Wyatt’s match up as he prepares to take Wyatt on at Backlash in just two weeks. Sheamus says he will definitely be watching, but it will be closer than what Bray Wyatt thinks. Sheamus smiles and walks off. Renee Young announces Bray Wyatt is in action next!


Bray Wyatt w/ Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu is in the ring already as Smackdown returns from break. Bray Wyatt’s theme hits and the Wyatt Family makes their way out to the ring. Bray Wyatt orders Mahal and Slater to opposite sides of the ring. Bray Wyatt enters the ring and the bell sounds. Yoshi Tatsu looks at Slater and Mahal as they go to opposite sides and he makes sure they try nothing sneaky. He turns as the bell rings, and Bray Wyatt blasts him with a clothesline. Bray Wyatt lifts Yoshi Tatsu up and throws him into the corner. Wyatt connects with a running clothesline. He Irish whips him to the opposite side and connects with a running clothesline again! Bray Wyatt connects with a flap jack out of the corner. Bray Wyatt gets to his feet and yells out to the crowd. They boo him. Bray Wyatt runs to the ropes and comes back connecting with a leaping senton! He hooks the leg. 1, 2, kick out! Bray Wyatt laughs and heads to the outside. He asks for a microphone. The referee questions him and tells him to get into the ring. Bray Wyatt says “Good things happen to those who believe in Bray Wyatt…” He looks over at Slater and Mahal before getting back into the ring. Yoshi Tatsu is starting to get up, but Bray Wyatt grabs him and hits a back suplex. Bray Wyatt shrugs. He lifts him back up and connects with the reverse swinging STO. Bray Wyatt hooks the leg! 1, 2, 3!

Winner by pin fall: Bray Wyatt!

Bray Wyatt gets to his feet and starts celebrating his victory as replays of Wyatt’s dominant performance air. As cameras cut back live, Sheamus’ theme hits! Sheamus charges down toward the ring. Jinder Mahal runs at him, and Sheamus hits a huge Brogue Kick on Jinder Mahal. Heath Slater runs at him, and Sheamus hits a Irish Curse! Sheamus looks at Bray Wyatt. Wyatt challenges him to come into the ring. Sheamus enters and he and Bray Wyatt erupt into a brawl. Officials and referees are forced to run down to the ring and separate the two. Bray Wyatt and Sheamus exchange words with each other as they are held back. Coming up next , World Heavyweight Champion, Kane and Jack Swagger in the Main Event!


World Heavyweight Champion, Kane vs. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger comes out first with Zeb Colter to a ton of boos. JBL and Josh Mathews hype up the Triple Threat match at Backlash. Kane’s pyro goes off and the lights go out. His theme and red lighting hits, and the World Champion makes his way out to the ring. He ignites his pyro and hands his Title to the referee as the bell sounds. Jack Swagger and Kane meet center of the ring. They have a long stare down, but it is ended as Kane hits Swagger with a big throat thrust! Swagger goes down, and Kane immediately lifts him up. Kane throws him into the ropes and connects with a back body drop. Kane goes for a cover. 1, 2, kick out! Kane gets to his feet and backs the referee into the corner and threatens him. The referee doesn’t argue. Kane turns back to Swagger. Swagger has made it to his feet and he nails Kane with a right hand. Swagger goes to Irish whip Kane, but Kane counters and sends Swagger to the corner. Kane runs at him, and Swagger gets a boot up to the face. Swagger hops to the second rope and takes Kane down with a diving clothesline. Jack Swagger hooks the leg! 1, 2, kick out! Swagger argues with the referee for a moment, but quickly has to turn back to Kane as he sits up! Swagger boots Kane in the face and goes for another cover. 1, 2, kick out! Jack Swagger doesn’t waste any time, he lifts Kane up and connects with a German suplex! Jack Swagger gets to his feet and yells out “We the people!” Colter applauds him as Kane gets up in the corner. Jack Swagger runs at Kane and hits a clothesline. Swagger goes to Irish whip Kane, but Kane counters and pulls him in. Kane gets Swagger onto his shoulder and tries to set up for the Tombstone! Swagger slips off and retreats to the outside. Kane yells at him to get back into the ring. Swagger and Colter huddle together and start talking amongst themselves. Their conversation is quickly ended as Kane heads to the outside and boots Swagger in the face. Jack Swagger goes down. Kane chases off Zeb Colter. Kane pulls Swagger to his feet and throws him into the steel steps. Kane lifts Swagger up and rolls him into the ring. Kane hooks the leg as he enters the ring. 1, 2, kick out! Kane shakes his head. He lifts Swagger up, and Swagger grabs Kane hits a thumb to the eye. Jack Swagger hits a belly to belly side slam and both men are down! The referee begins his 10 count, but both men reach their feet at 8. They begin to exchange blows. Swagger starts getting the upper hand and he ducks under a shot from Kane. Jack Swagger hits a German suplex! He goes for the cover! 1, 2, kick out! Jack Swagger grabs Kane’s ankle and goes for the Patriot lock! Kane quickly powers out! Kane reaches his feet and Swagger runs at him. Kane snatches him by the throat, but Swagger counters him. He kicks Kane in the gut and goes for the Gut Wrench! Kane grabs Swagger’s waist and swings him around into the Tombstone formation! JBL yells out what a counter! Kane connects with the Tombstone! He hooks the leg. 1, 2, 3!

Winner by pin fall: World Heavyweight Champion, Kane!

