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 CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)

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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:02 am

There will be no Random Conversations(they always lead to nothing) & Rated R

- No attacking other superstars/divas for no reason, unless approved by whoever you're attacking or attempting to win the Hardcore Championship (the superstar has to be seen before any attacks can be made).
- Promos & Wrestling only. No random conversations in the backstage area.
- Use the app on this page & sign up your CAW's apps on the CWW App Thread.

Here are the authority figures in CWW (by user name):

Main Owner: Mitch
Sub Owner 1: Hazza
Sub Owner 2: Jake
Sub Owner 3: Shade
Sub Owner 4: Polsy
Sub Owner 5: Jerishows

Here are the match writers in CWW (used for Pay Per Views):

Match Writer 1: Mitch
Match Writer 2: Hazza
Match Writer 3: Shade
Match Writer 4: Jake
Match Writer 5: Marik
Match Writer 6: JHF0410
Match Writer 7: Polsy
Match Writer 8: Jerishows

Here is the application to use for signing up:

Entrance Music:
Signature Moves:
Pic Base:

CWW's Official Website:

If anyone wants a piece of news, an interview (shoot or not) or any backstage news relating to you CAW(s), then PM me with that piece of news/interview/backstage news & I will put it up.

CWW 15.0
CWW 16.0
CWW 17.0
CWW App Thread


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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:03 am

The official theme song for CWW War is Love-Hate-Sex-Pain by Godsmack

Here is the current War Roster
General Manager: Matt Dean (Face)
Assistant General Manager: Vacant
Aerial X (Face)
Alexander Gibson (Heel)
Alpha (Heel)*
Andrew Gold (Heel)^
Azazel (Face)
Brock (Heel)
Calvin Hobbs (Heel)
Chris James (Face)
Chris Shelley (Heel)*
Christian Storm (Heel)*
Criss Menace (Face)
Dan Bolt (Heel)
Danielle (Heel) [Vixen]
Derek Aonai (Face)
Diego Garza (Heel)*
Dustin Shore (Heel)
Hal Ophamer (Tweener)
Hardcore Demon (Tweener)
Hardcore Pulveriser (Heel)
Heather (Heel)^ [Vixen]
Jamee Copeland (Heel)^ [Vixen]
Jason Copeland (Heel)^
Jermaine Event (Tweener)
Jet Reynolds (Face)*^
John Watson (Heel)
Jordan Chase (Heel)*
Josh Polson (Face)*
Lionel Deathshot (Heel)
Mark "Razor" Jones (Face)
Matt Roberts (Heel)*
Metallico (Heel)*^
Michael Chains (Face)
Nitsuj Tarr (Face)*^
Omega (Heel)
Santiago Del Rosario (Face)*
Slayer (Heel)^
The Avenger (Face)^
Thomas Johnson (Heel)^
Trenton York (Heel)
Zane Walker (Face)
Zeke Zahn (Heel)
* denotes Cruiserweight
^ denotes Jobber

Other War On-Air Personalities:

Play by Play Commentator: Jim Ross
Color Commentator: Todd Grisham
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Matthews

Here are the current Tag Teams/Factions on War:
- Say It Out Slaying (Slayer & Metallico) [Tag Team]
- The Perfect Name Society (Jermaine & Hal) [Tag Team]
- Jordan Chase & Calvin Hobbs [Tag Team]
- Hardcore Demon & Criss Menace [Tag Team/Brothers]
- Top Shelf Talent (Derek Aonai & Alexander Gibson) [Tag Team]
- Diego Garza & Zeke Zahn [Tag Team]
- Omega & Alpha [Tag Team]

Here are the current feuds on War:
- Hardcore Pulveriser vs Josh Polson (Personal)
- Mark "Razor" Jones vs Chris James vs Jordan Chase & Calvin Hobbs (Professional)

War Injury List:
Josh Polson (Broken Ribs & Other Internal Injuries). Serious Injury. Unknown when he will be cleared.

Last edited by Mitch on Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:28 pm; edited 16 times in total
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:09 am

The official theme song for CWW Revolution is Breathe Into Me by Red

Here is the current Revolution Roster:
General Manager: Michael Adams (Face)
Assistant General Manager: Scott Gone (???)
Ace (Heel)^
Adam Chatfield (Face)
Amelia Lewis (Heel) [Vixen]
Angel Rodriguez (Heel)
Ben Lamont (Tweener)
Bradley Saunders (Heel)
Brett Carter (Heel)
Casey Anomaly (Tweener)
CJ Jones (Face)*^
Chris Flip (Face)*
Craig Owens (Face)*
Dan Maskell (Heel)
Dave Flip (Face)*
Devin Smith (Heel)*
Guerra (Heel)*
Hambre (Heel)
Harry Jones (Heel)*
Hayden Jaggerz (Heel)*
Hunter J (Heel)*
Jake Lyndon (Face)*
John Morton (Face)*
Kelly (Heel) [Vixen]
Kevin Evans (Heel)*
Kevin Irvine (Face)
Kyle Myers (Face)*
Mack Robinson (Heel)
Matt Xtreme (Face)*
Matt Peace (Face)*^
Michael DeJesus (Heel)*
Michelle Adams (Face) [Vixen]
Mr. iMPACT (Face)*^
Pauly Payne (Heel)
Peste (Heel)*
Ramon Rocque (Heel)
Riff Radley (Face)*
Sammy Steel (Face)
Shane Johnson (Face)
Silver Shadow (Heel)
Steven Rivers (Heel)
Surge (Heel)
Tiger Boy (Face)*
The Assassin (Heel)
Thorn (Face)
Tommy Ruffa (Heel)
Wayne Tyler Frank/W.T.F (Heel)*
* denotes Cruiserweight
^ denotes Jobber

Other Revolution On-Air Personalities:

Play by Play Commentator: Tazz
Color Commentator: Matt Striker
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewer: Jeremy Borash

Here are the current Tag Teams/Factions on Revolution:
- Jake Lyndon & Michelle Adams [Couple]
- Jaggered Payne (Kevin Evans & Hayden Jaggerz) [Tag Team]
- J.T Lyndon's School of Wrestling (Jake Lyndon, Tiger Boy, John Morton, Chris Flip & Dave Flip) [Faction]
- The Flips (Chris & Dave Flip) [Tag Team]
- The Mexican Mafia (Angel Rodriguez, Peste, Guerra & Hambre) [Faction]
- Harry Jones & Kelly [Couple]
- Bradley Saunders & Tommy Ruffa [Tag Team]

Here are the current feuds on Revolution:
- Surge vs Dan Maskell (Professional)
- Michelle Adams vs Kelly (Professional/Personal)
- Kevin Irvine vs Harry Jones (Extremely Personal)
- Angel Rodriguez vs Craig Owens (Professional)
- Sammy Steel vs Casey Anomaly (Personal)
- Pauly Payne vs Shane Johnson (Personal)

Revolution Injury List:

Last edited by Mitch on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:23 am; edited 14 times in total
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:10 am

The official theme song for CDW is Get Through This by Art of Dying

Bob Tahom (Heel) {Record: 1-1-0}
Carlos Maslow (Face)* {Record: 2-2-0}
Charlie Bernham (Tweener)* {Record: 2-1-1}
Derek Bronson (Tweener) {Record: 2-1-0}
Jayden Robertson (Face)* {Record: 2-1-0}
Jeff Nowell (Face)* {Record: 2-1-1}
Yusuf Ali (Heel) {Record: 1-2-0}
* denotes cruiserweight

8 CDW Trainers:
Hardcore Demon
Casey Anomaly
Kevin Irvine
Craig Owens
Jordan Chase
Angel Rodriguez
Mark "Razor" Jones

Tag Teams/Factions:
- Bob & Joe Tahom [Tag Team/Brothers]

CDW Injury List:

CDW Rankings:

1. Jayden Robertson
2. Yusuf Ali
3. Jeff Nowell
4. Carlos Maslow
5. Derek Bronson
6. Charlie Bernham
7. Bob Tahom
8. Joe Tahom [ELIMINATED]

Last edited by Mitch on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:35 am; edited 9 times in total
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:11 am

Acceleration takes place on Fridays. Each brand will have 2 matches each on the show & the last match will always be for the Acceleration Championship & is a cross-branded match.

Last edited by Mitch on Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:31 am; edited 9 times in total
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:14 am

Champions on War:

CWW Champion: Mark "Razor" Jones

CWW Cage Champion: Criss Menace

Champions on Revolution:

Revolution Heavyweight Champion: Dan Maskell

CWW Global Champion: Casey Anomaly

Dual-Branded Champions:

CWW Undisputed Tag Team Champions: The Mexican Mafia (Peste & Guerra)

CWW Cruiserweight Champion: Hambre

CWW Acceleration Champion: Angel Rodriguez

Defunct Championships:

CWW Vixen's Champion: Michelle Adams

Last edited by Mitch on Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:44 am; edited 8 times in total
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:17 am


Here is the official CWW Wellness Policy(which everyone must abide by at all times):

- No attacks on superstars, unless approved before-hand by the superstar who will be attacked, or going after a 24/7 rules championship
- No Rated R/X Stuff (Couples are allowed, just dont go too overboard)
- No advertising, spamming or anything of the sort
- No man on woman violence(we all know that is just wrong, unless it is to do with a storyline on War or Revolution)
- No pointless conversations(includes talking backstage & having it lead to nothing, which is basically what happenes anyway)
- No complaining about things that dont go ur way off-topic
- No telling other users to join ur threads in any way shape or form when posting on this thread (Unless Given Permission to do so by Mitch, Hazza or Jake)
- No pointless posts i.e "Cant see posts," "Bump," "Just trying to see the posts" and so forth
- No telling anyone to get on chatbox, portal or whatever you want to call it.

1st Violation: Warning (as the superstar that is mainly used by the user)
2nd Violation: 30 Day Suspension (as the superstar mainly used by the user)
3rd Violation: 60 Day Suspension (as the superstar mainly used by the user)
4th Violation: 90 Day Suspension (as the superstar mainly used by the user)
5th Violation: CWW Contract Terminated (as the superstar that is mainly used by the user)

If suspended, you will not be allowed to use the character suspended for the time of suspension. If he/she is used during suspension, suspension time doubles.

