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 Old ass promo from Casey Anomaly towards the end of 3XW

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PostSubject: Old ass promo from Casey Anomaly towards the end of 3XW   Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:25 am

Lol I remember this was probably mt favorite promo I have ever written but I have written better ones as of late.

For those who dont get the context, this promo was designed for Casey Anomaly vs Cyrus Black at Wrestlepalooza in January 2011. This match was obviously going to be the main event. It was so hyped up and every one was excited but then the downfall of WWEU happened.. but I'll just leave this here for a blast of nostalgia for guys like Neville, Tim and of course Cyrus.

***All of the screens in the X Complex slowly fade from the Triple X Wrestling logo into black. It stays that way for a minute to make sure every one is looking then you see lightning and a loud crack of thunder... then back into the blackness. Then all of a sudden while the screens are still dark you can hear a voice***

"Lightning is a naturally reoccurring phenomenon. It can strike down upon the earth with such great power and speed such that no one can stop it. Lightning is the most unpredictable force that happens on a daily basis. Not one person out there can stop it"

***The screens all show lightning again but this time brighter and louder. The screen remains black for a few moments then if fades slowly into what seems to be an abandoned skate park. There is trash blowing every where and all of the bowls, rails, ledges and ramps are all are spray painted three times over with chips in the concrete and steel. As the camera is panning around you see just one lone skater. He is skating around one bowl as he gets some air he lands on his feet out side of it then gets a running start before dropping the board down in front of him and hopping on. This mysterious man then skates by the camera and every one realizes it is Casey Anomaly. Casey then gains more speed before hitting his signature skate trick the dark slide, on a rail nearby the camera. He goes up a quarter pipe and goes back towards the camera. On his way back he jumps off of his board and leaves it rolling away. about 10 feet from the camera, with out making eye contact he pivots and heads to the left side of the camera. The camera follows him keeping the view on the side of his body. He then begins to speak as if almost on cue, still not looking into the camera***

"You know the first day I arrived here in Triple X Wrestling not many people liked me, nor knew who I was. I was supposed to be just another flash in the pan known as the pro wrestling industry. Nothing more, but yet again nothing less. I was a supposed to be a stepping stone for a company known as 3XW. But one man changed all of that."

***still walking to the left of the camera and not making eye contact, Casey reaches the end of the skate park and you can see an abandoned parking lot with various stands that have signs hanging off and broken all offering various foods and such for the skaters who once went there***

"This man saw the pathetic excuse of a wrestler I once was, he then took me under his cane, so to say, after seeing my apparent potential and he began to mold me. To train me. To transform me. Into I guess what he saw in me, which was something very similar to him when he was younger. And he did just that. He made me into a formidable wrestler, in and outside of the ring. I'll admit this to every one right now that I wouldn't be where I am today with out him "

***He smirks and looks into the camera for a second before continuing on over the parking lot***

"And where I am today is only a partial thank to him. He only jump started my career not carried the whole thing. He didn't win my first ever hell on ladders match against Alex Fox for a contract saying I could cash it in at any time I would like for the Triple X Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. He didn't help me cash in on that no name at Carnage in the Cage to win my first ever 3XW Championship. He didn't help me retain it at Violence Orgy. I did all of that, on my own. No help from the Exile"

***He chuckles and takes a right walking down a street between the parking lot and a tall apartment building with broken windows and bricks missing from it as the camera swings around to his left still showing the skate park in the background and it being right under a free way with plenty of cars going over head***

"Speaking of the Exile, Cyrus, You are the only one who figured out my true motives. Yes, I am egging you on so to speak. I want you to bring out that other fucked up side of you known as the Exile. I need for you to bring the Exile out for if you don't that's no fun for me. All of this work would be for nothing. Because if I don't face you while you are not the Exile, it would be a challenge but not as much of a challenge as I would like. The Exile would be the toughest man I have or most likely ever face. He is as you said in your own video yesterday: The gate keeper on my road to reach my ultimate dream, to be 3XW... and to reach that goal I must take down the top dog now, known as Cyrus Black, The Exile..."

