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 BTB Resources

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PostSubject: BTB Resources   Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:05 pm

BTB Resources

The following will include a large list of speciality matches, arena locations and useful links. The links will include graphic requests, superstars pages and writing tools.
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:06 pm

Speciality Match Types
Battle of Respect: This match has no winners. Two wrestlers wrestle each other for a fixed amount of time without pinfalls or submissions.

Beat the Clock Match: A regular match, only with the time of the match kept. Usually used by a succession of multiple wrestlers, with the first one setting a time the others have to beat. The shortest winning match time wins whatever was on the line.

Blindfold Match: Sometimes one, usually both competitors wear blindfolds and wrestle. Otherwise normal rules apply.

Blood Bath Match: Dump a bowl of red liquid over the opponent to win.

Bra and Panties Match: Take your opponents clothes off to win.

Double Jeopardy Match: This is two different matches taking place in the same ring at the same time. The winners of the two matches would then face each other. Example: Y2J and Jeff Hardy while Tazz faces JR.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: In the standard match, a pinfall or submission can only win the match when it is performed inside the ring. However, in a Falls Count Anywhere match, this need not apply. As such, this also implies that wrestlers cannot lose as a result of countout. The "Falls Count Anywhere" is somewhat of a misnomer in the fact that wrestlers may still be disqualified (but not counted out) for leaving the arena where the match is to be held (this, of course, may vary between promotion). However, it is to be noted that, as the match may take place in various parts of the arena, the "Falls Count Anywhere" provision may be one of many stipulations in a match - it is commonly paired with "No Disqualifications" to form the hardcore match, so as to allow wrestlers the convenience to use foreign objects that may lie wherever they may wrestle.

An independent federation in Quebec once held a "Falls Count Anywhere In Joliette, Quebec Match", where the entire town the match was held in was "in play".

Another variation of the rules state that once a pinfall takes, the pinned wrestler must return to the ring within 60 seconds to prevent loss. If the pinned wrestler makes it to the ring in this time, the match continues. Under these rules, all pinfalls must take place outside the ring. In the now-defunct Tri-State Wrestling Association, a wrestler won a Falls Count Anywhere match by pinning his opponent against an arena wall.

First Blood Match: This match has no disqualifications. The first person to make their opponent visibly bleed wins the match.

Flag Match: The Flag Match is essentially the professional wrestling version of capture the flag, in which there are two flags on opposite turnbuckles in the ring, with one wrestler defending one flag while attempting to get the other.

Handicap Match: A match in which one wrestler or one team of wrestlers faces another team of wrestlers with numerical superiority. For example, two wrestlers against one.

Hangman's Horror Match: In this match, on every rope there is a dog collar and your goal is to hang your opponent until he can't go on. This match was created by Raven to end his feud with Vampiro.

Inferno Match: In this match fire surrounds the ring and the only way to win is to set your opponent on fire, usually done by tossing your opponent out of the ring.

Last Man Standing Match: The Last Man Standing Match is a match where there are no disqualifications or countouts, and where wrestlers, when knocked down, must answer a ten-count (akin to boxing). It is sometimes known as a Texas Death Match when hardcore aspects are to be emphasized.

Lumberjack Match: A match where the ring is surrounded by a group of "lumberjacks", normally fellow wrestlers. When one participant in the match leaves the ring for any reason, the heel lumberjacks attack the face wrestler who is out of the ring, and vise-versa. The face lumberjacks then come to the aid of that wrestler and return him to the ring, and vise-versa. The lumberjacks are generally a combination of faces and heels, who sometimes fight among themselves outside the ring. Sometimes, as part of a storyline, a face will wrestle a heel with a group of lumberjacks consisting entirely of heels.

A variation of this match is called a Canadian Lumberjack Match, in which the lumberjacks are equipped with leather straps. When the lumberjacks are all female, the match is known as a Lumberjill Match (a reference to Jack and Jill).

Mud Match: A female wrestling match that takes place in a mud pool. A variation of this is the Egg-Nog Match, where the competitors are in a pool of Egg-Nog, held during Christmas.