List of Superstars with 1 Violation:
Hunter J
Kevin Evans

List of Superstars with 2 Violations:

List of Superstars with 3 Violations:

List of Superstars with 4 Violations:

Last edited by Mitch on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:23 am; edited 2 times in total
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:18 am


Nowhere to Run Results
Maximum Risk Results
Lest We Forget PPV Thread
Roulette PPV Thread
Road to the Throne PPV Thread
Tribute to the Troops PPV Thread

Here are the CWW PPVs (held on Saturdays):

January - Payback
Next Payback PPV Date & Location:
Saturday January 28th, 2012 in Corpus Christi, TX

February – Nowhere to Run (Lockdown)
Next Nowhere to Run PPV Date & Location:
Saturday February 25th, 2012 in San Jose, CA

March – Maximum Risk (Survivor Series)
Next Maximum Risk PPV Date & Location:
Saturday March 24th, 2012 in Denver, CO

April - Lest We Forget {Always held in Australia}
Next Lest We Forget PPV Date & Location:
Saturday April 21st, 2012 in Sydney, Australia

May - Roulette
Next Roulette PPV Date & Location:
Saturday May 19th, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV

June – Road to the Throne (King of the Ring)
Next Road to the Throne PPV Date & Location:
Saturday June 16th, 2012 in Newcastle, England

July – Tribute to the Troops {Always held at Camp Victory}
Next Tribute to the Troops PPV Date & Location:
Saturday July 16th, 2011 in Camp Victory

August - Battle Ground
Next Battle Ground PPV Date & Location:
Saturday August 13th, 2011 in San Antonio, TX

September - Brought to Destiny (Royal Rumble)
Next Brought to Destiny PPV Date & Location:
Saturday September 17th, 2011 in Miami, FL

October - Momentum Shift
Next Momentum Shift PPV Date & Location:
Saturday October 8th, 2011 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

November – Fight or Die
Next Fight or Die PPV Date & Location:
Saturday November 5th, 2011 in Boston, MA

December – Bound 2 Death (WrestleMania)
Next Bound 2 Death PPV Date & Location:
Saturday December 17th, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA

Last edited by Mitch on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:43 am; edited 2 times in total
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:19 am


Where the greatest of the great in CWW history are inducted. Below is the list of male & female inductees that are in the Hall of Fame:

Hardcore Demon
Peter Kaymakcian
Harry Jones
Zane Walker
Super CeroUno
Jake Lyndon
Kevin Irvine

Carmen Louise
Lara James
Michelle Adams
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 7:28 am

*"The Cobra" Hardcore Demon arrives at the arena, dressed in his fight attire, his long black leather jacket & carrying a black baseball bat. He walks down the hallway*
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Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

Posts : 3954
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 8:38 am

The following Revolution has some segments that will be written in full and the show is 8 minutes late. Sue me.
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Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

Posts : 3954
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 8:56 am

WTF! I tried to post Revolution and it says; "The posted message is too long. I will have to post Matt Xtreme vs. Surge II seperately...
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

Posts : 796
Age : 28
Location : The Hardcore Country

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 8:57 am

*A car is seen arriving at the arena. The fans instantly notice this car as the favourite car of their favourite Vixen, and CWW's Vixens Champion Lara James. As the car stops and the door opens, Lara steps out to rapturous aplause and cheers from the crowd. She grabs her bag and her title belt, which she places over her shoulder, locks her car, and then heads towards the arena entrance. She walks over to the fans where she gladly signs autographs, most of which are on tickets from her's and Hardcore Demon's new film, "line of fire", and she also poses for pictures, before she heads inside with a smile on her face*

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Posts : 3142
Location : fuck

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:01 am

Hazza wrote:
WTF! I tried to post Revolution and it says; "The posted message is too long. I will have to post Matt Xtreme vs. Surge II seperately...

Told you - it's epic. Now get on FB...
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Posts : 1527
Age : 24
Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:04 am

★нαя∂¢σяє ¢συитяу★ wrote:
*A car is seen arriving at the arena. The fans instantly notice this car as the favourite car of their favourite Vixen, and CWW's Vixens Champion Lara James. As the car stops and the door opens, Lara steps out to rapturous aplause and cheers from the crowd. She grabs her bag and her title belt, which she places over her shoulder, locks her car, and then heads towards the arena entrance. She walks over to the fans where she gladly signs autographs, most of which are on tickets from her's and Hardcore Demon's new film, "line of fire", and she also poses for pictures, before she heads inside with a smile on her face*

*"The Cobra" Hardcore Demon is seen walking down the hallway, dressed in his fight attire, long black leather jacket & carrying his black baseball bat, when he sees Lara entering the arena*
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Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

Posts : 3954
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:11 am

Date: 24/5/2011
Arena: Disney World Event Centre, Florida
Commentators: Joey Styles, Matt Striker & Tazz

Roulette Highlights Clip

Highlights from the Roulette event play which show the best spots of each match in depth, including Harry Jones defeating Hunter J and then allowing him to keep his CWW Contract, Matt Xtreme being knocked out by Surge and thus having to permanently leave CWW and the encounter between Hardcore Demon and Brock. The final match shown in the sequence was Dan Maskell and his uncalled assault of Jake Lyndon which took place before their match officially started. The highlight video ended with a frozen picture of Dan Maskell looking down at Lyndon’s unconscious body.

Dan Maskell In-Ring Segment

Maskell kicks off the show by discussing what happened at Roulette. Dan tells the fans that Jake Lyndon was rushed to hospital that night and his career is definitely over. These words hit the fans like a ton of brick and the CWW Universe absolutely explodes with rage at the man responsible for ending their hero’s career. Maskell sadistically smiles and then proceeds to remind the fans that by stipulation, he is the Assistant General Manager for the evening, meaning that he has the power to award himself the currently vacant Revolution Heavyweight Championship. Much to the fans distaste, Michael Adams emerges from the backstage area and agrees that the belt should be handed down to Maskell, as he proved himself to be champion material four nights ago. Two of Michael’s assistants make their way down the entrance ramp and hand Dan the Revolution Heavyweight Championship belt. Maskell raises the belt in the air and shouts out; ‘This is my time!’


Steel Cage Road to the Throne Tournament Match
Kevin Evans vs. Craig Owens

{13 Minutes into the Match}

Craig Owens and Kevin Evans are standing on top of the 15 ft Steel Cage, trading punches to the temple of each other. Owens has a definite advantage over Kevin, as Evans is struggling to stand up on both feet. Out of the blue, Craig leaps at Kevin and he wraps his legs around Kevin’s neck. Craig Owens executes a hurricanrana and sends Evans and himself on a big fall from the top of the steel cage! A minute passes and neither man has moved since the big spill. Craig crawls into a cover; One…Two…Kick out! Craig falls down onto his back and he cannot believe that Kevin Evans managed to kick out. He wipes a portion of the blood from his lefts cheek and he begins to slowly use the ropes to find his feet. Craig tries to lock in the Koji Clutch submission maneuver but Evans smartly grabs hold of the bottom rope. Craig pulls Kevin to his feet and plants him with a Sit Out Spinebuster. Craig begins to climb up to the middle rope but Kevin is on his tail. Both men are on the top rope and they lock up. Evans delivers a knee to the mid section of Owens. Kevin backs up and then hits the Classic Kick! Craig’s head bounces off the wall of the steel cage and he falls down onto the mat. Kevin is quick to capitalize on this huge opportunity. He pulls himself up onto the top of the cage and then looks down at Owens, who is not moving at all. Kevin takes a deep breath, before jumping off the top of the steel cage! Evans attempts a moonsault, but in the nick of time Owens manages to roll out of the way. Kevin writhes in pain after completely missing the attempted moonsault! Craig Owens looks to escape out of the cage via the door. He calls for the referee to open the door. The crowd burst out into a mixed reaction as Hayden Jaggerz smashes a steel chair over the other official’s head. Hayden runs around the cage and then connects with a chair shot to the second referee’s head. Craig escapes the cage and punches the air in victory, but he turns around and notices that both referees’ are lying on the floor. Hayden jabs the chair into Craig’s mid section and he then follows up with a skull cracking chair shot directed at Craig’s head. Hayden rolls Craig into the ring and he begins to shout support for Kevin to escape the cage.

Matt Striker: “You have got to be kidding! Both of Craig’s feet touched the floor!”

Tazz: “Hayden Jaggerz has screwed Craig Owens! Evans owes this guy everything!”

Two more referees run down the entrance ramp as Kevin Evans gets to his feet. Evans climbs up onto the top rope and then hits the 630 Splash! Kevin covers Owens; One…Two…Three!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner as a result of pinfall; Keviiiiin Evaaaansss!”

Kevin embraces Hayden Jaggerz in a tight hug as he has just picked up a huge upset victory against the current Cruiserweight Champion; Craig Owens.


Sammy Steel Backstage Promo

Sammy cuts a very short promo, in which he says; “Casey Anomaly…I am coming for you!”

Shane Johnson and Pauly Payne Backstage Segment

Shane Johnson is seen sipping a hot coffee in the backstage area and he is approached by Pauly Payne. The two men have been at each others throats as of late and Payne makes things even more heated when he knocked Shane’s coffee, making it spill all over Johnson’s shirt. Pauly walked off and left Shane in utter shock.


Road to the Throne Tournament Match
Angel Rodriguez vs. Steven Rivers

{9 Minutes into the Match)

Steven Rivers crawls into a desperate cover after executing his finishing maneuver onto Rodriguez; One…Two…Angel places his right foot on the bottom rope, thus breaking the pinfall. Steven pulls Angel up onto both of his feet and he puts Rodriguez in position for the Unprettier. Angel counters by lifting Rivers up and he looks as if he is trying to hit a Vertebreaker, but Steven counters again by rolling backwards, landing on both feet and then hitting a modified Back Cracker! Steven crawls in for the pinfall; One…Two…Kick out! Steven angrily smashes his fists against the canvas as the crowd respectfully clap for the match that both superstars are putting on. Steven Irish whips Angel into the ropes and Rodriguez uses his agility to springboard off the middle rope and knocks Rivers down with a leg lariat. As Steven tries to find his feet, Angel kicks him in the gut and then follows through with his paginate El Nino Planter! Angel pins Steven in a very unique way; One…Two…Three!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner; Angel Roooodriguuuuueeez!”

