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 TEW & EWR Download and Discussion

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AdamC #RussoSwervesRock

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PostSubject: TEW & EWR Download and Discussion   Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:57 am

Total Extreme Wrestling and Extreme Warfare Revenge are a series of wrestling booking simulation games by Adam Ryland, with the series currently published by Grey Dog Software. I've decided to add a bit of info for those not so familiar with the series.

These are booking simulation games. They have both real world data and fictional worlds as well. The basic idea is to simulate the running of a wrestling promotion, with the focus on the show-to-show booking.

Extreme Warfare Revenge (EWR)

Last Version: EWR 4.2
Type: Freeware
Data: Real World (August 2003 start for 4.2)
Availble Mods/Scenarios: Multiple historical starts as well as monthly data updates for almost every month from August 2003 to current
Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IJ5NAVZG

The very first Extreme Warfare games date back to 1995, programmed by Adam Ryland. The game had multiple releases, leading up to EWR 4.2 in July of 2003. It was the most polished and detailed version of the game. As the game was still freeware, it used real world promotions and workers. The data used was fairly simple, with just 7 main stat catogories for each worker, plus several hidden categories. The game also uses a very simplistic approaching to Japanese promotions. As a note, it it does include an "auto-booker" feature that is absent in future releases (left out due to complexity issues, apparently).

Although the game is far more simplistic than later Ryland-released games, it remains very popular. In part due to that simplicity. Monthly data updates are available on EWR Battleground. In-game editing requires use of an external program such as Arsenic.

For those actually trying the game, its worth understanding that there are a limited number of storylines that can be run at once (7, I believe). Though they are "open" in the sense they don't follow set sequences, storyline heat must be maintained until the storyline ends, with a clear winner - after it ends is when the popularity increase takes effect.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2005

Type: Freeware (originally a pay game)
Data: CornellVerse
Availble Mods/Scenarios: Multiple, including the well-liked Death of the Territories database (1983 start date), with a current day database being worked on
Download: www.greydogsoftware.com

TEW 2004 was a major step forward from the EWR as it was a complete rework, rather than a evolution. It was released through .400 Studios but is no longer available. This version expaned things notable, adding in different regions of the world (and by-region popularity), time-based booking, and far more work attributes. As it was a pay game, licensing issues prevented the use of real world data, so the CornellVerse was introduced (see below).

TEW 2005 built on the 2004 base, adding in features such as momentum and step-based storylines. A great deal of editing capability was built into the game. Matches are booked with "booking notes", specifying how aspects of the match should go.

There are both chained (set sequence) and unchained storylines available. They give heat to the workers involved as the storyline moves on, and can be ended at any point. There are no set "winners" to a storyline.

This version was released as freeware in July of 2009 and can be downloaded directly from the GDS site.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2010

Type: Pay Game
Data: CornellVerse
Availble Mods/Scenarios: Multiple, including several real world historical mods (no D.O.T.T. yet) and several up-to-date databases, although quality varies somewhat
Download: www.greydogsoftware.com
Demo Available: Yes

The latest TEW release, it is several steps ahead of 2005 (there were 2007 and 2008 versions as well). Many changes are more polish and depth than major adjustments. Some of the notable changes include the ability to create a child promotion, exclusive venue, or dojo. Different types of gimmicks now have different effects - for example, brute gimmicks can combine with the Domination note in matches to great effect.

What is the "CornellVerse"?

When TEW 2004 became a pay game, it could no longer include real world workers and promotions in the retail version. So the default database became the "CornellVerse", a fictional world based on some e-fed characters Ryland had previously used. A fairly detailed history has evolved, including several historical mods (1977 and 1997) that are accepted as part of that history.

Although many newer TEW gamers have trouble "getting into" the CV, its the data that the game is designed to work with, so it is more balance than any mod. As well, it provides a degree of creative freedom that the "real world" really doesn't.
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TEW & EWR Download and Discussion
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