***he trails off for a moment and a grin appears on is face as he stops to lean up against the apartment building next to a door with a big board going across it and a putrid dark green paint chipping away. The camera swivels to face just him and the building ***

"You talked about me not thinking about loosing and you are right, I never did until last night. But last night I realized something as well. That if I loose I fall a lot less farther then you do if you loose. or rather it will hurt more when you fall. If I loose I can get right back up and try again because I am used to the position I am at right now, the dreaded number two spot. You aren't used to any where except for being the leader of the pack. But say I do loose, You taught me to have some thing very important... resolve. And this resolve will help me stand right back up on my own two feet with dried blood on my face and that sick twisted grin that every competitor in this company has come to know and hate because they know I don't go down that easily. If I loose I will not cease to stop until I reach my own goal. People may say it's a reckless investment of time for it may cost me my career and kill something that has barely even started. But I say to hell with all the nay sayers because I didn't get where I am today by listening to the antagonists along my long and winding road"

***He smirks at the camera with like he said that sick and twisted grin people hate before continuing on***

"Now Cyrus the other alternative of me loosing is you loosing. The Exile falling to the Nightmare. Now where would that put you at?"

***He glances over the camera as if something else is going on behind the camera and continues to look off of that way while speaking***

"This may sound surprising but I really hope this does not end your career as a wrestler because I could not wish that upon the man who brought me up in this company. I am not that cruel. But rather that it makes you want to take back your spot as the top dog in 3XW because with out any competition there is no fun. With out you who would be there to try and stop me as I rein supreme upon 3XW? Jake Jones? A man who has not gotten a victory on me since we were both rookies. Neville Ryan. A man who has never beaten me one on one. Tim Taylor? A child whom I have been dominating ever since I was a young boy."

***He stifles back a laugh while continuing to watch over the camera while leaning against the building***

"Cyrus, I have stated I will be right back up to fight you again if I loose and you have admitted the company will move past you, which I hope it doesn't for the fact I have more respect for you then any one else in this company."

***he looks at the camera and grins. A skate board rolls into the screen and with out looking Casey steps on it stopping it***

"If you do loose I hope you can be rebuilt and step back up to the man who was your pupil, your enemy, your competition, your adversary... your friend... Me... Casey Anomaly.... The Future of 3XW"

***Casey grins as he skate to the right side of the screen and as the camera turns following him as he skates towards the skate park. But to all of the viewers astonishment the parking lot that was once completely abandoned is now filled with cars and people walking around. The stands and vendors whos signs were broken and shelves that were empty know filled with snacks and lines that look as if the go on for a long time. The skate park, once with broken ramps and bowls, once dirtied and caked with graffiti, now clean and filled with plenty of skaters of all ages and sizes. As you see Casey skate through the crowd on his way yo the park he stops in front of a little boy that looks about the age of 12 and gives him his skate board. The young boy looks excited and thanks Casey before running off to show his father and when the camera swings back to see Casey, he is no where to be seen. The screen then fades back into the Triple X Wrestling logo and leaves all viewers in awe***
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Posts : 2065
Age : 23
Location : The X Complex

PostSubject: Re: Old ass promo from Casey Anomaly towards the end of 3XW   Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:35 am

Yup I have Cyrus' too. Fun fact: these are actually both in my inbox on facebook. I sent these to Riff trying to get him into fantasy wrestling.

The screens in the X Complex go all static before tuning into what looks like an abandoned junkyard. It's night, the only light coming from several dim lightposts and the moon and stars in the sky. Standing on a patch of concrete in the midddle of several piles of scrap is Cyrus Black, holding his Singapore cane crucifix-style on his shoulders. His hood is up over his eyes, and only his lips are seen as he speaks.

Cyrus Black: Words cannot express how troubled I am at the events leading to Wrestlepalooza...the Pinnacle of Pay-Per-View. In particular, I am troubled by the actions of one Casey Anomaly, who saw fit to add more fuel to this fire by mocking me, using my own signature submission to win his match last Rampage. So, in a fit of rage, I used his signature in my match against Jake Jones...for what little good it did me, as Casey's interference cost me victory regardless. Casey, I know what it is you're trying to do...you're trying to bring back The Exile...the ruthless sadist who sought comfort and solace in inflicting great and terrible horrors upon any poor souls who dared face him in a 3XW ring. I understand that you wish me to be fully committed to this match of ours at Wrestlepalooza...but you should already know that it is unneeded. I have been and will continue to be solely focused on this match, and I sincerely hope that you are...that is, if you wish to have any chance of emerging victorious.