Angel is handed a microphone by a CWW Official.

Angel Rodriguez: “It is time for us Mexican’s to bring some pride back to professional wrestling. A new era begins…right now!”

Three men rush down the entrance ramp and slide into the ring. They all start beating down on Steven Rivers, who is absolutely defenceless. Angel Rodriguez pulls Steven to his feet and then executes the El Nino Planter. All four men raise their hands and pose above Steven’s incapacitated body. The men leave the ring and begin to walk up the entrance ramp without saying a word.


Harry Jones Interview w/ Jeremy Borash

Jeremy seemed very sceptical about coming close to Harry Jones, but Harry seemed to appreciate Jeremy’s company – or so it seemed. Jeremy was about to ask Harry a question, but then out of nowhere, Jones hit his signature HKO maneuver onto Borash, sending Jeremy face-first onto the concrete. Harry said ‘Go fuck yourself, CWW’, before walking off into the distance.

Backstage in the Divas Locker Room

Amber has bullied the other Divas for as long for over three years now, but the other Divas got the last laugh when Amber entered the locker room with her new hair cut. After being ridiculed, Amber lashed out on Daisy Leroux, knocking the poor woman out in a single punch. Amber left the room after making her mark on the other Divas.

Hunter J Promo

Hunter J talks about how he is going to prove to Harry Jones and the rest of the CWW Universe that he has got what it takes to defeat ‘The Extreme Angel’ and that tonight he will get redemption for his loss against Jones at Roulette.

Revolution Slam of the Week

A clip from last week’s Revolution plays which shows Surge open up his pantry door, looking to find a snack. Matt Xtreme jumps out of the pantry and smashes a dinner plate over Surge’s head, which knocks Surge out cold. [Revolution Slam of the Week is brought to you by Mountain Dew…‘Do the Dew!’]


Road to the Throne Tournament Match
Harry Jones vs. Hunter J

{12 Minutes into the Match}

Tazz: “Wow, this match is off the hook! Last night at Roulette it was Harry Jones who emerged the victor, but in that match Hunter J had almost all of the offense! Tonight this match has been split down the middle and both men have shown a great deal of athleticism.”

Matt Striker: “You are right about that, King. This match has been unbelievable so far, but right now Harry Jones has the advantage after that Earth shattering 810 Splash! But can Harry cover Hunter J in time?”

Harry Jones drapes his right arm across Hunter J’s chest; One…Two…Kick out! The CWW Universe screams at the top of their lungs and takes a deep sigh of relief. Harry Jones pulls Hunter J up to a standing position, only to be sprawling when Hunter J connects with a drop kick to Harry’s temple. Hunter literally runs up the ring ropes and tries to connect with a moonsault but Harry rolls out of the way. Harry gets to his feet and avoids a clothesline from Hunter. Harry tries his signature Pele Kick, but Hunter catches Harry by the shin. Jones rolls through and sends Hunter sprawling onto the middle rope, were Harry Jones dials up the ‘Tiger Feint Kick’! Harry takes a run up and goes for the Tiger Feint Kick and connects! Hunter falls down, but he quickly gets back up and allows Harry to attempt the Springboard 450 Clothesline! Harry is about to make impact with Hunter J, but from out of the blue Hunter J catches Jones with an HJO! Hunter quickly pins Harry Jones; One…Two…Kick out! The crowd groan and Hunter J has a look of frustration on his face. Hunter pulls Jones to his feet and then executes a second HJO! Hunter J covers Harry; One…Two…Kick out! The fans blatantly scream in shock. Nobody has ever kicked out after two back to back HJO’s! Hunter J pulls Harry Jones up onto his feet and drills him with a third HJO! Hunter J covers Harry Jones; One…Two…Three!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Tazz: “HE DID IT! Hunter J has just redeemed his loss from last night!”

Matt Striker: “It took three consecutive HJO’s, but it was enough to keep Harry Jones down for three seconds!”

After a minute of celebration, Hunter J helps his foe up onto his feet and embraces Harry Jones into a tight hug.

Hunter J: “I finally did it! Harry Jones, I have so much respect for you!”

Hunter sticks out his hand, offering Harry to shake it as a sign of respect. Instead, Jones snatches Hunter’s microphone.

Harry Jones: “Some might say that you are the greatest wrestler to never have won a major CWW Championship. But in my opinion, you are an overrated piece of trash!”

Harry delivers a straight kick to the groin! Hunter falls onto his back holding his manly spot. Harry exits the ring and walks up the entrance ramp with a look of disdain.


Steven Rivers Backstage Segment

Steven told Todd Grisham that one day he will he become the Global Champion and that day will come soon. He also said that he does not have the time to hold a grudge against Angel Rodriguez and his men for attacking him, but instead he plans to redeem himself by winning the Global Championship.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage Tribute

This man was never officially part of CWW, but he has shaped the wrestling industry to what it is today. Michael Adams put together a small tribute video that highlighted this wonderful man’s career. The video ended with the words; “RIP Randy Savage, we love you”.

Surge Promo [Written in Full]

Striker: “Woah! Roulette was a fantastic night for CWW, but there was just one problem – Surge no-showed. We don’t know why as no details are being given out past the fact, but Michael Adams said that Surge versus Matt Xtreme will take place tonight – on Revolution!”

Taz: “Speaking of Surge, excuse us, folks, but I’m being told there is going to be a feed to the backstage area right now.”

The shot opens up with Surge standing backstage. He is in a pair of loose fitting blacks jeans with designs that look like blood splatters, as well as a black shirt with the caption “Kill Surge Kill” in big bold red letters, surrounded by black splatters. His signature mask is done with red abstract lightning designs. He is pacing around, a broken hockey stick in taped hands.

Surge: “I hate to admit it, but I will – [he throws the hockey stick down] – Matt Xtreme has gotten under my skin just – just a little bit. So there you go, Matt, you kinda did it. But that is the closest you will ever come to getting the better of me – just barely getting under my skin. But to be quite honest, I’d keep going down this road with you, Matt, I really would – but I don’t have time! I’ve got big plans – BIG PLANS! [Surge throws his arms out] I’m taking over the World, Matt. Speaking of which, I have examples to make, so you may be wondering what I insist on doing once I get rid of you. Because, Matt – because of you, I can’t think, I can’t eat and I can’t sleep. When I look in the mirror, I see Matt Xtreme. Every time I close my eyes, I see Matt Xtreme’s face. And it’s just there, just begging – BEGGING – to get hit, bloodied and bruised. And really, when I see Matt Xtreme’s face, I see people, places and things I hate…and I get really angry. Matt, you are everything I never want to be in this World – you’re a coward, a bitch, a victim. And tonight, live on world-wide Pay-Per-View, I’m going to victimise you. Because, I don’t have many regrets in life, but I have one clear one. Lest We Forget – when I close my eyes and think back to Lest We Forget, and I see all of Matt Xtreme’s fans going like this [Surge cups his hands over his mouth] and gasping while I beat the crap out of Matt Xtreme. And I felt the weight of that chain in my hands and I felt Matt Xtreme’s body being suffocated. I think back to that moment and I just wish…[Surge smacks the wall hard with every word] I NEVER STOPPED CRUSHING YOU! If I could go back and do it again I would just have kept on crushing you, until the locker room cleared out and the cops came. If I could do it again, it would take the National Guard to have pulled me off you, Matt… But, tonight, Matt, I’m going to do something else. I’m going to show the whole world the difference between a victim [Surge points at the camera] and a survivor [Surge points at himself], a loser [Surge points at the camera again] and a winner [Surge points at himself again]. Matt Xtreme…tonight…it will be Kill…Surge…Kill…”

Surge walks out of the shot as the camera zooms out. The camera goes back to the arena, with Taz and Striker.

Taz: “Wow, that was some intense stuff there from Surge. I know from personal experience, even though I’ve never actually wrestled Surge, but people like him are dangerous. Matt Xtreme is a tough SOB, I’ll tell you that, but if he’s not careful, it could indeed be ‘Kill Surge Kill’.”

Striker: “This could be one of the most money’s worth and brutal matches in CWW Revolution or War history, if not the most.”


Road to the Throne First Round Tournament Match
Assassin vs. Kevin Irvine

Tony Chimel: “The following Road to the Throne Tournament match is scheduled for one fall. The Superstar who wins will ascend to the next round, whilst the losing competitor will be eliminated.”

[Assassin’s theme music plays over the PA system. Assassin emerges from the backstage are and walks down the entrance ramp, ignoring the booing directed at him from the CWW Universe. Assassin enters the ring and awaits his opponent. Kevin’s theme music plays through an entire time, but Irvine does not walk out from behind the curtain. The referee has no choice but to begin the count out.]

Referee: “One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…Seven…Eight…Nine…Ten!”

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner; Assassin!”

Kevin Irvine appears on the titantron lying in a puddle of his own blood. Assassin quickly retreats up the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face.


Devin Smith Debut Hype

A hype video plays for the debut of Revolution’s newest Superstar; Devin Smith

Wheel Spin for Surge vs. Matt Xtreme [Written in Full]

Striker: “Matt Xtreme and Surge are about ready to murder each-other, Taz!”

Taz: “Well, they won’t have to wait long because after the wheel spin, they get their chance! Let’s go backstage to Michael Adams now.”

The shot goes to Michael Adams backstage in his office with Stacy once again. He has the wheel behind him and Stacy is standing beside it, smiling and ready to spin.

Michael: “Alright, everyone, this is what you have all been waiting for. The culmination of 3 long and hard months for Surge and Matt Xtreme are going to be helped to be decided right now. It is time for wheel to decide the stipulations of Surge versus Matt Xtreme in a 3 Stages of Hell Mask versus Career match! Much blood and sweat has been spilt already, but no tears…yet. In any case, more will be spilled coming up. Stacy, spin the wheel for the first fall.”

Stacy spins the wheel. It goes for a good 15 seconds before slowing down. It passes several hardcore and brutal matches to land on No Holds Barred Submission match.

Michael: “There it is, the first fall will be a No Holds Barred Submission match! And now, the second fall…”

Taz: “Oh, man, for a first fall that’s just insane!”

Striker: “Not for Surge or Matt. Surge is known for delivering mass amounts of pain, while Matt is known for taking them.”