No Disqualification Match: The No Disqualification Match is a standard match, except that matches cannot be won via disqualification. Although there is little to prevent a No Disqualification Match from degenerating into a hardcore match, the typical No Disqualification match typically carries the convention that the "No Disqualification" aspect is typically more low-key compared to true hardcore matches, with disqualification-worthy material limited to run-ins and the introduction of ringside foreign objects.

Sometimes, a No Disqualification Match is held between valets, or a valet and a wrestler, where it is implied that wrestlers will run-in and "defend" their valets.

In WWE, a No Holds Barred Match, a match coined by Mr. McMahon, may refer to a No Disqualification match that has more hardcore content compared to typical No Disqualification matches. The No Disqualification Match may also be referred to by Sgt. Slaughter or during the annual Tribute to the Troops as the Boot Camp Match.

Scaffold Match: This match takes place on a scaffold above the ring. The two ways to win the match are to push the opponent off of the scaffold so that he/she hits the mat or to grab the flag from the opponent's home base of the scaffold and return it to one's own home base.

Serengeti Survival Match: A match in which there are no disqualifications, and the competitors can win by pinfall, submission or by slamming their opponent onto thumbtacks. Invented and named by "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown.

Short Leash Match: This match has two wrestlers tied together with a short leash (making the opponents one foot away from each other) and the only way to win is by either submission or knock-out. Another variation is called a Chain Match, a submissions-only match with no disqualifications.

Submission Match: The first man to make his opponent submit wins. Often used in Japan under the name (Japanese) UWF Rules. The Japanese UWF and its derived shoot-style promotions only allowed submissions or knockouts to end matches (including tag team matches), so it was an exclusive feature of such promotions.

Ultimate Submission Match: This match is a variation of an Iron Man Match. The variation is that the wrestler with the most submissions at the end of the match is the winner.

Barbed wire match: A barbed wire match is a professional wrestling match in which the ropes surrounding the ring are replaced by strands of barbed wire. In the United States of America, this match was mainly seen in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). It has also been utilized in Japan, especially in death match promotions such as Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW).

Three Stages of Hell: In professional wrestling, a two out of three falls match, or a best of three falls match, is a series of matches (often between two wrestlers or two teams of wrestlers), in which wrestlers attempt to win the majority of matches. It is often the case that the three individual matches in a best-of-three match are done under different rules so as to maintain audience interest - the three different match types are often referred to as the Three Stages of Hell. The typical "three stages" configuration often begins with a standard one-fall match, followed by a match with a slower pace (eg. a submission match), and ending up with a fast-paced match (eg. a steel cage match). The three matches are often contested one after another; however it is also common for the matches to be played out over a series of wrestling shows, making the match more like a true best-of-three series.

Iron Man match: An Iron Man match is a professional wrestling match where the man who holds the most pinfalls, submissions, count out and disqualification victories at the end of a given time limit is declared the winner. Should the match result in a tie, sudden death overtime may be requested by either wrestler, often accepted (or rejected) by either an opponent or a higher (on-screen) wrestling authority.

Because of the fixed time limit, Iron Man matches have a tendency of losing their audience in the middle of a match, with a quick flurry of action near the end. Often, an Iron Man match will have the wrestlers tied or holding a one-point advantage going into the final minutes, with one wrestler attempting to make a tying or winning pin.

Recently, Iron Man Matches have been known to be 30 minutes long, rather than the usual 60 minutes.

Junkyard Invitational: This match takes place in a junkyard. First wrestler to escape the junkyard wins the match. Brian "Nasty" Knobs was the winner of the match in WCWSlamboree.

Total Conquest Match: This match has two wrestlers fighting throughout a house until a pinfall is made.

Ambulance Match: A no-disqualification match, in which there are no pinfalls or submissions: instead, the object is to injure one's opponent to the point that they must be taken away in an ambulance to send the loser to the nearest hospital

Buried Alive Match: The object of this match is to bury the other wrestler alive in a makeshift grave inside the arena. No other rules apply. In this match type, the wrestler who is buried alive always survives in the storyline.