Cyrus walks over to a scrapped carseat and has a seat, holding his cane out like a scepter as he rests his palm on the hilt..

Cyrus Black: I wonder, Casey...as you lay your head down to sleep at night, confidence brimming to the point of overflowing...do you ever contemplate what will happen if you should lose this match at Wrestlepalooza? I do...and it's not due to lack of confidence, oh no. After all, if a man I helped bring to prominence in 3XW, this company that I built brick by painful, bloody brick, couldn't defeat me on any given night, I would have failed that man. I think on that fateful night often, wondering just what will become of me should my shoulders stay to the mat for that tell-tale third strike of the referee's hand, and that same hand raises yours in victory. Certainly, it would mean a great many things...that you are truly ready to become the heart and soul of the company, that you have not only become my equal but have surpassed me, if only for that moment. And me...it would mean a great many things. Since this company was founded, I have helped carry it...sometimes even carrying it on my own. From day one, the beating of my heart has been the pulse of Triple X Wrestling, my words and my actions have guided the company's path on the Long and Winding Road that I call home. Should I lose, it would mean that the company has moved past me, and that I am destined to take a step back and allow others to determine this company's destiny. Jake Jones, Angel, Hunter J...hell, even Tim Taylor if he ever gets his head out of his ass. And you, Casey...which is what you've wanted from the start, is it not? That's been your dream, to be THE man in a company like this, to be the one who everyone points to and says "Hey, man! That guy's Casey Anomaly, the best damn thing in 3XW!" As for my part, my path is what it has always been, and should I be forced to detour from it upon losing at Wrestlepalooza, then so be it. I will accept whatever fate has in store for me as I always have, and look back only once to admire what I've helped create.

Cyrus chuckles as he sits his Singapore cane in his lap.

Cyrus Black: But what about you, Casey? For one who's career is still so young, what will happen should you lose at Wrestlepalooza? I doubt you've even considered it, as you were always a bit too brash and headstrong for your own good. For you, it's tunnel vision...you see our match as the great white light that will finally lead you to the promised land of our grand industry, and you see me as the gatekeeper preventing you from reaching that. But what happens when you learn that the gatekeeper is still too strong for you to overcome? Will you stagger on, without a light to guide your way? Lost in darkness, with nothing save for your feelings of inadequecy? Casey, you are the quintessental dreamer...you dream of glory and grandeur, and pursue your bliss with reckless abandon. What you've yet to realize is that sometimes dreams, much like delusions, can be shattered in an instant. If that should happen to you at Wrestlepalooza, what will you do? Continue to press on? To what end? Where will you go, what will you target? Casey, that's what separates you from I...you pursue your dreams without thought of the consequences or repercussions, a path that is wrought with dangers unseen. Me? I seek the Truth and endure the consequences, come what may. It is a hard and trying path, a Long and Winding Road, but my trials are rewarded at Journey's End and I am made stronger for the pain. And it is for that reason that I am still 3XW...and I'm still strong enough to overcome you and emerge the victor at Wrestlepalooza. This is why I will endure and defeat you when we face off at the Pinnacle of Pay-Per-View. And when you are left broken and destitute, I will not be there to guide back on the path. And I hope you are prepared for that...

Cyrus stands up and shoulders his Singapore cane.

Cyrus Black: At Wrestlepalooza, the boy who thinks himself a nightmare will live one of his own, as he faces terror incarnate when his dreams are crushed under the heel of the reaper of the Long and Winding Road. And Casey, it wasn't my wish to break you so early in your career, but you have forced my hand. So, as your mentor and as the standard bearer of this grand company of ours, I will ready myself for a war. My resolve will be steeled as I press on, and take you to a place that many men before you have been subjected to...a realm of shattered pride and shadows, where only the truly bold can emerge victorious. At Wrestlepalooza, I break through yet another obstacle...even though it will bring me great pains. Casey, I hope you can forgive me for doing what you've pressed me to do...and if not, then at least I hope you can find peace in defeat. See you on the Long and Winding Road...

The screens go static before returning to their regular broadcasts...
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Old ass promo from Casey Anomaly towards the end of 3XW
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