Again, Stacy spins the wheel. It goes a bit shorter this time, progressively slowing down before landing on Falls Count Anywhere Hardcore match!

Striker: “This match is right up Matt’s alley. He’d do anything to put away his opponent in a Hardcore match while giving his fans a show.”

Taz: “Don’t count Surge out, partner – you’ve seen how innovative and high-risk he can get as well. And when he succeeds, that spells disaster for his opponent.”

Michael: “Wow, this is going to get brutal. And, if a third stage is needed, it will surely be even more brutal. Spin for the third fall, Stacy…”

The wheel goes for almost 30 seconds, everyone waiting in anxiety, including the crowd. As the camera goes over the crowd, fans can be seen intently watching. And, the wheel begins slowing down before landing on…ANYTHING GOES KNOCK OUT MATCH! The camera pans around the room, with both Michael and Stacy looking surprised at this.

Michael: [almost speechless] “This is gonna get insane…”

The camera goes back to the arena with Taz and Striker.

Striker: “Our GM is right – there’s going to be nothing stopping Surge and Matt from tearing each-other apart. And now, they have to do it by not only making the other submit, then using every move in their arsenal to put the other away for a 3-count, but if it comes to it, which I’m sure it will, they’ll have to damn-near kill the other to make knock him out…”

Taz: “This is going to be an all-out war. I can’t even imagine what to expect.”


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Three Stages of Hell Mask vs. Career Match
Surge vs. Matt Xtreme

A video begins playing, using “Angel” by Massive Attack. It is a feud retrospective of Matt Xtreme versus Surge so far. It begins with Matt being laid out in the ring, followed by Surge revealing the attack to be himself. It then goes into the weeks prior to their Last Man Standing match at Maximum Risk, before showcasing the latter match. The video picks up as the trip-hop goes on, with the feud getting more intense. It then goes into the weeks post Maximum Risk and Surge and Matt’s brawls against each-other before their epic Lest We Forget match. The match ends with Surge waking away from Matt’s bloodied body before the video then plays footage from the past month and the feud pre-Roulette. It highlights Surge breaking into Matt’s house, their promos and so on until the screen splits, with one side showing Surge standing over Matt while on the other it’s vice-versa as the trip-hop slowly comes to a close and fades out. The shot then goes back to Taz and Striker at the announce table.

Striker: “If that video was any indication of the lengths both men are going to go to get the one-up on each-other tonight, I think the fans have their money’s worth just with this one match.”

The shot goes to Tony Chimel in the ring, about to make introductions.

Chimel: “The following contest is a 3 Stages of Hell match, with the first contest being a No Holds Barred Submission match. Introducing first, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. He weighed in at 200 pounds flat and stands 6 feet even, Matt XtrEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMEEEEE!!”

The shot goes to the entrance ramp, where “All I Want” by A Day to Remember begins playing over the PA and the fans pop.

Out from behind the curtain comes Matt Xtreme. He’s in his wrestling tights, as well as his own t-shirt. He walks down the ramp with a good pop, slapping the hands of some fans before running and sliding under the bottom rope. He springs up before walking over to the corner and posing for the fans. He gets another good pop, then hops off and paces around the ring, breathing deeply.

Taz: “Matt seems to be getting into the zone right now. Only God knows what’s going through his mind right now – but it’s evident that it involves Surge. What do you think the game plan might be for Matt tonight?”

Striker: “Well, he’s going to have to utilize his high-flying to the best of his abilities while preserving himself. All it takes it one slip-up for Surge to put a big, bloody ‘lose’ on anyone’s career. Matt will have to stay focused and not let Surge out-think him.”

Chimel: “And his opponent, hailing from Fear Central. He weighs in at 239 pounds and stands 6 feet, 4 inches, this is SUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!”

Matt looks onto the entrance ramp as Surge’s theme, “Right Now” by KoRn blasts over the speakers. The crowd give a loud pop at the music, mixed with some boos.

Surge bursts through the curtains, in a determined pace as he heads down the ring. He doesn’t mind the fans as he heads down to the ring, but at the same time, Matt jumps out of the ring. Both men give a slow sprint in the other’s direction before colliding in the middle of the ramp! The bell rings too late as Matt gets the first show in by smashing Surge in the face with a running Forearm!

Taz: “Oh, man, it’s already started! The time keeper wasn’t even prepared to ring the bell!”

Surge and Matt begin to brawl, as Surge, being bigger and stronger, smashes Matt back in the face multiple times before kicking him in the gut. Surge then grabs Matt’s arm and whips him into the barricade! Matt bounces off it with a metallic thud due to the padding only being on the barricade that’s directly around the ring, as Surge runs up and tackles him into it once more! Surge backs up again and comes back with a running Yakuza kick, but Matt deflects it and spins around before nailing Surge in the gut with a spinning Back-kick. Surge keels over as Matt runs him into the barricade with multiple Shoulder Thrusts! Under the weight and power of both men, the barricade can be seen being dented and giving way. But Surge soon pushes Matt away before smashing him in the face with a volley of Forearms. Matt stumbles away before Surge picks him up as if going for a Spinebuster before giving a loud shout and running Matt straight into the barricade! It finally gives way as both men spill onto the other side with the fans. The move displaces a crowd of fans as well as drilling several rows into their seats!

Striker: “That was brutal! We’re barely into the match and both men are already causing collateral damage!”

The fans chant “fight” repeatedly as Surge grabs Matt up before throwing him through yet more rows of chairs that fans left behind when getting out of the way. The fans are going wild as Surge runs up to Matt before yanking him up and smashing his head off of a chair. Surge shoves Matt through a row of chairs but Matt comes back by smashing an open chair straight into Surge’s gut. Nothing seems to be affecting either man as Surge knees Matt in the gut, making him kneel over before picking up and open chair of his own and loosely smashing it off of Matt’s head. Surge goes to grab Matt but Matt shoves him back into another row of chairs before lifting up a chair of his own. Matt shouts “Move!” at the crowd as Surge comes back at Matt before chucking the chair straight into Surge’s face. Surge seems to disregard it as he picks up a chair and flings it at Matt, hitting him in the chest. Both men charge each-other again before locking up and exchanging even more punches! Both men throw each-other through another row of chairs, carving a path of destruction through the audience seats.

Taz: “Nothing seems to be affecting either of these men! What will it take to get them to acknowledge the pain? Or worse yet, put the other away?”
Striker: “I don’t know, Taz, but this has the potential to be one of CWW’s most brutal matches in history!”

Matt seems to have now mounted Surge, though it isn’t clear as Surge is still returning punches and Matt can’t get clearly balanced. Surge throws Matt off of him but as he scrambles up, Matt grabs a chair and smashes it off his back! Surge staggers up only for Matt to grab him by the head and smash his head off another chair! But Surge just gets up and comes swinging with a stiff chop that echoes through the arena, making the crowd go “Woooooo!!”. Surge grabs Matt by the back of the head and yanks him back toward the barricade and the ring, but Matt unloads heavy rights into Surge’s gut before grabbing a chair and throwing it straight into Surge’s cranium. Surge staggers for a moment before grabbing another chair and smashing it off the side of Matt’s head! Matt falls to one knee as Surge rips off the padding on the barricade for a whole row before grabbing Matt and whipping him into it! Matt smashes straight into it with a metallic thud much like earlier, though this time a stretch of the barrier about 8 feet gives away and collapses, sending Matt onto the mats outside the ring. Matt staggers up as Surge steps over the barrier after him – he grabs Matt by the back of the head before sending him into the ring’s support post. Surge keeps a hold of Matt, going to send him into it again but Matt throws Surge’s hand off of him and connects with a series of stiff Forearm shots. Surge staggers, catching himself on a part of the barricade that hasn’t collapsed. Matt walks up and gives Surge a stiff chop before throwing Surge into the support post! Surge falls to his hands and knees as Matt stomps away at him before grabbing a full water bottle from a nearby fan and throwing it straight into Surge’s crotch as he rolls onto his back. Surge begins shouting in pain and swearing at Matt as he rolls around on the ground, holding his junk. Matt yanks Surge up into a Fireman’s Carry, impressively, before taking a quick running start and chucking Surge over the intact barricade and into the first and second row of chairs! Fans begin to clear the space, seeing what had happened earlier with these 2, still going wild.

Striker: “That was impressive! Matt usually isn’t a power wrestler but he seems to be pulling out all the stops against Surge tonight.”

Taz: “Well, that’s really the thing you need to win – pull out all the stops. As you can see, Matt is more of a high-flyer and a risk-taker but when he’s faced with a challenge like Surge, he has to be more than that. And by the looks of his arena, I think they’ve both figured out what I’m saying right now. We’re not seeing the same Matt and Surge out here tonight – they’ve changed just for the occasion. And I don’t mean clothes or anything, but I mean personality.”

Matt has a look of anger and hatred on his face as he hops the barricade, kicking some chairs out of his way and coming at Surge. As Surge staggers up, Matt grabs him and begins choking him. Surge rips Matt’s hands off of him but Matt follows up with a series of punches before whipping Surge into the exposed railing. Again, another stretch of railing gives away as Matt pursues Surge, lifting him up and rolling him into the ring. Matt turns around, going to grab a chair but Surge has already rolled up to his feet and by the time Matt turns around, Surge comes barrelling down on him with a Suicide Dive! The fans pop as both men are launched into yet another part of the railing, taking it down as a third of the ring area already has collapsed railing. Surge doesn’t seem to be paying attention as he grabs a chair and bashes it off Matt’s head as he goes to get up. Surge grabs Matt in a headlock and looks to be about to bash his head off the barricade, but Matt pushes Surge into it instead. He then grabs a chair and throws it into Surge’s face, followed by another! Matt turns around for a third chair but Surge gets a chair of his own from the other side of the barricade and smashes Matt in the back with it! Matt staggers as Surge leans on the ring apron but Matt springs back up and Dropkicks Surge! Surge staggers as well but comes running back with a stiff Forearm that floors Matt. Surge then drops down to the ground and starts choking Matt, yelling at him to submit. Matt flings himself around before kicking Surge off of him. Surge goes to charge Matt again but is met with a chop straight to the face! Surge’s head snaps back only for Surge to retaliate with several chops to Matt’s face, a sickening smack sound each time!

Striker: “Oh, God, this is brutal! Have you ever been chopped in the face, Taz?”