Casket Match: The winner of this match is the first wrestler to put his/her opponent into a closed casket. This match has been a trademark of the WWE wrestler The Undertaker. A number of variants exist, where the object is to place the other wrestler in other closed containers. The Casket is often placed on the ringside, but the other variants might have the container on top of the ramp. The casket may be replaced by other containers, such as a dumpster (in which case the match becomes a Dumpster Match), an ambulance (Ambulance Match), or a hearse (known as a Last Ride Match)

Stretcher Match: Stretcher Match is an ambiguous term that can be used to described two different matches: in the container-based variation, one must restrain your opponent by strapping them on a stretcher (and then possibly pushing the restrained opponent onto an ambulance) to win. In the weapon-based variation, the stretcher is simply treated as a legal foreign object, and normal rules apply. This is the hospital version of the Casket Match.

Handcuff Match: Handcuff Matches are matches in which wrestlers to seek to handcuff the opposing wrestler, often to a ring fixture, but sometimes so that the opposing wrestler is unable to make use of their hands.

Ladder Match: The Ladder Match (not to be confused with the Extreme Championship Wrestling one-fall variation where ladders were used as legal foreign objects) is one where two or more wrestlers compete for an object stationed above the ring, which is only accessible by using a ladder. Due to the nature of the match, ladders are considered to be legal foreign objects.

There are typically two possible finishes to a ladder match: if the object is storyline-related, such as a championship, the match immediately ends when one wrestler obtains this item. However, if a foreign object is stationed above the ring, then the match continues into a second phase, a one-fall variation where the wrestler who retrieves the foreign object may use the foreign object without disqualification.

Tables Match: In a Tables Match, the object is to put opposing wrestlers through tables - that is, manipulate them in such a way that the table is broken in half when they are thrown against it. Tag-team table’s matches, especially elimination tag-team table’s matches, have varied on whether one or both members must go through tables in order for a team to lose. It is common for table’s matches to also include a "no disqualification" clause, which turns them into hardcore matches by nature (although this variation may also be alternately known as a Hardcore Tables Match).

Lion's Den Match: The aim of the match was to knock out your opponent or to make him submit inside an octagonal cage. The rules are made to mimic mixed martial arts matches, and the octagonal cage is meant to mimic the cage used by the Ultimate Fighting Championship league.

Triple Cage Match: This match, which made its first appearance in the film Ready to Rumble, was a specialty of WCW involving three cages constructed on top of each other. The first cage encompasses the entire ringside area. The second cage is the size of a cage used in typical cage matches, and is filled with a variety of weapons. The third cage is roughly half the size of the second. The object is to climb up to the top of the third cage to grab an object, much like a ladder match.

Final Wars Brawl: This match has two wrestlers in a steel cage for thirty minutes with other wrestlers entering at a timed interval to help out one of the opponents.

Football Classic Match: Two cages are placed at ringside, inside each of which is locked a manager with a weapon. The key for each cage is fastened to a football. Two teams of wrestlers must try and gain possession of the football and take it over to their manager's cage, use the key to unlock the cage, then use the manager's weapon to attack the other team. To get the ball to the cage, the wrestlers must pass it between themselves and attack any opposing wrestlers who have possession of the ball.

Gauntlet Match: A Gauntlet match is, in a sense, a quick series of one-fall one-on-one matches. Here, two wrestlers begin the match, and are replaced whenever one is eliminated (by normal means), with the last person standing being named the winner. A Gauntlet match may also be played out in multiple "parts" as part of a storyline (where a face wrestler must face a series of a heel wrestler's underlings before facing the heel himself, for instance) - this was common in World Championship Wrestling in the early 1990s, where it was referred to as a Slobber Knocker. A participant involved in a Gauntlet Match may be referred to as to be "running the gauntlet", although in most cases this designation is reserved for those who are involved for most of the match.

The Gauntlet may also be referred to as a Turmoil Match, a likely backformation from Tag Team Turmoil, which is used to denote a Gauntlet involving tag teams.

King Of The Mountain Match: Five wrestlers compete in this match for a title belt. This basically is a Ladder Match in reverse with a twist. When one man is pinned or forced to submit, he is sent to a ringside penalty box for 2 minutes, while the wrestler who scored the fall must hang the belt on a hook above the ring. The others try to stop the wrestler from hanging the belt. The first wrestler to successfully hang the belt wins. This is a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling creation.