Kane gets to his feet, and before he can start celebrating his victory, Alberto Del Rio is waiting for him! He drop kicks Kane through the ropes. Alberto Del Rio taunts Kane to get back into the ring, but Kane smirks and points behind Del Rio. Jack Swagger is back to his feet with a steel chair. Del Rio turns and Swagger smacks it off the head of Del Rio! Jack Swagger unloads on Alberto Del Rio with the chair as Kane heads to the back with the World Title resting on his shoulders. Kane never looks back as Jack Swagger watches him leave. Jack Swagger is surrounded by booing that can blow the roof off the building. Smackdown goes off the air.

~End of Show~

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PostSubject: Re: Jigsaw presents: The WWE   Sat May 11, 2013 9:05 pm

Weekly Show Previews

Quote :

5-13-13 Preview

Raw General Manager Mick Foley has announced that Randy Orton and the WWE Champion, John Cena will be in the ring one on one this Monday night! But not in a match, Mick Foley will oversee the contract signing for the WWE Championship match at Backlash. Will Orton and Cena be able to hold back on each other when they meet on Raw this week?

Curt Hawkins scored a massive upset over the United States Champion, Chris Jericho, only because he was helped by Jericho's nemesis, Antonio Cesaro! Now Curt Hawkins says he has a huge surprise in store for everyone this Monday!

Last week, the Phenom, the Undertaker defeated Seth Rollins...But it was by DQ! The Shield has had the Undertaker's number the past several weeks. What kind of mood will the Phenom be in this Monday just two weeks before his meeting with Roman Reigns in a Hardcore match!

The Shield has an announcement to make!

More teams will compete to show that they are worthy to be in the WWE Tag Team Title match at Backlash.

What is next for the rivals Big E. Langston and Dolph Ziggler!? Ziggler had AJ Lee interfere in Langston's match last week, but Langston still over came the odds and won his match. Now this week, Dolph Ziggler goes one on one with the Kofi Kingston! Surely Big E. will be keeping a close eye on the match.

The Miz and Maryse are said to have an announcement in place, and they will kick off Raw this week!

All this and more on Monday Night RAW!

Quote :

5-18-13 Preview

The World Heayvweight Champion, Kane seems unstoppable. He defeated Jack Swagger in one on one competition last week. After the match, Alberto Del Rio came out and knocked Kane out of the ring, but Jack Swagger would get the last laugh of the night when he smashed Del Rio's skull in with a steel chair! Now this week on Smackdown, Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio will go one on one in a No Holds Barred match!

The Continental Monarchy is at full strength! Led by the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, the Monarchy looks to join the hunt for the Tag Team Title race. Drew McIntyre and Mason Ryan will represent the faction. Also Christian returns after being taken out by the Monarchy two weeks ago. Christian will go one on one with William Regal! And has Tyson Kidd recovered from his attack by the Monarchy? One has to wonder if he'll still be gunning for Wade Barrett's Intercontinental Championship!

Bray Wyatt has warned Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal that he doesn't tolerate losing. Then Slater and Mahal would be taken out by Sheamus later that night. The two Wyatt Family members will be in action again this week as they look to get into the Tag Team Title hunt at Backlash!

Will Mark Henry's and Muhammad Hassan's reign of destruction continue? Mark Henry will be in action this week!

All this and more on Friday Night Smackdown!

Quote :

5-15-13 Preview

Natalya is back! She saved the #1 Contender for the Divas Championship, Maria Kanellis from an attack by AJ Lee and Kharma. Natalya also took back her Title from AJ after having it stolen from her three weeks ago.

Fatale General Manager, Torrie Wilson has made this weeks Main Event! Divas Champion, Natalya Neidhart and Maria Kanellis will take on AJ Lee and Kharma!

the Anti Diva, Paige has arrived to the WWE! She took on the Bella Twins in a handicapped match, and came out successful, even after the Bellas tried to work Twin Magic. This can't sit well with the Bellas. Paige will be in action again this week on Fatale!

Rosa Mendes continues to rant on about how Layla is so disrespectful, but the rest of the WWE Universe can't understand what Rosa means? Is Rosa getting inside of Layla's head?

All this and more on Wednesday Night Fatale!
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PostSubject: Re: Jigsaw presents: The WWE   Sat May 11, 2013 9:23 pm

Who Can Stop the Shield?

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns reign of Justice seems to be never ending. The trio has taken out countless superstars. Now they have their eyes set on the Phenom himself, the Undertaker! Roman Reigns has challenged the Undertaker to a match at Backlash, but not just an ordinary match. Their match will be contested in a Hardcore match! The Shield has had the Undertaker's number the past several weeks, now just two weeks before their match at Backlash, will the Undertaker be able to make a statement that can shatter the Shield? Or will the devious trio continue their ways of Justice? Also, the Shield has been rumored to want in the hunt for their first taste of WWE gold! Could the Shield be prepping for a Tag Team Championship run? Find out more this Monday night on Raw!
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PostSubject: Re: Jigsaw presents: The WWE   Mon May 13, 2013 10:36 pm


Last edited by Jigsaw* on Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:57 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Jigsaw presents: The WWE   Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:56 pm

If things all go as planned and we do indeed bring the Universe back to life, I'm going to bring this booker back, I had to much planned to officially call it off. Stay tuned! Jigsaw's WWE will return...
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PostSubject: Re: Jigsaw presents: The WWE   

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Jigsaw presents: The WWE
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