Taz: “No, and thank God, I haven’t. Normal chops to the chest hurt a ton – I can only imagine how much this hurts.”

Surge then tackles Matt to the ground and as Matt is about to get up, jumps onto his back and wraps his arms around his neck in a Rear-Naked Choke! Matt does his best to breath as he tries ripping Surge’s arms from around his neck. Surge shouts at Matt to submit, but when Matt shakes his head, Surge pulls back on the hold. Matt loudly chokes as Surge nails him with a stiff cross-the-face punch. Surge yanks Matt up before rolling him into the ring while Surge stays on the apron. Matt goes to get up but is met with Surge vaulting over the ropes into a stomp to the back of the head! Surge then stomps yet again, again and again on the back of Matt’s head. Rolls around in pain as Surge stalks him before slapping on a Figure-4 Neck-lock. Surge punches the top of Matt’s head as Matt tries to get out. The ref asks Matt if he’s willing to submit, but Matt yells “no” as loudly as he can. Surge gives Matt a stiff punch to the face before releasing the hold. He yanks him up before whipping him into the ropes. Surge comes running after Matt, with Matt stopping in the middle of the ring. For a moment, he seems to be confused where Surge is but turns around only to get a stiff Forearm to the side of the head. Matt falters as Surge rebounds off the opposite set of ropes, going for another shot but Matt catches him with a deep Arm-drag, flinging him across the ring! Surge springs up, not seeming affected by anything in the match, and charges Matt again only to get another Arm-drag, and another and another! Matt goes for a fourth Arm-drag, but this time Surge doesn’t budge. Surge instead keeps Matt’s arm hooked up with his before pulling him up into a bridge and coming down with a knee drop to the gut. Matt rolls around, holding his stomach as Surge slides out of the ring and goes looking under. He throws in some chairs, a table, a trash can and a Kendo stick before sliding back in. He goes for Matt again, but Matt grabs the nearby trash can’s lid and smashes it in his head before scrambling up. Matt smashes it into Surge’s head multiple times, denting and deforming the lid. He then goes to grab the trash can itself but upon going for Surge with it, only gets a stiff Forearm in return. Surge rips the can out of Matt’s hands and bashes it over his head before bringing it back and smashing it straight into Matt’s face. Matt staggers into the ropes before rebounding and coming back with a flying Forearm, sending the can into Surge’s chest and face!

Striker: “Oh, man! Nothing seems to be affecting either of these guys – they just keep on coming.”

Taz: “You’re damn right, Matt. We both know what it’s like to be in the ring but I don’t think even I in my original ECW days could take this much punishment and not show any of it.”

Matt runs at the ropes before rebounding with a backflip, looking for a Moonsault but Surge ducks under and runs the ropes. Matt regains his balance but too late as Surge comes charging back and nails him with a brutal Lariat, turning him inside out! Matt looks out of it with that last shot as Surge drags him by the leg before setting down into an STF, hooking his hands around Matt’s neck. Matt’s shouts of pain are muffled, with Surge just wrenching the hold back even farther. Matt tries to drag himself away from the center of the ring and he does so, with the fans chanting “Matt” the whole time. After some agonizing seconds, he gets to the rope, only to be told by the ref that there are no rope breaks – the only rule is making your opponent submit. Matt then looks for another way out and sees it in the form of the nearby Kendo stick. He grabs it and swings it wildly behind him, smashing Surge over the head multiple times! Surge, however, just keeps the hold, withstanding the shots. Matt swings harder and Surge begins to falter, before finally letting go of the hold. Surge rolls off of Matt as Matt finally gets to breath only to get kicked straight in the face by Surge. Surge yanks Matt up and whips him into the ropes only for Matt to come flying back with a Springboard Arm-drag followed into an Armbar attempt. Surge tries to roll out of it but Matt gets it locked in. However, Surge hooks his hands together, not letting Matt get the hold on properly. Surge begins to roll his weight around before getting into his knees. Matt tries for a Triangle Choke but Surge stands up, taking Matt with him! Matt tries to weigh Surge back down to the ground, but Surge is too strong – he backs up a little before charging the corner and sending Matt into it with a Sit-out Powerbomb! Matt bounces off the buckles as the fans give a definite “OOOOOHHH”, but Surge isn’t done as he keeps Matt hooked. He then rolls back, taking Matt over and keeping a hold of his leg before going back into the STF Choke from earlier! Matt manages to get his hands between his neck and Surge’s hands, preventing the choke. Surge casually gives up on the hold, deciding not to fight for it and instead punches Matt in the back of the head before standing up. He keeps Matt’s leg hooked, but then ties both his legs up in an Inverted Indian Deathlock. Matt can only try to crawl now as his legs are hooked up and he knows what Surge is going for next – the Curb Stomp. Surge looks around the crowd, as they pop in anticipation of the brutal move – he then signals his shirt, “Kill Surge Kill” before clapping and chanting the caption. The fans soon join in as Surge slaps Matt in the back multiple times, trying to get Matt to lift his hands. Matt refuses, so Surge keeps going even harder. Finally, Matt’s hands go up as a reaction to the pain, with Surge automatically grabbing the wrists before lifting him up. Surge holds Matt in the potential submission, rocking him back and forth. Matt shouts out in pain but refuses to submit, so Surge brings his foot down into the back of Matt’s head, completing the Curb Stomp as the fans give an “OOOOHHHH” before continuing the “Kill, Surge, Kill” chant. Surge obliges, lifting Matt back up by the wrists and delivering another Curb Stomp and another! Matt looks out as Surge grabs a chair and stands over him.

Taz: “Just look at the brutality of Surge – he is a true innovator of violence! And the thing is, it’s so simple to him. Even the impacts of moves like his Forearms make me grateful I’ll never have to step in the ring with him.”

Striker: “Don’t count Matt out yet, partner. He is known for taking mass amounts of punishment but he can also dish them out. If anything, Matt will get his shots in on Surge.”

Surge, in the meantime, rolled Matt over and is now bashing the edge of the chair straight into Matt’s stomach, working over injuries that could’ve stayed from Lest We Forget. Matt shouts out in pain with each shot, but still refuses to give up. Surge smashes the chair into Matt’s torso one more time, before dropping his knees into it and bringing it down onto Matt’s chest. Matt yells out in pain and rolls around, holding his stomach. Surge paces around Matt, kicking him around disrespectfully as a chant slowly begins to build up – “Matt!” over and over again. The chant is giving Matt a new spark, as he begins to stir somewhat energetically. Surge doesn’t seem to mind the fans as he keeps on kicking Matt around. Surge then points to the ropes, signalling a big move as the crowd pops in anticipation. Surge runs the ropes, rebounds and sprints towards Matt only to slow down at the last second and kick him lightly in the side of the head, disappointing the hyped fans. Surge then paces around the ring, working the crowd and taunting them by flipping them off, he doesn’t see Matt getting up. The crowd gives a pop, seeing this and Surge nods, seemingly thinking they’re cheering for him. Surge turns around too late as Matt tackles him into the corner before unloading with a flurry of punches, followed by several kicks. Surge catches a spinning Back-kick by Matt before shoving him away, but Matt comes running back with a jumping Forearm smash! Matt backs up for another, but Surge comes barrelling out of the corner with a Lariat. Matt ducks under and out of nowhere hits the Shadow Wave (Unprettier)! Matt keeps Surge’s arms hooked as he then roll back and transfers it into a Cattle Mutilation.

Striker: “This is it, Matt could be making his comeback here! But, one has to wonder – with all the punishment he’s taken from Surge so far, will it last that long?”

Taz: “You can’t say this enough, Striker, but Matt is one of the toughest SOBs out there. And against another tough SOB like Surge, it’s a toss-up.”

Surge grunts in pain every couple of moments as Matt bridges higher and puts more torque on the hold, but still no submission. Matt keeps torque’ing the hold, but Surge just isn’t giving up. Surge withstands the pain of the hold, being in it for almost a minute before swaying back and forth. The hold visibly begins to loosen as Surge gets his knees under him. Then, in an amazing feet of strength, he jumps up from his knees and onto his feet, with Matt hooked onto his back with a Back-to-Back Double Underhook hold/Upside-down Gory Special! The fans give a huge pop to this but as Surge goes to follow up by jumping back down and dumping Matt on his head, Matt manages to release his arms and land behind Surge with a backflip! Matt sprints at the ropes as Surge turns around, getting a Springboard Roundhouse to the side of the head. Surge stumbles as the fans begin duelling chants of “Kill, Surge, Kill” and “Let’s go, Matt”. Surge answers with a stiff Forearm, followed by one in return from Matt. Surge instead this time grabs the table and smashes the edge into Matt’s gut, keeling him over. Surge then charges Matt with the table, driving him into the corner and crushing him there. Surge yells as Matt, “Give up, you piece of shit!” But yet again, Matt refuses to. Surge yanks the table from Matt’s gut, allowing him to breath only to follow up with more shots. The “Kill, Surge, Kill” chants can be heard winning out now, as Surge has the advantage again. Surge throws the table to the side and instead grabs a chair which he promptly bashes over Matt’s head. The chair opens up over his head and entraps it. Matt goes to take it off, but Surge punches it straight into Matt’s face. Matt stumbles back, chair around his head, as Surge picks up another chair and bashes it into Matt’s chair-wrapped face. He does it again, again and again, until Matt is on the ground. Matt is on his knees now, blood can be seen on the top of his head as the chair hangs off his neck. Surge rebounds off the ropes before stomping the chair into the side of Matt’s head, making Matt fall over. The shot goes to some fans in the crowd, who look shocked.

Striker: “Oh...that’s just brutal… Surge can take something so simple like 2 chairs and brutalize someone.”

Taz: “How can Surge do this? I’d think even he has limits. Just look at the blood cover Matt’s forehead. Matt is sure to have a concussion. And it isn’t even over, there could be 2 more stages left.”

Surge yanks Matt up and shoves him into the center of the ring. Matt seems out as Surge walks up to him, grabbing the legs of the chair around his head and yanking back. Matt’s muffled shouts of pain can be heard as Surge uses the leverage of the chair like a nutcracker, crushing Matt’s neck. Matt puts his hands up to the chair, trying to get it off his neck but to no avail. Surge pulls back further, shouting at Matt to submit. Matt is in the hold for over a minute now, losing steam with each moment. Finally, he weakly taps out-

Taz: “That was just brutal. And this isn’t even over yet. I mean, I know Matt can take a lot of pain, but everyone has their limits.”