Relay Match: The match has two (could have more) teams of between 3 or 12 members to a team and before the match there will be a coin toss to see which team switches out first. Every 3 or 5 minutes the teams will switch. The first team to get a pinfall wins. Sometimes performed with hardcore rules.

War Games: Sometimes suffixed with the tagline "The Match Beyond". The War Games match features two rings surrounded by an enclosed steel cage with two teams (or sometimes three) facing one another. One man from each team starts out with another from either team at random entering the cage via a timed interval. The winning team must get a member of another team to submit after all members of each team are in the cage.

200 light tubes death match: A match type first used in Combat Zone Wrestling at an event called "They Said it Couldn't be Done". The object of this match is to win by pinfall. The use of fluorescent light tubes—officially, two hundred are available for use—as weapons are allowed. These matches are often very bloody and have been banned in most states.

300 Lightube Deathmatch: Once Used In Japan, Instead Of The Regular 200 Light Tubes Match.

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match: A singles match with many weapons suspended from steel chains around the ring, sometimes with sides of a steel cage attached to the ring. The use of weapons is legal, and the match ends in pinfall. Pinfalls count anywhere in the ringside area.

Explosion Match: Usually accompanied with barbed wire ropes, a large barbed wire wrapped explosion board is placed in the ring laced with a small amount of C-4. The loser is the man that is blown up.

Sadistic Maddness: A match where the only way to win is by pin fall, but the only way to make the pin fall is if the opponent is bleeding first. There is no disqualification.

Shattered Dreams Match: Broken Glass all over the floor inside and ouside the ring and sheets of glass in the corners. There is also Taipei Deathmatch Rules. The only way to win is by pin or submission.

Taipei Death Match: Two wrestlers tape their fist and dip them in glue. They also have a bucket of beer bottles, they smash the bottles to shards and dip their glued-soaked fist in the shards and tear each other apart.

Ultimate X: Similar to a ladder match but with cables crossing the ring to form a X. The Red X or Title hags from the middle & the wrestlers must climb to the ropes then climb across to retrieve the prize. This is a TNA creation.

Elevation X: A combination of Ultimate X & A Scaffold match. A steel structure is made to cross the ring like in Ultimate X but unlike Ultimate X their is nothing to retireve. You win the same way as a scaffold match, by throwing your opponent off the top. TNA made this match in 2007 when Rhino defeated AJ Styles.
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:07 pm

This is a list of well known arena mainly in the United States. Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines & Australia make up the rest of the list.

They are even divided into states/countries & then alphabetacaly for your convieance.

Location - Arena Name

United States of America
- Alabama; Huntsville - Von Braun Center
- Alabama; Mobile - Mobile Civic Center

- Arkansas; Little Rock - Alltel Arena

- Arizona; Phoenix - US Airways Center (formerly known as America West Arena)

- California; Anaheim - Honda Center (formerly known as the Arrowhead Pond)
- California; Bakersfield - Rabobank Arena
- California, Fresno - Save Mart Center
- California, Los Angeles - Staples Center
- California; Oakland - Oakland Coliseum
- California; Sacramento - ARCO Arena
- California; San Diego - ipayOne Center (formerly known as San Diego Sports Arena)
- California; San Francisco - Cow Palace
- California; San Jose - HP Pavillion

- Colorado; Colorado Springs - World Arena
- Colorado; Denver - Pepsi Center

- Connecticut, Brideport - Arena at Harbor Yard
- Connecticut; Hartford - Hartford Civic Center
- Connecticut; New Haven - New Haven Coliseum

- District Columbia; Washington - MCI Center

- Florida; Daytona Beach - Oceans Center
- Florida; Fort Lauderdale - National Car Rental Arena
- Florida; Fort Myers - Everblades Arena
- Florida; Miami - American Airlines Arena
- Florida; Orlando - Amway Arena (formerly known as TD Waterhouse Arena)
- Florida; Pensacola - Pensacola Civic Center
- Florida; Tampa - St. Pete Times Forum

- Georgia; Atlanta - Phillips Arena
- Georgia; Atlanta - The Georgia Dome

- Idaho; Boise - Qwest Arena (formerly known as Bank of America Centre)