Striker: “Matt may be reaching his here right now, but Surge is looking as brutal as ever. Matt better have something up his sleeve to even the odds, or Surge is getting a flawless win.”

Surge loosens the torque on the chair, but nonetheless keeps choking Matt. Chimel stands outside of the ring with the mic.

Chimel: “And the winner of the first stage, at 19 minutes and 36 seconds, SUUUUUURRRRGGGGEEEE!! Now, for the Falls Count Anywhere Hardcore match!”

Some fans give a pop to this, but others just stare into the ring, as Matt finally drops the chair around Matt’s head, allowing Matt’s limp body to fall to the ground. Surge looks around before tearing the chair off of around Matt’s head and smashing him on the top of the cranium. He then throws him over and drops into a pin. 1, 2…NO! Surge gets up and off of Matt, looking down and seeming unimpressed. Just then, he looks around at the fans, who are starting a “Get up, Matt” chant. Surge simply backs up, motioning for Matt to get up like the fans want. Matt gets to his hands and knees before managing to stagger up. He looks over at Surge only to be floored with a Yakuza kick straight to the chest! Surge then gets into Matt’s half-guard before wrapping his hands around his neck. Matt gags as Surge takes his right hand away from his throat and starts laying punches into Matt’s bloody forehead. Surge gets off of Matt, pacing around as Matt staggers, trying to get up, looking worse for wear. Surge tells Matt, “Matt, why so glum, chum? You can choke me too…”, before kicking him down by the head. Matt rolls and Surge goes to follow but Matt grabs a chair and sends it straight into Surge’s gut. Surge bends over, holding his stomach as Matt gets up and smashes the chair across his back, sending Surge down onto his hands and knees. Matt follows up with more chair shots, obviously very angry with Surge. Matt stops for a second, letting Surge get up onto his knees but as he raises his head, Matt smashes him over the top with the chair! Surge collapses to the ground as the fans cheer heavily, but Matt looks spent and stumbles to the corner, where he tries to catch his breath for a couple of moments and tries to wipe the blood from his face.

Taz: “Man, these guys just keep on going. Matt is really living up to the fact that he gives the crowd a show. They’re just eating this blood bath up!”

Striker: “But think of what it’s doing to these guy’s bodies. Even the winner isn’t going to be feeling like it for a while. I don’t care how much guys say that they can take all this punishment, it takes a toll on the body.”

Surge has quickly begun to stir, as Matt gets a deep breath in before yanking Surge up and whipping him into the ropes before hitting the on-coming Surge with an Enzuigiri. The echo of the kick can be heard around the arena, stopping Surge in his tracks as he looks out on his feet. Matt then runs the perpendicular ropes before nailing Surge in the side of the head with a Superkick. The snap echoes around the arena once more and Surge looks out on his feet, but still doesn’t go down. Matt pulls back and nails another Superkick with the same result, and another. Even after 3 consecutive Superkicks Surge is still up, though out on his feet. Matt rebounds off of the ropes once more, coming back with a Superkick that sends a definite crack through the arena and makes Surge drop to his knees. Matt delivers some shots to Surge’s head before setting up a chair in front of him. Matt then rebounds off the ropes in front of Surge before giving Surge a Reverse STO straight into the chair, making the fans pop. The chair half-gives way, with Surge’s head cracking off it before landing back on it. Surge stays there, head, arms hanging by his sides. Matt realizes that it’s now his opportunity and grabs the table. He then sets it up so that it’s horizontal to the corner. Surge begins to stir as Matt brings his attention back to him. Matt smashes Surge’s head off the chair once more before picking him up and rolling him onto the table. Matt goes to climb up the turnbuckle, but Surge simply rolls off of the table, making Matt get back into the ring to roll him back on. Matt goes to climb the turnbuckle again, but yet again, Surge rolls off the table. Matt seems to be getting frustrated, as he gets back into the ring with Surge. Surge is trying to get up, on his knees as Matt gives him a peeved look before nailing him across the chest with a stiff Shin-kick that sends an echo across the arena. Matt pulls back and lays several more into Surge’s chest. Surge, however, nails Matt in the gut with several stiff punches in retaliation. Surge gets up and pushes Matt into the corner with a volley of stiff punches and chops. Matt, however, shoves Surge away before nailing more Shin-kicks to Surge’s chest. The striking-exchange of both men is echoing across the arena, and they are showing no signs of stopping until the other falls.

Striker: “You don’t have to see those hits to know they hurt – you can just hear them. I’m sure the whole arena can hear Matt and Surge’s exchange. It’s like they’ve found new life yet again in the match, it’s amazing!”

Taz: “You’re damn right, partner. This is like Japan, where the guys are too stubborn to go down!”

Matt and Surge’s exchange continues for some more seconds until Surge grabs Matt’s leg, countering an attempted kick to the side of his ribs by Matt. Surge flips Matt off before charging him into the corner, where he lays into him with heavy punches and chops. Surge pulls back before going for a Lariat into the corner, but Matt ducks under, hooking the arm at the same time and connects with a flowing DDT followed by a Kip-up. Matt poses for a moment, not seeing Surge Kip-up behind him. Surge taps Matt on the shoulder, and as Matt turns around, he gets a stiff Forearm shot straight into the face, making him stumble across the ropes. Surge grabs Matt by the hair and smashes his head off the set-up table, before rolling him onto it and himself going to the top rope. Surge looks down at Matt as he stands up to full height on the top rope, flipping Matt off before jumping off. Matt rolls off of the table just in time to avoid Surge’s Double Stomp, with Surge breaking the table under him. Surge manages to land on his feet, but staggers, holding his knee. Matt sees his opportunity, grabbing a chair and smashing it straight into Surge’s knee. Surge grunts in pain as Matt pulls the chair back and hits it again and again. Matt lifts the chair over his head, looking to be about to bash Surge’s brains it, but as Matt brings it down, Surge punches the chair! The chair flies out of Matt’s hands, a big dent in the center of it. Surge then pulls back before going for a Lariat on Matt. Matt, however, puts his hands up and blocks it. Surge pulls back yet again, and as Matt puts his hands down, nails him with a sick Lariat, flooring him! Surge staggers and falls onto Matt, going for the pin. 1, 2, thr-NO! Surge holds his knee as he rolls off of Matt, sitting down and holding his knee.

Taz: “You know I’m not that much of a scientist, Matt – Striker, that is, but scientifically speaking, Surge has to be at a disadvantage right now. A lot of his power comes from his legs. We’ve seen the amazing things he can do, like running up walls and such, but now even elementary stuff for him is rendered useless. He won’t be able to get the power he used to get in a sprint, or deliver the impact of the Curb Stomp or Double Stomp with the effectiveness he could before tweaking the knee.”

Striker: “Well, Surge will have to worry about that once the match is done. I’m sure he isn’t worried about it now – I don’t even think Surge ever worries. In any case, he just hast to stay focused and win the match against Matt. Speaking of Matt, he seems quite out of it as well. In fact, I’d say they’re just about even right now.”

Surge limps up to a stand before staggering to the ropes and resting on them. He sees Matt running up, so he limps towards him before giving him a stiff kick to the face. The kick produces a sick crack, making Matt hold his jaw and kick his legs against the mat in pain. Surge yanks Matt up before whipping him into the corner. Surge then gets a slow run, hitting Matt with a stiff Forearm shot. Matt doesn’t seem to be as affected by it, so Surge follows up with several more to make up for the speed and power lost. Surge grabs Matt’s legs and lifts him up to the top rope before nailing him with some more stiff shots. Surge then climbs up after Matt, only to get several Headbutts in return. Matt then follows up by stomping Surge’s hurt knee. Surge falters on the ropes, looking unsteady as Matt grabs him. Matt follows up by a volley of Forearms to Surge’s face, followed by placing his foot against his chest and kicking him to the side and over the ropes! Surge manages to hang onto the ropes, landing on the apron but again staggers due to knee pain. Matt jumps from the corner, nailing Surge with a diving Axe Handle that makes the bigger man falter more, before rebounding toward the perpendicular set of ropes. Matt then comes back, Springboard’ing off the ropes, twisting in mid-air and flying back at Surge. Surge doesn’t have much time to react as Matt grabs Surge in a DDT in mid-air before tilting his body weight back and bringing Surge’s head straight into the ring’s apron! Surge bounces off of it before landing on the mat, likewise with Matt himself. Surge is pretty much out as Matt staggers to get up, using the skirt of the ring as leverage.

Taz: “Oh, man, did you see that?! All it took was one big move for Matt to gain a definite advantage here against Surge! That was crazy!”

Striker: “With high-risk comes high reward and I believe Matt just got both. That was some amazing athleticism. Though, I’m interested as to how Surge will get himself back into the match.”

Matt, seeing an opportunity, throws himself onto Surge for a pinfall. 1, 2, thr-NO! Surge kicks out at the last minute, showing some more signs of fight. Matt looks down at Surge, almost in disbelief at the masked man’s resiliency. Matt shouts at Surge, “What will it take? WHY WON’T YOU STAY DOWN?” Surge simply raises the middle finger at Matt, to which he responds by stomping on Surge’s chest. Surge rolls over, in pain, as Matt seems to get an idea. He stands over Surge as Surge goes to get up onto his hands and knees before smashing a chair over his back. The crowd begins a “Kill, Surge, Kill” chant as Matt then drops down and grabs Surge’s mask, around where the eye slit is supposed to be and starts tearing away. Surge tries to rip Matt’s hands off of it, but Matt lays into him with some punches before tearing at the mask again. Finally, Matt gives one final rip and seems satisfied, letting Surge drop to the mat. Surge begins to stir as Matt grabs a chair. Surge raises himself onto his knees, lifting his head and looking at Matt. The camera takes a shot of Surge’s mask, with the sizeable hole around the eye. Lengths of dark brown hair are protruding out and blocking some of it, but a look of hate can indeed be seen, though just in the eye. Matt doesn’t dwell on that too long, however, as he smashes the chair across Surge’s head several times! Surge falls to the mat, holding his head as Matt drops the chair. Matt then rolls Surge over, revealing some blood coming down from above the eye, staining the hair. Matt just pins Surge, wanting to tie it up. 1, 2, thr-NO! Yet again, Surge kicks out, refusing to be pinned. Matt again looks around in disbelief, before seemingly getting another idea. He immediately rushes and begins to tear at the mats on the ground. He pulls them off one-by-one, revealing the concrete under. The fans give a small pop of anticipation as Matt goes back to Surge. Matt yanks Surge up, before putting him into a double Underhook. He then motions to the concrete, signalling an Extreme Blast!