- Illinois; Chicago - United Center
- Illinois; Rosemount - Allstate Arena

- Indianapolis; Indiana - Conseco Fieldhouse
- Indianapolis; Indiana - RCA Dome

- Iowa; Cedar Rapids - U.S. Cellular Center
- Iowa; Des Moines - Wells Fargo Arena
- Iowa; Sioux City - Gateway Arena

- Kansas; Topeka - Landon Arena
- Kansas; Wichita - Britt Brown Arena

- Kentucky; Lexington - Rupp Arena
- Kentucky; Louisville - Freedom Hall

- Louisiana; Bossier City - CenturyTel Center
- Louisiana; Lafayette - Cajundome
- Louisiana; Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge River Center
- Louisiana; New Orleans - The Superdome
- Louisiana; New Orleans - New Orleans Arena

- Maryland; Baltimore - 1st Mariner Arena

- Massachusetts; Boston - TD Banknorth Garden
- Massachusetts; Lowell - Tsongas Arena
- Massachusetts; Springfield - MassMutual Center
- Massachusetts; Worcester - DCU Center

- Michigan; Auburn Hills - Palace at Auburn Hills
- Michigan; Battle Creek - Kellogg Arena
- Michigan; Detroit - Joe Louis Arena
- Michigan; Grand Rapids - Van Andel Arena
- Michigan; Lansing - Breslin Center
- Michigan; Pontiac - Pontiac Silverdome

- Minnesota; Duluth - DECC Arena
- Minnesota; Minneapolis - Target Center
- Minnesota; St. Paul - Xcel Energy Center

- Mississippi; Biloxi - Mississippi Coast Coliseum

- Missouri; Kansas City - Kemper Arena
- Missouri; Saint Louis - Scottrade Center (formerly known as Savvis Center)
- Missouri; Saint Louis - Edward Jones Dome

- Montana; Billings - MetraPark Arena

- Nebraska; Omaha - Qwest Center Arena

- New Jersey; East Rutherford - Izod Center (formerly known as Continental Airlines Arena)
- New Jersey; Trenton - Prudential Center
- New Jersey; Trenton - Sovreign Bank Arena

- New Mexico; Las Cruces - Pan American Center
- New Mexico; Las Cruces - Las Cruces Convention Center

- North Carolina; Chapel Hill - Dean E. Smith Center
- North Carolina; Charlotte - Charlotte Bobcats Arena
- North Carolina; Greensboro - Greensboro Coliseum

- North Dakota; Fargo - Fargodome

- Nevada; Las Vegas - MGM Grand
- Nevada; Las Vegas - Thomas and Mack Center
- Nevada; Reno - Lawlor Events Center

- New York; Albany - Times Union Arena
- New York; Buffalo - HSBC Center
- New York; Binghamton - The Broome County Arena
- New York; New York City - Madison Square Garden
- New York; Rochester - Blue Cross Arena
- New York; Syracuse - OnCenter
- New York; Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

- Ohio; Athens - The Convocational Center
- Ohio; Cleveland - Quicken Loans Arena (formerly known as Gund Arena)
- Ohio; Cincinnati - US Bank Arena
- Ohio; Columbus - Nationwide Arena
- Ohio; Dayton - Nutter Center

- Oklahoma; Oklahoma City - Ford Center
- Oklahoma; Tulsa - Tulsa Convention Center

- Oregon; Portland - Rose Garden Arena

- Pennsylvania; Bethlehem - Stabler Arena
- Pennsylvania; Erie - Erie Civic Center
- Pennsylvania; Hershey - Giant Center
- Pennsylvania; Johnstown - Cambria Country War Memorial
- Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh - Mellon Arena
- Pennsylvania; Philadelphia - ECW Arena
- Pennsylvania; Philadelphia - Wachovia Center
- Pennsylvania; State College - Bryce Jordan Center
- Pennsylvania; Wilkes-Barre - NE PA Civic Center

- Rhode Island; Providence - Dunkin'™ Donuts Center

- South Dakota; Sioux Falls - Sioux Falls Arena

- South Carolina; Florence - Florence Civic Center
- South Carolina; Greenville - Bi-Lo Center

- Tennessee; Chattanooga - UTC Arena
- Tennessee; Memphis - Mid-South Coliseum
- Tennessee; Memphis - FedEx Forum
- Tennessee; Nashville - Gaylord Entertainment Center