Taz: “Damn, Matt must be either really crazy or really homicidal to do something like this. Chances are, if he lands the move, he won’t just hurt himself but he’ll probably bust Surge’s skull even more open than it is right now!”

Striker: “I know what you mean, Taz. The mats on the outside offer some protection, but the concrete doesn’t forgive, nor does it budge.”

Matt seems about ready to hit the move, but out of nowhere, Surge bucks himself up, sending Matt crashing back-first onto the concrete with a Back Body-drop! Matt lands with a hard splat before shouting out in pain as Surge stumbles before dropping onto Matt for the pin. 1, 2, thr-NO! Matt manages to kick out of the brutal counter, as Surge simply rolls off of Matt. Both men just lie there, seemingly spent for the moment, and resting. After what seems like forever but is actually only about a minute, they begin to stir. They’re both up at the same time, and start exchanging shots. Surge seems to be getting the better of Matt but Matt does something very unusual for him – he reaches straight into the hole he made in Surge’s mask and gives Surge a thumb to the eye. Surge staggers back, half blind, as Matt starts laying shots into him. Matt grabs Surge by the head before smashing his head off the apron. Matt then whips Surge straight into the steel steps. Surge hits them back-first and just sits there, in pain but trying to rest. Every other moment he stirs, as Matt goes under the ring. Matt flings stuff out from under the apron, like chairs and so on, before finally coming out with something – a big wooden board with barbwire on the face. The fans give a pop to this, and Surge sees it as well. He begins to get up, ready to fight Matt. Matt has a sick smile on his bloody face as the fans chant, “Fuck him ‘em up, Matt, fuck ‘em up”. And then, all of a sudden, Matt charges Surge with the board. Surge, in a move of pure adrenaline, hurdles over the steps behind him before jumping off of them and right at Matt. He half-hits Matt, half-throws himself into the barbwire, but it’s enough to tackle Matt down. Surge gets up, the tears from the barbwire showing on his shirt. Matt gets up and charges back at Surge and nails him with a knee to the gut, and Surge returns with a stiff Forearm. Matt kicks Surge in the gut before picking up the board and smashing Surge in the side, catching his arms and his ribs. Surge kicks the board back at Matt, but it can be seen that it tore into him. He’s bleeding from the arm a little, as well as more of his shirt being ripped up and slightly stained with blood.

Taz: “Matt has Surge on the ropes – he could win it! But, man, is he getting brutal. I would’ve never expected him to pull out a barbwire board to put Surge away, but it looks like he’s had to.”

Striker: “That’s right, partner. Both of these men have been through so much – they probably just want to get it over with by any means necessary. And I’m sure it won’t stop Matt from brutalizing Surge, and surely the vice-versa.”

Matt pulls the board back going to swing again, but Surge charges him. Matt throws the board out horizontally, catching Surge in it. Surge shouts in pain as the barbwire hooks into his skin and pulls him in. Surge tries to rip himself from it, but Matt instead him around and charges him into the barricade! Surge slams into it, being squeezed between it and the board. Surge shouts again, even louder as he tries to rip the board from himself, but Matt grabs a ladder from under the ring and presses Surge between the barrier and board by pressing on the board. Matt then signals for the ref, telling him, “Surge’s shoulders are on the barricade! It’s falls count anywhere! Count, dammit! COUNT!” The ref does as he’s told and rushes to the barricade. He checks to see Surge’s shoulders are pinned on the barricade as Matt keeps crushing in with the ladder. Surge tries in desperation to get out of the squeeze, knowing that Matt could pin him like this but can’t get farther than pushing the board off of himself to breath. The ref counts, 1, 2, 3! Matt has done it, he’s won the second stage. Chimel is at the announcers table to call it.

Chimel: “And the winner of the second stage, at a time of 38 minutes and 22 seconds, Matt XtrEEEEEEEEMMMMMEEEEE!! The final stage will now be no holds barred, and the only way to win is by knockout!”

The fans go wild and cheer as Matt pulls the ladder back, allowing Surge to breath. Surge starts trying to pull the board off of him, but Matt nails it back into him with multiple ladder shots. Surge shouts in more pain before Matt drops the ladder, comes up to him and literally rips it off of Surge! Surge grabs his chest and shouts in agony, as blood can be seen staining the entire front of Surge’s shirt, with the shirt itself having hundreds if not thousands of small, bloody rips.

Taz: “In all my years, I’ve never seen that one before! Matt was smart for playing it like he did, but that was still incredibly brutal. Just look at Surge’s bloody front! This is sickening.”

Striker: “I agree, Taz. That was straight-up insane. But, I guess it’s warranted coming from Matt Xtreme and Surge.”

Surge is trying to stagger onto his feet as he holds his hand over his bloody chest. Matt gives him a sick smile before laying several shots into him. Surge stumbles, holding the barricade for support as Matt comes with more punches. Blood starts to trickle from the tear in Surge’s mask as Matt continues throwing piston-like rights, shouting at Surge, “This is your fault! You’re getting what you deserve, you son of a bitch!” Matt grabs Surge and whips him into a set of steel ring steps, Surge’s body connecting with a sick thud. The crowd chants “This Is Awesome!” as Matt picks up Surge and tosses him back in the ring before digging around underneath for another implement of destruction.

Matt emerges with his newest find: a long, steel chain that he wraps around his arm, the sick and twisted grin complemented by the maniacal look in his eyes. Matt slides in as Surge staggers to his feet, looking punch-drunk. Matt goes in for a chain-assisted forearm to the back of Surge’s head…but Surge somehow sidesteps the blow and counters with forearms of his own! The crowd roars as Surge continues to fight back, acting on instinct and adrenaline alone as the blood continues to pour from his chest. Surge backs Matt into a corner and delivers an Ass Kicking that looks far more brutal than many other Ass Kickings he’s delivered in the past. Matt looks like he’s on Dream Street after one final, vicious headbutt from Surge as he delivers a sick decapitation-style lariat, knocking Matt Xtreme down to the mat. The ref has to check to make sure that Matt is still conscious, but Matt stirs to signal that he is…albeit slowly and painfully. Surge wastes little time in ripping the chain from Matt’s hand and lays in elbow shots right on the crown of his nose and forehead, drawing more blood.

Taz: Holy hell…they’ve thrown everything at one another and these two guys are still battling like rabid animals. This is something well past hardcore...

Striker: A wounded animal is the most dangerous kind. But these two men have done untold damage to one another throughout the course of this match, and with the stipulation being that you can only win via knockout, one has to wonder how much more of this they can take before they seriously jeopardize their long-term health.

Taz: I think we might well be past that point, Striker…

Surge, still bleeding from his chest and the tear in his mask, lands one final elbow before eyeing the chain that Matt brought into the match. The crowd pops as they can almost see the wheels spinning in Surge’s mind as he picks up the chain and uses it as a whip on the back of Matt Xtreme. Matt is howling in pain as welts form on his back, backing into a corner as Surge follows up with a running splash, using the chain to crush Matt’s throat. Matt is hacking and gasping for air as Surge clutches his chest in pain, still suffering from being sandwiched by the barbed-wire board and barricade, his shirt soaked in his own blood. Surge takes the chain and wraps it around Matt’s neck before using it to toss Xtreme with a Biel throw. Matt, disoriented and dizzy from the punishment, literally crawls to the corner as he’s struggling to remain alert. Surge, rage building inside of Dr. Slaughter, gingerly walks to Matt and grabs him by the hair on the back of his head out to the center of the ring…only to get low-blowed by a kick from Matt! Surge clutches his genitals in pain as Matt picks him up in an inverted fireman’s carry…and connects with the Matt-Trix! Surge falls in a heap as Matt smiles a demented grin and attempts to go for a cover, only to be shooed away by the referee as he checks to see if Surge is still conscious.

Striker: Taz, did you see that? All the blows to the head has really disoriented Matt. He tried to cover Surge for a three-count even though the match can’t be won that way.

Taz: Striker, I’ve suffered enough concussions in my day to know that Matt right now has got the look in his eyes…that look that says he ain’t all there mentally. God only knows how severe the head trauma is…or how bad it’s gonna get before this match is over.

The ref declares that Surge, even though he’s not moving, is still conscious, so the match continues. Matt, who had been trying to shake some of the cobwebs from his head in the corner, stares daggers at Surge as he stalks him, waiting for the moment when Surge gets to his knee. He then uses Surge’s knee for leverage as he drives his boot into the masked man’s skull. Surge falls to the mat in a heap once more as Matt looks at Surge like a hungry hyena circling his prey. Matt slowly gets back to his feet as he backs up into another corner, looking once more to deliver that drive-by style kick. This time, either on instinct or dumb luck, Surge rolls out of the ring and onto the floor, standing on spaghetti legs. Matt sees a chance to put the nail in the proverbial coffin as he limps to the ropes and uses them to propel himself across the ring and over the opposite top rope…but Surge has the wherewithal to grab Matt and slam him into the barricade with a spinebuster-esque move! Matt’s spine bends in ways it wasn’t intended to as he’s slammed over the edge of the barricade. Surge, panting and weezing as his hands are stained in crimson, grabs Matt by the back of his neck and drags him over to the announce table, taking time to bash his head in the barricade at intervals. Surge finally makes it to the announce table and rips the monitors and laptops from it, using one of the laptops to crack over the head of Matt.

Taz: Man, oh, man…there’s only about one thing that Surge hasn’t tried in this match, and I think he’s about to do it. Surge, think about this for a minute, bro!

Striker: Surge has always been sadistic, always has been cruel…but what he has in mind here…it’s criminal!