- Texas; Austin - Erwin Center
- Texas; Dallas - American Airlines Center
- Texas; El Paso - Don Haskins Center
- Texas; El Paso - El Paso Convention Center
- Texas; Houston - The Astradome
- Texas; Houston - Toyota Center
- Texas; San Antonio - AT&T Center
- Texas; San Antonio - Freeman Coliseum

- Utah; Salt Lake City - Delta Center
- Utah; Salt Lake City - E Center

- Virginia; Norfolk - The Scope
- Virginia; Richmond - Richmond Coliseum

- Washington; Seattle - Key Arena
- Washington; Spokane - Spokane Arena
- Washington; Tacoma - Tacoma Dome

- West Virginia; Charleston - The Charleston Civic Center
- West Virginia; Wheeling - Wesbanco Arena

- Wisconsin; Milwaukee - Bradley Center

- Alberta; Calgary - The Saddledome
- Alberta; Edmonton - Northlands Coliseum
- Alberta; Edmonton - Skyreach Center

- British Columbia; Vancouver - GM Palace

- Manitoba; Winnipeg - Winnipeg Arena

- Ontario; Toronto - Air Canada Center
- Ontario; Ottawa - The Corel Center
- Ontario; Toronto - The Rogers Center

- Quebec; Montreal - The Molson Center

- Belgium; Brussels - Vorst-Forest National

- England; Birmingham - NEC Arena
- England; Doncaster - Doncaster Dome
- England; Hull - Hull Arena
- England; London - Wembly Arena
- England; London - London Arena
- England; London - O2 Arena
- England; Manchester - Manchester Evening News Arena
- England; Nottingham - Nottingham Arena
- England; Newcastle - Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
- England; Sheffield - Sheffield Arena (formerly Hallam FM Arena)

- Finland; Helsinki - Hartwall Arena

- Germany; Berlin - Max Schmeling Halle
- Germany; Cologne - Cologne Arena
- Germany; Munich - Olympiahalle
- Germany; Leipzig - Messehalle
- Germany; Stuttgart - Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
- Germany; Oberhausen - Koenig-Pilsner Arena
- Germany; Hamburg - Sporthalle

- Italy; Bologna - Palamalaguti
- Italy; Florence - The Palasport
- Italy; Milan - Fila Forum
- Italy; Pesaro - BPA Palace
- Italy; Turin - The Mazda Palace

- Northern Ireland; Belfast - Odyssey Arena

- Republic of Ireland; Dublin - The National Stadium
- Republic of Ireland; Dublin - The O2 (formerly The Point)
- Republic of Ireland; Dublin - The R.D.S.

- Scotland; Glasgow - Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre
- Scotland; Aberdeen - Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

- Wales; Cardiff - Cardiff International Arena

- Tokyo; Japan - Nippon Budokan
- Tokyo; Japan - Jingu Baseball Stadium
- Tokyo; Japan - Sumo Hall
- Tokyo; Japan - Budokan Hall
- Tokyo; Japan - Tokyo Dome
- Tokyo; Japan - Yoyogi National Stadium Gym #21
- Tokyo; Japan - Korakuen Hall
- Tokyo; Japan - Tokyo Egg Dome

- Saitama; Japan - Saitama Super Arena

- Osaka; Japan - Osaka Jo Hall
- Osaka; Japan - Prefectual Gym

- Yokohama; Japan - Yokohama Arena

- Hiroshima; Japan - Hiroshima Sun Plaza

- Western Australia; Perth - Burswood Dome

- New South Wales; Sydney - Acer Arena (formerly Sydney Superdome)

- Victoria; Melbourne - Vodafone Arena
- Victoria; Melbourne - Rod Laver Arena

- Queensland; Brisbane - Brisbane Entertainment Centre

- South Australia; Adelaide - Adelaide Entertainment Centre

- Acapulco; Mexico - Plaza de Toros Caletilla
- Guadalajara; Mexico - Plaza de Toros
- Mexico City; Mexico - Arena Mexico
- Monterrey; Mexico - Arena Monterrey
- Naucalpan; Mexico - El Toreo

- South Africa; East Rand - Carnival City
- South Africa; Johannesburg - The Dome
- South Africa; Cape Town - Good Hope Centre

- Thailand; Bangkok - Impact Arena

- Philippines; Manila; - Araneta Coliseum

- New Zealand; Wellington - Westpac Stadium

NOTE - ECW Arena should not be used in modern day BTB's.

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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:07 pm

Useful Links
One of the most important parts of starting a BTB is getting your roster right, if you are trying to find the most up to date rosters for real life wrestling promotions, the following links should provide a list of every wrestler/talent currently employed by the promotion. It would be the best place to start in terms of creating your roster, if you try and do it from memory, you'll most likely forget a jobber here or there. Click to access!

WWE.com's Superstars Page
Wikipedia's List of WWE Superstars
ImpactWrestling.com's Roster Page
Wikiipedia's List of TNA Wrestlers
ROHWrestling.com's Roster Page
Wikipedia's List of ROH Wrestlers

These above links are GREAT if you're starting a modern day BTB but supposing you want to start a booker based on WWE from 06? Can I help? Sure can. Waybackmachine allows you to crawl previously archived pages of the web. You can type in http://www.wwe.com/superstars to Waybackmachine and you can then trawl through the archives until you find the roster from the dates your looking for!


For match graphics, people tend to use GIMP which is free download from their website, while it's not as good as Photoshop, it's a great free alternative and any match cards or ppv posters that are made here I usually decent. Here's the link;


For ready made stock images of wrestlers to use in graphics, psd-dreams.de is the best website around, it's simple to use, just search for your desired wrestler in the search bar and download the one you prefer. Here's the link;


I think now is a good time to say that whilst some fancy graphics and work can go a long way for style and a successful BTB, they aren't overly important! Never forget -- content is what's important!
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:51 pm

I fucking love you.



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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:02 pm

This was a TREMENDOUS idea! WTG.
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:35 pm

Basic shit. I don't know why this wasn't up sooner.
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:10 am

Another useful site for wrestlers. Has pages on 99% of wrestlers, win/loss records, their big moves. It may not be as detailed as Wikipedia but it covers a lot more wrestlers.
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:23 am

all amazing things to help the Be the Booker get going. love that render site, and that stats site
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:39 pm


Great site. Very Happy
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#1 Contender

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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:23 pm

Thank you Adam.
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:15 pm

I got a few for you to add:
Cowboys Stadium: Arlington, Texas
Cameron Indoor Stadium: Durham, North Carolina
Kidd Brewer Stadium: Boone, North Carolina

Those are really sports venues.
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:16 pm

Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, Indiana
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The purpose of the thread wasn't to list every arena in the world.

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But they are good wrestling venues. I know for a fact that Kidd Brewer has hosted a local indy show.
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Colin Cowherd wrote:
But they are good wrestling venues. I know for a fact that Kidd Brewer has hosted a local indy show.
lololololol at this post.

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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:20 pm

Jarrett wrote:
Colin Cowherd wrote:
But they are good wrestling venues. I know for a fact that Kidd Brewer has hosted a local indy show.
lololololol at this post.
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Can someone find me someone who looks like him or him with the long hair? And this is for a CAW booker I'm doing, so yes it is on topic.
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LMAO, WTF *insert facepalm here* Mikel... oh my..
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.nova. wrote:
LMAO, WTF *insert facepalm here* Mikel... oh my..

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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:43 pm

I'll add them soon if you think that they're used as wrestling venues.
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For realism purposes, the ECW Arena shouldn't be used, it has been retired from hosting wrestling events.
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PostSubject: Re: BTB Resources   Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:18 am

Jericho wrote:
For realism purposes, the ECW Arena shouldn't be used, it has been retired from hosting wrestling events.

Currently, what about promotions based in 2005? Or a start-up company who buy the rights to the arena etc.
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Adam wrote:
Jericho wrote:
For realism purposes, the ECW Arena shouldn't be used, it has been retired from hosting wrestling events.

Currently, what about promotions based in 2005? Or a start-up company who buy the rights to the arena etc.

Fair point. I still feel a note should be added if someone does do say a modern day TNA, as you've said numerous times, realism is key.
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BTB Resources
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