Surge flips off the announcers as the nearby cameraman’s mic picks up Surge’s heavy breathing, a telltale sign that both he and Matt were reaching their limits. Surge tosses Matt unceremoniously on the table as he climbs up…and puts Matt’s limp body on his shoulders in a Torture Rack. The announcers are screaming at Surge to not do what he’s set up to do, but Surge either doesn’t hear them or most likely doesn’t care. The crowd chants “Kill, Surge, Kill!” as Surge obliges, delivering a powerful if somewhat awkward-looking Psycho Driver I! Matt’s head goes through table and hits ground as Surge falls in a heap, heaving like he’s fighting to keep breathing. The ref looks at the carnage and sees that, to his surprise, that Matt is still moving and not knocked out cold!

Striker: H-h-how is he still moving? That Psycho Driver would’ve knocked out anybody else!

Taz: Desperation, Striker…he’s fighting to keep his career. Surge, on the other hand, he’s fighting for his mask, his identity. But this…man, I can’t believe what we’re witnessing here tonight.

The crowd starts chanting “They’re Hardcore! They’re Hardcore!” as Surge is the first to his feet, using the barricade for support as he shakes his head, wondering what the hell Matt’s skull is made of. Surge grabs Matt and tosses him in the ring as he kneels next to the apron, trying to get his wind back as blood still continues to trickle from his eye onto his torn mask. Surge rummages under the ring as Matt stirs to life in the ring, crawling to the ropes to get back to his feet. Surge finally finds what he’s looking for in the form of a steel chair as he enters the ring with it, sizing up Matt Xtreme for what he hopes is a fatal blow to the head. However, when Surge swings, he misses Matt who rolls out of the way. When he turns, Matt hits a scintillating dropkick right into the chair, driving it right into Surge’s face! Surge drops the chair as he’s leaning on the ropes, while Matt grabs the chair and lands shot after shot at Surge’s legs, shoulders, chest, and a last massive shot to the head. Surge falls to the mat as the ref looks to try and check on Surge, but Matt shoves him aside as he takes the chain from earlier and uses it to choke Surge. Surge twitches as his already impaired breathing is now even more compromised, and Matt continues applying the pressure, shouting any number of obscenities at his longtime tormentor. The crowd starts a dueling chant of “Matt X-Treme!” and “Fuck him up, Surge!” as Surge manages to reach the ropes, drag himself and Matt to a vertical base, and throws himself backwards on top of Matt, forcing him to loosen his hold. Both men are lying on the mat, still awake but hurting like hell. The cameraman gets a shot of the two lying in close proximity to one another as you can hear Matt scream “I hate you Surge, you bastard!” and Surge telling Matt to go fuck himself while he has sex with his mother.

Taz: Damn, Matt…after all of that, these two still bear such raw hatred for one another.

Striker: Such brutal animosity was born on that fateful night when Surge attacked Matt Xtreme. And now, that hatred is the only thing that’s allowing them to continue. In spite of the blood and battle wounds, they still want to finally end this war, either by an unveiling…or by one man losing his career.

Surge and Matt, after lying on the mat for several seconds, start to slowly get back to their feet, both men coated in their own blood as they finally reach a vertical base…and immediately begin exchanging forearm shots and closed fists, one after another after another. As the exchange continues, each hit seems to be harder and more intense, until Matt finally gains the advantage and whips Surge into the ropes before planting the masked man with a DDT. Matt does a sloppy kip-up to the delight of the crowd as he picks Surge up and puts him in position for another Extreme Blast…but Surge counters by lifting him over his shoulders and into a gory special. Then, in an awe-inspiring move, Surge turns the gory special into a sickening piledriver! Matt’s eye roll as Surge wastes little time in picking his opponent back up and locks in a waistlock, before gutwrenching Xtreme and driving him down with Psycho Driver II! Surge backs away as the ref checks Matt, and picks up his arm once as it falls. The ref does this a second time, and it falls to the mat. The ref does this one more time…but the arm never touches canvas! Matt Xtreme is still conscious!

Striker and Taz: No way!

Surge, for his part, can’t believe it either as he clenches his fist. His bloodstained chest, the glare in the exposed eye through the tear in his mask…all speak of rage boiling towards madness as Surge grabs the chain lying on the mat and starts to swing it over his head like a cowboy with a lasso. Surge waits as Matt gets to his feet and swings for his head…but Matt ducks as he grabs the steel chair and nails Surge in the gut, forcing him to drop the chain. And, as Surge is doubled over, Matt hits Dr. Slaughter with the a Tiger Driver '98 version of the Extreme Blast, on top of the fallen chair! Matt yells at the ref to check Surge, and the official does the same thing he did with Matt earlier, raising the fallen competitor’s arm once, twice…but on the third time, Surge flips Matt the bird! The match continues!
The crowd is chanting “Match of the Year!” as Matt grabs the chair and waffles Surge in the head. The ref wants to check, but Matt screams at him to get out of the way as Matt sluggishly climbs up the corner turnbuckles to the top. Surge is slightly stirring by the time Matt gets to the top, getting in position for a shooting star press…but all the damage has taken its toll as Matt is still in a daze. His hesitation comes with a price as Surge tosses the steel chair while still lying on the mat at the top rope, upsetting Matt’s balance and crotching him on the top turnbuckle! Matt howls in pain as he falls off and out of the ring, his head grazing the edge of the ring. Matt is lying against the steel ring post as Surge gets back to his feet, the chain in tow. Surge staggers towards the corner and swings the chain around Matt’s neck before cinching it tight. Surge then climbs up the turnbuckle as Matt struggles to free himself, his fingers feverishly scratching at the chain noose around his neck. But his struggling is all for vain as Surge reaches the top and pulls the chain, lifting Matt up and literally hanging him! The crowd gasps as many start chanting “Kill, Surge, Kill!” as Matt’s face turns red, then a shade of purple. The ref can do nothing to stop the match until Matt finally passes out, forcing the ref to call for the bell!

Chimel: Here is the winner of the third stage at a time of 50 minutes and 15 seconds…the winner of the Three Stages of Hell…SUUUUUUURRRRRRGGGEEEE!!!!

Surge, who would usually keep hanging Surge, only holds onto the chain a moment longer before letting it go. Matt falls to the mat on the outside with a thud, not moving in the slightest. Audience members in the crowd can be upset, with their hands over their mouths and so on as Surge collapses onto the top rope, seemingly very tired. Surge hops down from the corner before rolling out of the ring and landing on his spaghetti legs beside Matt. Surge glares at him with a Schadenfreude-joy as he waves at the unconscious body.

Taz: "I don't know what to say, partner...I'm speechless. Surge won. He did it. He won in one of the most, if not the most, brutal ways possible..."

Striker: "Both men gave it their all here tonight folks, but only Surge was the winner. He killed Matt's career. I'd say more, but I don't think that's necessary, and I don't think I want to..."

Medics race down to the ring as Surge stumbles to the near-by barricade, holding himself up. He is given a chair by a medic as they get to work on both Surge and Matt. Surge laughs his sickening and deep laugh, pointing to the caption on his now ripped up shirt and then at Matt, as Revolution goes off the air.
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PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:15 am

Mitch wrote:
★нαя∂¢σяє ¢συитяу★ wrote:
*A car is seen arriving at the arena. The fans instantly notice this car as the favourite car of their favourite Vixen, and CWW's Vixens Champion Lara James. As the car stops and the door opens, Lara steps out to rapturous aplause and cheers from the crowd. She grabs her bag and her title belt, which she places over her shoulder, locks her car, and then heads towards the arena entrance. She walks over to the fans where she gladly signs autographs, most of which are on tickets from her's and Hardcore Demon's new film, "line of fire", and she also poses for pictures, before she heads inside with a smile on her face*

*"The Cobra" Hardcore Demon is seen walking down the hallway, dressed in his fight attire, long black leather jacket & carrying his black baseball bat, when he sees Lara entering the arena*

Lara - *Sees him and smiles, then notices the baseball bat* "You going somewhere with that Papi?"
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★нαя∂¢σяє ¢συитяу★ wrote:
Mitch wrote:
★нαя∂¢σяє ¢συитяу★ wrote:
*A car is seen arriving at the arena. The fans instantly notice this car as the favourite car of their favourite Vixen, and CWW's Vixens Champion Lara James. As the car stops and the door opens, Lara steps out to rapturous aplause and cheers from the crowd. She grabs her bag and her title belt, which she places over her shoulder, locks her car, and then heads towards the arena entrance. She walks over to the fans where she gladly signs autographs, most of which are on tickets from her's and Hardcore Demon's new film, "line of fire", and she also poses for pictures, before she heads inside with a smile on her face*

*"The Cobra" Hardcore Demon is seen walking down the hallway, dressed in his fight attire, long black leather jacket & carrying his black baseball bat, when he sees Lara entering the arena*

Lara - *Sees him and smiles, then notices the baseball bat* "You going somewhere with that Papi?"

*Demon looks down at the baseball bat & smirks a little*

Demon: "No."
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

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PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:24 am

Lara - *Smiles and laughs* "Aww, and there was me thinking you had some interesting scheme i could get in on!" *She smiles again*
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PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:32 am

★нαя∂¢σяє ¢συитяу★ wrote:
Lara - *Smiles and laughs* "Aww, and there was me thinking you had some interesting scheme i could get in on!" *She smiles again*

*Demon laughs a little*

Demon: "No scheme, yet. If I ever had one, you would always, be the first to know about it."
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

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PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:35 am

Mitch wrote:
★нαя∂¢σяє ¢συитяу★ wrote:
Lara - *Smiles and laughs* "Aww, and there was me thinking you had some interesting scheme i could get in on!" *She smiles again*

*Demon laughs a little*

Demon: "No scheme, yet. If I ever had one, you would always, be the first to know about it."

Lara - *Nods* "Awesome! Because i need something to get in on! I mean, let's face it, the competition around here for me... has dried up slightly! I mean, i know its because i have beaten them all, but still, i like to keep active!"
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PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:38 am

Hayden Jaggerz is in the Classically Ruthless locker room, smirking about what he did to two referees and Craig Owens to help Kevin Evans win his match on Revolution

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#1 Contender

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PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:39 am

Pauly Payne is standing backstage, berating a crew member that tried to come up to him after Revolution and have a go at him for spilling coffee over Shane Johnson's trashy looking shirt

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PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:40 am

From 30 metres away, Kelly furiously stares at Lara James.
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PostSubject: Re: CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)   

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CWW 18.0 (Created World Wrestling)
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